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Life sucks.

Posted by anonymous at November 27, 2009
Tags: General  November 2009

1. I just quarreled with my parents
2. I have something shitty on tomorrow/today
3. Camp was crap
4. Teacher sucks and left me out
5. Friends are making use of me (at least I feel that way)
6. Only one true friend? As far as I can remember now
7. I believe that there are going to be bitches taking over next year or soon
8. Everyone thinks that the bitches are great
9. So many backstabbers in life
10. Freaking parents are biased
11. Sibling's unfeeling
12. I'm feeling so sad now
13. Worried about how others think of me (when can i stop!)
14. Feeling lonely
15. Other friends are so insincere
16. Freaking bitches are totally acting in front of others
17. I suck
18. They suck
19. Life sucks
20. This sucks

Okay when I just finished typing and started reading other stories before I send this out, I realised other people who are experiencing a life that sucks to the core. I feel so sorry. But still, I'm feeling like shit now.


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New Comment

By robbie at 27,Nov,09 22:15

just because others have it worse (or you may think so) doesn't mean that you can't feel sad or just plain hate life

By anonymous at 30,Nov,09 12:02

Im 1 of teh most sufering in the world. Im very suicidal but cnt do it. I cnt carry on with this life!!!!!!!!!!!! It's so tormenting, extremely tormenting!!!

By anonymous at 30,Nov,09 12:03

its not fair to be Forced to live!!

By anonymous at 30,Nov,09 12:03

Satan, not God, is responsible for ALL SUFFERING.

By anonymous at 02,Dec,09 12:47

1)Yea it sucks when people don't agree with something you think its right or wrong. But at least they know how you feel.

2) At least its not everyday

3) At least that wont be your whole life, Camp is temporary too and yorue not the only one there who thinks it sucks too.

4) When you go to college you can PICK your teachers, you can even rate them for all to see. It sucks that we are force to be with certain types of teachers. I remember when i was in the 7th grade, i hate this really mean teacher for Science class. Before that i had heard from many students that she is hell and when i saw her on my locator card, i panicked. So one day we were going over homework and her technique is to call on students for every qustion, we had to read the question out loud and answer it and if we got it wrong the first time, she would come back to us for the next one and if we got it wrong again, she'll either give "punish work" (Which is a typed paper full of words and we had to copy every letter) or she'll mark down our grade. So one day she called on me and i didnt have the answer, so she bursts with this big attitude and made me open the text book and look it up in front of the whole class. It humiliated me and i was already depressed during that whole year so its like the pain was almost numb. she then shouted "you either do the work or get the heck out of my classroom!!" i got up and left and she wrote a referral on me as i cried my way to the lobby. that was my first time ever getting in trouble. Imagine how that was for me? yea teachers suck, but i'm in college now, that was in 7th grade. so that was on temporary, THANK GOD!

5)Then quit allowing people to treat you this way. And the next time you find friends, try to be reseve but at the same time friendly. don't ever get to close or trusty with people you just met becuase they can walk in and out of your life. Plus if you feel this way, the best thing is to tell them how you feel. and if they are really your friends, they would understand and apologize.

6)One true friend is always enough. be blessed you have this ONE friend. you don't have to have a bunch of friends, even though it would be nice. you make it sound like this ONE friend isnt enough.

7)Then stay away from the drama as far away as you can. let them ruin their reptuation and let them make a fool of themselves

8)Not everyone, i couldnt work with them, so i left and got another job. they arent great, there is nothing great about them

9)Thats why i said don't get too comfortable with people. you need to stand back and observe and keep an open eye on how people treat you. and when you spot that first detection of a red flag, thats when you leave before you get hurt even further. And everytime you are betrayed, LEARN from the experience.

10)Understand you wont be with them for long. you'll soon be out on your own

11) Well at least this sibling is someone you dont have to worry about

12) We all feel sad, I worried, pouted, whined and cried my eyes out to God just a few nights ago. look at all the stories you see on this site. ALOT of people are sad. the question is, are you sad about things that arent really worth feeling sad over.

13)No matter who you are, what look like, how you dress, who nationality you are, people will point fingers at you, will judge you and will not like you. thats just the way tings are with our sorry human race. I've had it in junior high. some really mean rumors spreaded around about me and i was afraid to go back to school for a while. You have to be true to yourself, otherwise people will just run your life for you.

14)Then occupy yourself with the things you love doing

15)Then stop being their friends. they are poison in your life and you don't need people in your life who are going to make you feel sad. thats not what friends do

16) ugh!! again, don't worry about them, just distance yourself from those who act like stupid idiots. there is nothing you can do about their attitudes but themselves.

17 - 20) If you want to be happy you have to choose it.

By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 16:09

If you really feel like shit I suggest you flush yourself, because you are stinking up life for the rest us.

By suba suba at 07,Nov,19 05:19

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