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shitty times

Posted by Steve at January 17, 2011
Tags: 2011 January  Juvenile problems

Let me start off by saying that this has been the worst time period of my life. I had a 2.0 gpa in my first semester of college. i am getting kicked out of my dorms for smoking weed. I will likely have to live at home with my parents. My little sister won't speak to me. My friends belittle me everyday. I have made almost no new friends since coming to college. That's why my life sucks big time.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 09,Feb,11 03:46

Nobody will feel sorry for you. You're pathetic because you choose to be. Quit the drugs and work hard for once in your life and you'll see things improve.
By anonymous at 11,Feb,11 23:01

right on
By anonymous at 19,Feb,11 00:36 Fold Up

You sound just like my dad. Its not always that simple. What if hes trying her/his ass off its just hard. Maybe he is pathetic maybe hes not, but there is not enough info to make that judgment. Give advice without being a jerk, people listen alot more.

By anonymous at 10,Feb,11 17:52

If they belittle you then they aren't your friends.

By anonymous at 11,Feb,11 23:45

And you are doing...what about this? I'm not one to criticize...but it really looks like a lack of effort here.
By anonymous at 19,Feb,11 00:38

See man you got it right. You are trying to help witbout judging or being a jerk

By anonymous at 15,Feb,11 14:51

I dont agree with anyone else here. dont listen to the sack o duches! look you obviously have real problems and it's sad you've been left alone by parent and family. All I can tell you, is ... it really is the weed. I know to your weed is your "F the world, i don't care" token but instead of putting a middle finger out to the world, just try and prove your worth a damn! Make something out of your self, Good grades or a job who cares. the green is smoking your potential man!
Don't give in to the world but don't think it'll care when you put your middle finger up! It only cares for people who become something to reckon with. Make that you!

By anonymous at 29,Sep,12 01:40

Id like to know why the people who surround you treat you that way then maybe I could give you some advice

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