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Posted by SSA at December 2, 2009
Tags: December 2009  Philosophical

I used to think about the fact that life suck a lot fo time... It seems that nothing is going right in my life. I feel empty, that's the main reason. I feel alone and I have no one to stand up to me. I feel like a stain in the world, it's like I'm good at nothing at all.

I'm always at a second plan in everything... Even my best friend of all time put me in second, or 10th plan, because she get a boyfriend... She was my super best friend, the one I could trust to, but she left me, and now I feel totaly forsaken, helpless..

Now professionaly, I don't have a objective... I'm in the university and I have no ideia what I'm doing in there, in that course.. I really have no points in my life righ now... Besides, my father wants me to be a success girl, he wanted me to be a lawyer or doctor, but I don't want it... And the more I would like to please my father, the more I fail...

I feel no support, I feel so empty, with no friends, with no aims at nothing...
I hope it go away faster...

Sorry for the bad english, I'm portuguse, so...


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By anonymous at 02,Dec,09 18:25

Remember, no matter how hard the situation is right now, it is not permanent.

And also, no matter how worse off you are right now, or no matter how good someone feels at the moment... we will all die some day .. so nothing really matters...

This life is an illusion and the afterlife is the real life. Stop worrying about this life so much because there is a higher power who controls you in every way.

By anonymous at 02,Dec,09 18:50

girl listen up... u and me we are the same... my grandpa he always wanted me to see my as a doctor or as a lwyer and stuff... that never was my dream... i feel so alone , my best friends moves out and has her own bf...
My bf left me... i have friends but i cannot open to them... i just feel so alone... i dont know if thats my fault but i trust No one anymore...
anyway u must try really hard and find what U want and no one else... things will be better for u im sure...and if your friends left u... find another in that university of yours....

By anonymous at 03,Dec,09 01:32

Much as you may love your parents, you're living your life for you, not them. So focus on what makes you happy. If you're happy, irrespective of whether you're a lawyer or a teacher, ultimately your parents, if they love you, will be happy for you.

By anonymous at 03,Dec,09 13:28

I think you sit yourself down and start figuring out what you want to do in life. You dont want to go to college and waste money and time on classes that wont benefit your goals. What are the things that you enjoy most in life? you say you feel alone all the time, well how about getting invovled in a career that will have you be around people all the time, such as being a Phychiatrist or Physcial Therpist. That is something for eveyone in this world if they would just chase it and figure it out.

Friends even best friends come and go. You will HAVE to get use to that. people will walk in and out of your life. And its fine if your best friend doesnt put you first for everything becuase you don't HAVE to be first. As long as she treats you right and supports you and cares for you, thats all that matters. Obviously she's very crazy over this guy and i'm sure she doesnt mean to hurt you. but if this bothers you THAT much then talk to her about it.

Parents will do that, they will daydream about their kids being very successful doctors, lawyers, engineers, FBI workers etc. Parents do that alot. But this is your life and you CAN'T plese everybody. its just not going to happen.

By pro link building at 24,Sep,13 21:50

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