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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at February 2, 2011
Tags: Attitude  Drugs  2011 February  Relationship

i had a pretty good life at one point, not saying that it's terrible now, but it's no picnic. I was engaged to a girl, broke it off with her because she couldnt get a job and I was sick of supporting someone that wouldn't even attempt to support herself. so after 4 years I called the engagement off. Her family was abo0ut azs fucked up as they come anyway, her mother never worked and was a pill-popping addict. Her sister never had a job in her life, shes going to school but I'm not convinced for a single second she'll attempt to find a job IF she even graduates. her 3 brothers are all idiots that will never go anywhere in life, and her father beat her and her brothers when they were all children, and still is a compulsive drunk. I was forced to move back home because I got a DUI and a felony possession of weed. My drivers license is now suspended. Is it the end of the world, I think not. Hopefully i was put here for some other reason other than whining and complaining to the damn internet. I have an ok job at $16 an hour only because I've worked for my father my whole life practically. I don't know if I could make it at another company, my job is too lax here and I have too much job security. Fuck it, i guess it aint too bad, im just sick of being stuck in one place knowing im notngoing anywhere else


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