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Posted by Neanderthal at February 27, 2011
Tags: 2011 February  Philosophical

My life is hardest, no fire, cause not sure what it is yet, God I need some heat, that dragged' woman in the cave there, she always a grunting me to do some hunting, God it's hard to shape a rock for an arrow head.Gotta figure things out those big creatures ten times my size, if they hungry enough they be taking me down I'm sure of that.Frig, when is somebody going to invent cloth for me to at least cover me stones, frigging cold out here and I think something Icy on the horizon.

And please tell me I will be the first to live past 20!

When you think of it, man kind has been a struggling with everyday pressures for sometime, me included.At least I got me stones covered on a daily basis.

Sit back crowd and just like they said in the 70's "Chill Out" and give yourself a break, you all not that bad.Look into the sun until your eyes burn and realize life is just a big experiment, with you the test subject.You can't perfect it no how, so stop a trying and enjoy a small snippet a day.That's all there is my friends.

God Bless, love u all!


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