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Posted by Bridget at February 21, 2011
Tags: Alcohol  2011 February  Relationship

I'm 19 and had a baby in Nov 2010 with a guy I'd been dating for about 2 years.
I've always had a problem with him drinking, but I was trusting him completely yesterday and just asked him not to get drunk because he had to drive home. He drank behind my back and lied to me about it when I caught him red handed. He would've driven me and our 3 mo. old baby while drunk if I hadn't caught him. Then we get home and he gets completely wasted. We sleep for 3.5 hours and baby wakes up to be fed. I ask him if he could make a bottle while I change her, and he cusses me out and says "get the f..k out". When it's MY apartment where he's been living for 4 and a half mos. free of charge. I even buy the food and gas and get up every morning at five to make him breakfast and pack him a lunch and drive him to work then back.
So he peed the bed because he was so drunk. When i got back into the bedroom to feed the baby, i tell him how unhelpful he is sometimes and he flips out cussing again, accidentally elbows the baby in her head, and throws the urine soaked comforter on top of us. One thing led to another and he was throwing my phone and his wallet and hangers at me while i'm holding the baby, so i put her in her crib where she's safe and tell him that i'm calling the police if he doesn't leave. he refuses to leave so i called the police. they didn't arrest him because i asked them not to. (he has an extensive criminal record and this would've been a vop and landed him in prison for at LEAST 3 yrs)
So, he gets home and I apologized for some reason. And he goes on to tell me that he doesn't really love me and he's just gotten used to me being there. How could I not feel used? And on top of that, he took my puppy and won't give him back.


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By anonymous at 10,Mar,11 18:56

cheer up are jerks...take it from a man...I myself treated the love of my life bad at times and now I want her back, but she has had enough of me...I blame myself and the money issues and the drugs and alcohol that took over my life and decision on the other hand have a jerk of a boyfriend that will miss everything you did for him and realize that its his loss...look for a man and not for another boyfriend, but only after your baby is tooken care of...good luck

By at 12,Mar,11 13:46

I am a good man and can't find anyone life sucks so much all these years I have been so good to women and got shit on I just want someone I can love with all my heart and treat good and get the same in return and can't find it. They always want what I've got or just use me all I want is to find someone that will treat me the way I treat them LOVE I feel isn't real anymore! I WISH it was because I have so much to give. I don't go bar hoppen or anything like that my grandfather is a preacher I was brought up right but today in this world you can't find anyone with morals so I gave up!! I'm 35 6 feet tall 180 ponds and don't look bad. But can't find anyone looking for love. is my yahoo screen name

By anonymous at 13,Mar,11 18:48

you need the lord jesus christ. You have broken his laws and fell into satan's trap. I hope you will open your eyes to see that the Lord is waiting for your answer.

By anonymous at 26,Aug,11 02:22

your dude likes the penis obviously, cuz i'd be tappin that sweet 19 y/o ass like there was no tomorrow

By anonymous at 24,Sep,11 04:04

I hae a similar situation, I don't know whether to get him arrested or deal with it. He loves our daughter but he is a usless alcho. It is so depressing whether I try to help or give up.

By anonymous at 12,Dec,11 03:19

Oh my god please leave him. He accidentally elbowed your baby and throws things at you?? You and your baby are not safe with him.

By anonymous at 05,Jan,12 23:49

Yet you chose to have a child with this loser, why? You've given yourself a lifelong commitment to an unstable and entirely selfish person, yes, it sucks but yes, you are also responsible for it - Nobody made you date him, nobody made you stay with him and nobody made you become pregnant by him or keep his child. We live in times of unprecedented choice - You simply made bad choice after bad choice and yet you expect sympathy here. Do you think it's really bad for you? At least you had a choice in the matter of who you live with - What about your kid? She didn't choose to have an asshole as a father - You chose that for her, you may feel used but you need to grow up and ask youself who allowed you to be used - I'll give you a clue, it was YOU. The sooner you take responsibility for your situation and take resonsibility for getting yourself and your child out of that situation, the better off you'll be and the less likely to be used in the future you'll become.

You should've had him jailed for three years, at least he wouldn't be there disrupting you and your child's lives.

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