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untitled story

Posted by Kev at October 19, 2010
Tags: 2010 October  Sexuality

I donít see any stories of pedophile here, only gays. Well if you gays think you have a raw deal in life, try being a pedophile like myself. Life is total hell believe me. At least being gay is not illegal in most parts of the world and being gay is acceptable to a small percentage of the world population while being a pedophile is only acceptable by those who are pedophiles themselves, probably less than 0.01 percent of the world population. Like gays we also didnít ask to be pedophiles and if we had a choice, at least 99% of us would choose to be normal.

Life is all about choices they say. Oh yea, if only. Well if I could choose, I would have chosen never to be born or exist rather than being a pedophile. As some other contributors here, I am looking forward to death and I hope there is no life after death or reincarnation to have to live another hellish life like this. If I knew for sure there was no life after death or that I might have to come back to live another life if I commit suicide, I would end my life today.


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By anonymous at 27,Oct,10 00:33

Pedohile ratio is much heigher than u quoted I think 90% try it in some part of their life It all up to cicuimstances.....However being pedofile with already spoiled children who love dirty games should be allowed

By anonymous at 27,Oct,10 21:51


"I am looking forward to death and I hope there is no life after death or reincarnation to have to live another hellish life like this. If I knew for sure there was no life after death or that I might have to come back to live another life if I commit suicide, I would end my life today."

Fucking classic. I can't agree with this MORE. lol. I'd be out of here in a frickin' SECOND! I'd kill myself soooo quickly if that was the case. Bad news is, however, that we DO come back. Life IS everlasting. Fucking SUCKS right? Damn straight.

By anonymous at 30,Oct,10 00:00

It must suck being a pedophile. I recommend getting two pairs glasses and drawing a picture of a grown-man on one of them and a little boy on the other. When you are talking to the ladies, you can put on your little boy glasses and when you are talking to little boys, you can put on your grown man glasses. Also, imagine how gay pedophiles must feel, quadriplegic gay pedophiles with fucking leprosy. Those guys are raw as shit.

By anonymous at 13,Nov,10 08:48

That's tough, as long as you havn't touched any kids, I feel terrible for you I really do.

By anonymous at 12,Dec,10 00:30


Only an ignorant person would relate a pedophile with the entire gay population. Being gay doesn't make one a pedophile. Being straight doesn't make one a pedophile. Being a man doesn't make you a pedophile. Being white or black doesn't make you a pedophile. Know what makes you a pedophile? Being a fucking sick ass pedophile. You are all in a category of your own so don't compare yourself to anyone else on this planet but yourselves.

By anonymous at 23,Jan,11 18:19

I'm not a pedophile and I don't know what causes people to become pedophiles but you don't have to be so rude and harsh.
You don't what they are feeling. You don't know their struggles so don't judge them.
By anonymous at 09,Dec,12 00:08 Fold Up

This is what we are talking about. You don't care that many of us have never done anything wrong, and never will (other than the shit we all do like lie and ignore charities etc). No, instead we should all just die. Or maybe be tortured first. Whatever, as long as we are silenced and suffer in the process. "Being gay doesn't make one a pedophile"... well friggin DUH! But what you fail to grasp is that there are similarities (and obviously important differences, the main difference being and if a gay person finds love, then some bigots get angry, but if a pedophile finds love, then he or she either must ignore it or become a monster.)

By derek at 21,Dec,10 04:42

you know what at least us gays have legal adult concent you pedos steal a childs innocents you get no sympothy from me my aunt was raped by a pedo as a child and it fucked her whole life up you ppl destroy life and all of u deserve death

By anonymous at 16,Jan,11 19:09

Dumb fucks who hate on pedophiles. It isn't their choice most of the time. It's like gay people being sexually attracted to men instead of women. It isn't a choice they make. A lot of them would definately choose to not be one if they could. Not all pedophiles go around raping kids you ignorant fuckwit, it's like not all gays go around fucking every guy they see, not all straight people go around raping every woman. Grow some fucking brains.

By anonymous at 23,Jan,11 05:45

I know how this feels, I have the same problem. Fortunately, I'm not exclusively a pedophile, I also like women my own age - I'm not sure if there's a neat word to describe that. But nothing makes me feel worse than seeing someone blathering on about how pedophiles are the lowest form of life, or should all be locked away, or whatever.

All of it rests on the simple assumption that a pedophile and a child molester are the same thing. Yes, most child molesters (not all) are probably pedophiles, but that does not mean that all (or even most) pedophiles are child molesters! Let's put it a different way. Although I am a self-described pedophile, I would NEVER do ANYTHING do hurt a child. In fact, about two years ago I made a promise with myself that, if I ever do molest a child, I must kill myself within 24 hours.

However, I don't think that will be necessary. Last year was my final year of high-school, and one of the requirements for graduation was that we put in X hours of volunteer work, and without even thinking about it, I volunteered to tutor kids at my district's middle school. I didn't do this because I wanted to be creepy with the 12 year-olds, but because I thought teaching people to do algebra would be better than planting trees in the rain or some shit. It took me about two weeks of doing the tutoring thing to realize that I was around kids that were right in the middle of the age range I'm attracted to. Even after coming to that realization, I found that "controlling my desire" or whatever the fuck you want to call it, wasn't a problem. If anything, being a pedophile was beneficial, because I was used to thinking of children as real people to talk to and be friendly with, rather than as inferior beings who can't figure out 2x+12=0.

