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Is it worth going back to school?

Posted by avatar at November 6, 2010
Tags: Job  Money  2010 November  Poverty

Im Avatar,
Life is hard right now...I used to have a job in the summer and me and my boyfriend were going by pretty good. I went back to school this September after I dropped out 2 years a go. My boss couldnt accomodate my new schedule and i got kicked out.I depend entirely in my boyfriend and resently he only works 18 hours every two weeks. That's not enough for food and rent plus other expenses. In late october we ran out of food. He eats when he can at his job and me I sneak out food from the cafeteria. This month we won't be able to pay the rent and that means if we don't pay by next month we are out. There's no one to help us and believe me we have asked for help. Now i ask myself is it really worth going back to graduate? I am an illegal citizen so college is not an option for me. We were doing so well when we both worked...I only went back to school to feel that I have done something in life. To make my parents proud of me. It was my goal to graduate and be someone in life. Now as we are starving and I see my boyfriend struggle to get another job or to get more hours I hide my pain. I know he gets hungry when he is at home and I can't offer him anything. We have nothing but our clothes. We sold his computer and many other things now my computer is next...Imagine what thanksgiving will be like for us this year.My shoes are about to get holes in them and I have no jacket for winter. I walk to school and back everyday only with a sweater that's so old It barely fits anymore.Life sucks.......


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New Comment

By anonymous at 15,Nov,10 19:31

You should sell your body. Just don't tell your boyfriend where the cash comes from. It's really easy. A blow job here, $50 bucks there, it all adds up. Just make sure they wear a condom so you don't catch any stds.
By anonymous at 15,Nov,10 20:05

e.e yeah...but before that try a charity or something, soup kitchens?If you were in my city id give you clothes =/
By anonymous at 15,Nov,10 23:04

food stamps?
By anonymous at 16,Nov,10 00:33 Fold Up

no your better than that

By B-Don at 15,Nov,10 22:57

Don't listen to dat fuck face he said sell your body. FUck em. Just pray to God and he will come through 4 you.
By anonymous at 16,Nov,10 01:11

Fuck that shit

By anonymous at 16,Nov,10 01:11

You'll soon learn that "to be somebody" means conforming to the system.

By anonymous at 16,Nov,10 11:31

go back to your country where you came from
By anonymous at 24,Nov,10 15:00

stupid american :) dont let me guess where ur grandparents are from...
By anonymous at 29,Nov,10 01:03

don't know what country you are in, I'm assuming USA, but what's the point of going to college if you are not authorize to work in the USA anyways. Call the national hotline 211 it puts you in touch with resources in the community to help you.

By anonymous at 16,Nov,10 12:00

hungry hungry hippo

By anonymous at 20,Nov,10 15:54

Look lady dont do anything stupid like selling your body. the body is a temple to harness your soul. some people have already condemed themselves and is helping the devil gather more souls. I myself use to be one of those people. And your boyfriend will never forgive you for your betrayal.It will get better because God dont lie, people do. But dont add anymore stress to this than you already have, get birth control or make sure you use protection. You will make it just have faith. Your boyfriend reminds me of me, he loves you $50 cant buy that.

By at 13,Sep,12 16:02

I'm so glad that the inteernt allows free info like this!

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By Kassie at 25,May,16 01:33

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