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graduated to nothing

Posted by nothing at March 22, 2011
Tags: Job  2011 March  Mistakes  Unemployment

Male 34y/o. My life sucks. In 2003 I decided to make a career change. I was an electrician at the time. Work was bad and I got tired of working outdoors and tired of the labor involved with the trade. I decided that I would go back to school and get a BS in nursing. I did a lot of research and found that nursing is a respectable career with a lot of opportunity with decent pay and bennies.

I started college from scratch and it took me 6 years to get by degree. To do this I gave up my career in electrical, sold my house, lived in a 400 square foot apartment and lived very frugally. Now nobody will hire a new grad nurse because it is too costly to train them. I have been searching for a year to no avail. My degree is useless in any other setting because of its selectivity to nursing. I can’t go back to electrical as I am now out of the Union and not licensed. To make matters worse, I can not land even a shit job. I hate my life and really no longer want to live. My family told me back in 2003 that I was “stupid” to go back to school. I guess they were right. Now I am nothing.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 31,Mar,11 20:50

Graduated to nothing. Nyuk, nyuk. All nursing careers are outsourced on L1 visas.

Go back to electrician, pulling 18 gauge wire through conduit. There will always be a need for this.

By anonymous at 01,Apr,11 19:41

Dude, I also have been working for a long time to fulfill my career in engineering. It has been a long hard, and very unrewarding venture as well, but the only way for you to get to where you want to be is to ACT. Being pissed off and depressed will only land you right where you are sitting right now, when you get out of the funk. Yes, the world can be a god-awful mess, but just consider this, it takes a lot of effort to get to be a Journeyman electrician(I used to be an electrician too and a tech in the military), and it is going to take just as much energy to make your new career work for you. It may sound sappy, but keep the faith!! Pick yourself up and make YOUR life happen!!! Good Luck!!!

By anonymous at 01,Apr,11 19:43

Wow, this is very scary. I'm in nursing school and this is my biggest fear. I know its extremely difficult to get a job in a hospital with no experience but have you tried nursing homes or agencies? I would say don't give up. Right now there seems to be a hiring freeze but in the long term I still believe healthcare is the field to be in. People will always need nurses so I do believe that eventually things will get better and hospitals will begin hiring new nurses again. This is a temporary slump. Please don't give up. Eventually someone will hire you.
By anonymous at 02,Apr,11 06:36

I feel death is the only solution. Want to tie a sheet to the aircon and hang myself.
By anonymous at 02,Apr,11 06:58

aborting your life is not the solution. Look around you when you hear other poeples stories you will not feel like hanging yourself. Take heart and face the problem head on and deal with it. Seek for help if you cannot solve it by yourself. Talk to someone about it. You are worthy much more. Hang in there help is coming.
By anonymous at 02,Apr,11 11:09 Fold Up

I know it's rough but wallowing self pity will not help you. This is the career you've chosen, unfortunately they're not throwing jobs at nursing grads like they used to but that doesn't mean give up on being a nurse. That means keep applying to positions, and take something else just to pay the bills in the meantime. I find it hard to believe that you can't find a job in a nursing home or a facility that works with mentally retarded individuals even its for $12 per hour. I currently have one such job while I'm in nursing school. Its alot less that I used to make (I used to make $25 per hour). But I want to be a nurse so an entry level position in a healthcare job is better than no job. You need to change your attitude and decide that nothing is going to stop you from reaching your goal.

By anonymous at 02,Apr,11 08:33

Geez, dude... At least you step forward and did SOMETHING.... So why you whinnin now because you picked something that did not pan out.. SO WHAT!
Quit belly achin and get out there and CREATE your income source.. legal, of course... DON'T STOP! Keep movin on... SO, go flip hamburgers... GO MOW lawns... Use that mole on your shoulders and LOOK !

By anonymous at 03,Apr,11 10:40

i live in toledo ohio.. all they do is hire nurses.. you can find a job here.. it's the only jobs that are really available.. yes its a poverty stricten city, but we have all the nursing jobs here.

By at 16,Apr,11 01:00

Very true! Makes a cnghae to see someone spell it out like that. :)

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