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Life sucks ass!

Posted by hate life at December 6, 2009
Tags: Attitude  Bad Luck  December 2009  Health

Life sucks. I hate my job. I hate my bf he's so uncaring and self centered. I lost the best dog ever this past summer. My hair got screwed up when I young. I lost the best bf who I really loved in high school. I've put on an enormous amount of weight. All of my friends have kids and so we don't do fun stuff like hang out anymore. I wish someone warned me life would be very boring when you got older. Geez. I guess life can only go downhill from here. Seriously I wish I was just never born; I'd be better off for real!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 06,Dec,09 21:37

If you Hate your job, start filling out applications for newer jobs or get online and do some research. Where DO you want to work? find that out and find out the requirements for that place.

If yu Hate your boyfriend then dump him, no use having a boyfriend around you can't stand who is uncaring and self-centered. there is nothing attractive about that kind of personality. so don't settle for less

Yea i can understand losing a dog can be quite painful, but get another Dog, raise it and let it get your mind off things. love another dog.

Yea i have screwed up hair, i use to have some VERY good hair, i would look back at some of the pictures i have and see good length hair, now the flat iron broke my top parts off, leaving me to wear a freaken wig everytime i'm out in public, so i'm trying to give it time to grow back.

You lost your BF in high school? i'm kinda confused. if you werent completely over him then it was a big mistake getting invovled with someone else if your old feelings were never resolved.

Then lose the weight and watch what you eat

Life doesnt get boring when you get older, it gets harder becuase you are now aware of thngs insted of being naive. there are plenty of ways to take up your time if your friends are instead taking care of their kids. buy some video games, go out and have lunch and read a book, go take a walk in the park. start some yoga at home, write some stories, get online and fool around, buy some cats and play with them

You think you hate your life? try being laid off of a job with no way of supporting yourself for FIVE freaken months, you fill out dozens of applications for about 15 stories and even fast food stores, nobody wants you, you go in for THREE interviews for ONE place and they end up wasting your time and making you go up there for NOTHING!!!! you have all these THREE digit doctor bills coming in, you have to drop college classes to get that money back so you can pay the bills, but since i'm not a fulltime student now, that means i get a big FAT bill from my financial aid lender. i also can't enjoy online clothing stores anymore since i'm broke, i can't save up for a car, or buy a plasma HD tv before their prices go SKY high again becuase they have been displayed as low prices now in Wal-mart. I'm missing on alot here.

at LEAST you have a job. I've been trying to get one for almost 6 months now.

By anonymous at 07,Dec,09 18:20

i couldnt b askd to read that long advise but i think u shud just start thinkin about all the good experiences uve had and use them to make u a happier person...stick wid ur aint always meant to be fun but if you want, apply for some others and bf's have that whole annoying package written everywhere on them when u purchase them so dw x
By anonymous at 02,May,13 18:39

Your grammar makes me weep for the future.

By anonymous at 24,Jun,10 23:46

hello? wake up brohams. seriously. this is your call to wake up and live to your full potential. unless youre content barely scraping through life when you have unimaginable potential. you are your only oppresser. please think long and hard objectivily about this. your prayers are trying hard to be answered.

By at 25,May,11 20:54

I have no cell phone and my parents are not buying me anything and I've no friends at all and my beauty (I'm a male) was lost due to the fukkin hot Sun and 110 degree heat assfucckk!!
I suck in studies and my parents dunno how to manage household ansd they never think about future or take advice or suggeston and the most stubborn people I've ever seen.

By anonymous at 05,Sep,12 13:03

I feel ya.

By anonymous at 12,Dec,12 15:24

I have a suck ass life. I suck at college, landed on academic probation, my scholarships went down the drain. I gained 25 pound. Got my cna licence, fill a bunch pf applications,and no response.

I wanna be a singer and i dont think i can sing an on top of that I am turning 22 this december 2012. I hate myself and I wish i could go somewhere new and start over.

By crorkz at 15,Jan,15 18:22

8cU36l There is evidently a lot to identify about this. I think you made some nice points in features also.

By anonymous at 03,Jul,18 14:35

Lifes a God damn bitch. Family sucks. A complete stranger will treat you way better than your own peice of shit members.

By cbd washington dc at 28,Sep,20 16:14

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