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Does Life Suck?

Posted by anonymous at April 4, 2011
Tags: 2011 April  Philosophical

There's one and only one possible way to make the claim that life sucks, you have to compare where you are, what you are or what you have or don't have, to someone else.

If you had no knowledge of the outside world and the people in it, you would have nothing to compare to, and it would be impossible to claim, "My life sucks." It's the COMPARING that causes the problem.

But we aren't living in some cave or a vacuum. We see what others have, get to do, and then we say, "That should be me, I should have that too."

Putting up positive sticky notes with "nice" little messages is not going to work, because you are already listening to the mental sticky notes going on in your head, several thousand times a day. Parents, teachers, society put those messages in your head years ago, and after many years, they now sound like your own voice talking. . . and you believe them. You have to refute those false messages.

If a person is unwilling to hear what they're own inner messages are saying, you'll repeat the behavior until you're dead. DEAD! Listen, every day that goes by that you're not following what "you" want from life, becoming who you were meant to be, is a day wasted and another day closer to being a non-being, DEAD! Except you don't believe death is that close by. You figure there's plenty of time to jack around in self-pity. There's all the proof you need in your local cemetery, go there now. People die at any age. Between the "born" and "died" dates on that headstone is a dash, all the time that person lived is in between those dates. What is that dash going to stand for in your life, for you?

Get real, FEAR is what stops us, paralyzes us, immobilizes us. The barriers are "internal" not some external person, place or thing. Stop focusing on what is going on outside you, and look at the one and only thing, fear, and how will I overcome this fear inside me?

"He who is not busy being born, is busy dying." Bob Dylan


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New Comment

By anonymous at 18,Apr,11 21:16

Why do we think life sucks

By anonymous at 19,Apr,11 20:59

Comparing your own misery to someone else's will never make you happy nor make you feel better about your own crappy life. It's different for everyone.

I have all of my limbs and haven't been told I have two weeks to live but my life still sucks. It doesn't make things any easier on me to think about other people whose lives are crappy for different reasons than mine. It doesn't take away the pain in my life to think of starving kids in Africa.

Should I be grateful that I'm not living in a tent in Japan after the earthquake? Yes! Does it make my life better to know that? F no!

By Adobe OEM Software at 08,Mar,12 11:51

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