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After college

Posted by anonymous at January 1, 2010
Tags: Bad Luck  December 2009  Family  Society

I grew up with a mean stepmother that didnt treat me the same as her other children. I was really stressed all the time and unhappy waiting for college so i could escape. I did make it out to college and it was great. I had freedom I made lots of friends and had a girlfriend for the first time but she broke up with me after a year because of my insecurities I was always complaining etc, my past had something to do with that. After she broke up with me i was in europe studying abroad, and I found out she started dating another guy so soon. I was devastated and this is when everything went downhill. I feel like I ruined such a great opportunity while studying abroad just because of a girl cuz i was so upset while i was there I didnt make the most of it. THen I came back and all my friends sided with her and people started spreading rumors about me and my social reputation was falling apart. THen I graduated college and moved back home and that college life that I had was gone. So i had gone from being miserable before college to finally experiencing happiness for four years and then now Im back to being where I was before college. This sucks


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New Comment

By anonymous at 01,Jan,10 00:59

If anything you should be glad that these kinds of people are out of your life. You don't want people who are only going to come into your life and poison you. If she broke up with you becuase of your insecruties, then thats not really a bad thing. at least now you know that you can change that and keep those insecurities to yourself when you get another girlfriend. at least she didnt break up with you becuase of what you believed or didnt believe in, or becuase your looks, or because of your race, how much money you face or what kind of famliy you had.

Don't feel bad about going to Europe to chase your dreams. never put your life on hold for someone else or throw away your plans for someone else. I had recently read probably a few weeks ago, this woman had dropped everything and moved to another state for this guy she was in love with and went to school and majored in something just for him. NOW she regrets it becuase nothing she ever did was for herself and he didnt even make any sacrifices for her like she did for him.

She isnt the only woman on this earth. there will be other fish in the sea. if you can have a girlfriend once you can surely have another again. she simply isnt the one which only means someone else out there is MUCH better for you. you don't want a woman who's going to spread rumors about you and turn your so-called friends against you. you should probably thank her for testing out who your friends really are and that you are now living a life without a bunch of liars and backstabbers. she did you a favor whether you want to believe it or not.

start your life over, I congratulate you on your college degree. be happy.

By anonymous at 08,Jan,10 01:06

get a job, move the fuck out adn party

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