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Suicide can bring happiness

Posted by Lonewolf at November 25, 2009
Tags: Addictions  November 2009  Philosophical

Well where do I start? I will say I have brought this on myself. I don't blame anyone, but there is no hope inside. At 45 I have given up. Ever since my divorce things have gone downhill. I have fought alcohol and drug addictions. Probably something that should have been done years ago. Because of those addictions I also have a criminal history, terrible credit, no car, no money and no job. I live in a bording house with a bunch of nuts and have a child which I don't see and barely talk to. The holidays are here and I am empty, numb and all alone. You see I feel if you don't enjoy life, why fight for it. I get my son in the summer and obviously can't under these circumstances. And to make matters worst i ha?e such guilt of not being a better role model. For my son. He has grown further and further away from me and is only 11. He deserves better. The best present I can give to myself is an end to such misery. I just do no have the strength any longer to fight my way out!


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New Comment

By anonymous at 02,Dec,09 11:17

Death and abandonment?.. Some present! You have a duty to help your son make his way in life, even if it is only for him to know that you want the best for him.

Kicking drugs is hard they might tell you, but it's all in the mind so don't believe them.

Strive to make life better for others, and you will find it might make life better for you.

But don't think you should feel 'happy' all the time, life is not like that. Happiness is occasional but maybe more frequent when you try to help others.

Live for others not for yourself.

By anonymous at 02,Dec,09 12:53

Nearly all of us have felt like going to sleep and never waking up. I have felt STRONG feelings of these since the middle of THIS year. Life is a curse sometimes, but its a even heavier curse if you choose to be miserable and not doing anything for yourself.

The moment you created your son, you choose to be responsible for this new life. YOu have a responsiblity as a father to be there for your son. Otherwise he will grow up and up and up wondering where you've been and he'll hear countless stories from his friends who say
"man, i have good father!!" and he'll wonder where you are.

We are HUMAN beings, we make mistakes, we all have some form of addiction thats hard to let go. i'm sure you have learned your lesson but you have to give yourself a clean sheet for another new life. get off your butt, get out there and start filling out applications, stay away from drugs, stop getting your butt into truble with the law or you WILL be worthless, lving behind bars for a long time. and MOST IMPORTANTLY, find GOD!!! Let him guide you back to a good life.

By anonymous at 10,Dec,09 23:04

Most men can not go through what you have, thus you are better than most men.

By anonymous at 31,Jan,10 03:56


By anonymous at 08,Feb,12 02:39

Im 43 Years old (so basically dead in our society) Ive fought addictions to alchol, weed, extacy ect. Ilove my daughters 9who r at college) Ilove my dog.............However I can not stand Myself

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