And even though it can be hard at times to deal with this strange attraction, and even though I've spent more than one night lying in bed crying, I don't feel hopeless. I figure that, if I can't have an intimate relationship with someone I'm attracted to, then dammit I'll just save my money up for a Porsche and have an intimate relationship with that, one mountain road at a time.

Also, I have one final thought. While I have a lot of sympathy for pedophiles and empathize with the struggle they're going through, I have none whatsoever for child molesters. Whether their sexuality made them attracted to children, like myself, or whether they had some other issues and were trying to exert power on the powerless, they should just be fed through a meat grinder in my opinion. And note also that I define a child molester as one who rapes a child, not necessarily one who has sex with one. A bikini model who gives a blowjob to a 12-year-old boy, probably isn't going to be getting any complaints from the boy - she certainly wouldn't have gotten any from me when I was 12. But some dude who ties his niece to the bed posts and screws her until she's bleeding and crying and screaming, deserves the meat grinder, and much more. I hope people can see that distinction.

Thank you for reading and letting me get this off my chest.
By anonymous at 19,Mar,11 12:40

I just don't get it. I don't understand how people can be sexually attracted to young people. I guess I'm a youthaphobe. Don't speak to me, or anyone else, until you're at least 18. I still think Australia should be retaken as a penal colony and all the Earth's children sent there for manners, making the rest of the world peaceful and quiet. I just don't understand attraction to young people.

By anonymous at 23,Jan,11 18:20

Have you ever touched a child?
By anonymous at 23,Jan,11 18:35

Don't know who you're referring to, but I'm the anon who posted the big five-paragraph comment, and no, I never have touched a child.

By at 21,Mar,11 22:52

...and you're not 18 or 19 either. This generation doesn't use "empathize." I have you in your forties or fifties, considering how often you used cursed and talked about meat grinders. I don't think you have Porsche or will be getting one either. Am I right? Lol "one mountain road at a time" what fucking college freshman writes that? You're whacked out dude.

By anonymous at 27,Mar,11 00:35

Ithink you should volunteerily commit yourself or find a camp/ or place where there are NO CHILDREN. Like any addiction if you are a recovering crack head you shouldn't be around crack or any other illegal drugs. PLEASE choose prevention because one action can have such a lasting negative effect on a childs life.

By anonymous at 02,Jul,11 07:54

Wow, I'm surprised at the ignorance of humanity at the moment.
No, being a pedofile is not a fucking choice.
If it was, then tell me,
There not monsters.
There humans.
Imagine if you liked children, how would you feel? People hating you, making you feel terrible even though you have no choice about it. You have to put up with your sexual urges.
Well, I for one may or may not be a pedofile. I'm a girl, 13 and I like boys, girls, children over 5, adults up to 35 years and transgenders.
I really don't know what the fuck i am to be attracted to all these different ranges or people.

But, never the less, I accept who I am and the law so I stick to the law and focus on the people I can be with..

Pedofiles aren't that lucky, they're focused on one illegal age range of person.. Which is incredibly sad and I really feel for them. It's not there fault, they deserve to be accpted and heard out, even if it is illegal to not be with children.
By anonymous at 13,Oct,11 12:06

Logical, rational, comapasionate response compared to the rest of these animals here.

By anonymous at 03,Sep,11 12:20

Homosexuals don't stay away from other people. Why should pedos stay away from children? It's not an addiction, it's a mental illness just like being queer.

By anonymous at 14,Dec,11 00:49

Unfortunately in this strange world we live in, people can't understand, sympathize or help anyone with one of the most horrible diseases in the world, pedophilia. People are just too fixed on protecting the children, human instinct, which they can't look past or help people with pedophilia. It's quite sad actually, how in order to protect a child's life, you have to socially destroy another life. Keep in mind that I am writing about pedophiles that don't molest anyone, and still people can't understand or help them.

Think about it this way. Imagine you got a child, and you somehow knew from the minute they were born that they would 100% become pedophiles when they get older. Would you stop loving them even if they were a child? Would you look down on them? Call them the "scum of the earth", worthless and a horrible sicko? Would you tell them all of this even if they were still a child but you knew they would grow up to be pedophiles? Probably not because, well, they're children and people will always protect their children. They never chose this and they're just children so how can you hate on them?

Well this goes the same for adult pedophiles. They are still humans no matter what. They never chose to become pedophiles (I don't think one living soul on the planet would choose to become the "worst" living thing on the planet) they were born with the disease and it's not their fault. So how could you hate on them? These are real lives society is messing with when people write offense things on these kinds of posts. Believe it or not, this really hurts them emotionally, that people look down on them socially and it makes them feel like a worthless person and makes them feel like there is no use for them. Even if they were born with the attraction and it's not their fault. Again I am strictly speaking of someone who has never molested a child before (molesting a child is a choice, and these people choose to live a bad life) But how could people be so horrible to pedophiles that never chose to get the attraction and it's not their fault and their born with it? Trust me, 90% of non pedophiles think this way and will hate pedophiles no matter what even if they never chose to be pedophiles.

Unfortunately, this just shows the ugly in humanity and the dark and horrible sides and souls to people that they can ruin another individualís life. It shows how some people will treat others poorly no matter what just because they're different from them even if they didn't do anything wrong. (Talking about pedophiles who never molested a child - lot's of them trust me. I must repeat this for people to get the message.) There's not much point in me writing this because people will never change their perspectives on things that they believe are right even if it socially destroys another personís life. But I am just writing whatís on my mind. Can't we at least try to help pedophiles live a normal and healthy life in this world we live in? If you donít want to do it for them, do it for the children. Please.

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