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Life fucking sucks

Posted by anonymous at November 5, 2009
Tags: Family  Health  Juvenile problems  November 2009

I'm only 13 my dad died when i was 9 from cancer ever since then I've wanted to fucking stab myself then when he died my stepdad started abusing me and my mom doesn't do anything the only person I have ever loved in my life has to be the one who fucking die but I still kinda love my grandma if my brother punches me I get hit by my stepfather I really want to die. The only thing keeping me alive is my best friend Devon my boy but he just got cancer!!!!!! So if he fucking dies I'm done please give me some advice in a comment


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New Comment

By John at 05,Nov,09 09:01

Well, if all that's true, I felt really depressed about it.
Just try to fucking keep it up no matter what.fuck, my life sucks too.

By anonymous at 05,Nov,09 10:02

I also have had all the people i love die on me and was abused to no end. However with time, it's all become better, it doesn't hurt to breathe so much anymore and i know you probably don't wanna hear this but hang in there... it'll all get better one day, trust me, jus don't give up. And push hard to change your life. One day everyone who abused u will look at you and want to be you and kiss your ass, and suddenly everyone will want to be your friend and you can also show them your hairy ass so they can kiss it and trust me there is no greater feeling than that in the whole world!
Hang in there...

By anonymous at 07,Nov,09 11:20

Trust me my life is worse

By anonymous at 29,Aug,10 17:30

It may get better (life, that is) . . . It may not. Much of Eastern philosophy states that earthly existence is a hell of sorts - something I agree with more and more every day. One's job is to condition oneself to not be attached to anything here on earth. That way, when you die, you won't return here - which, apparently, many of us do. The law of karma states, in part, that the things that happen to us are a result of things we did or did not do in previous lives. It's all balance, it states. Our job in this regard is simply to "grin and bear it", and try not to do anything currently that's going to result in negative repercussions/negative karma in the future.

Take all this for what you will. Ultimately, yeah . . . Life really, really sucks.
By anonymous at 30,Jan,11 03:15

you are a fucking moron
By anonymous at 03,Mar,11 02:23

whoever wrote this is a mother fucking piece of shit that has no balls and if he does should have them ripped out of his mother fucking sack through his throat. bitch as piece of mother fucking crap.

By anonymous at 12,Sep,10 08:55

my life sucks to but not that bad.

By anonymous at 16,Feb,11 14:21

life just fucking sucks no doubt about that

By anonymous at 20,Feb,11 18:07

Make your self bigger and stronger and know that your dad would want you to be happy. Make your dad proud because no matter what people think, the spirits stay with us. He is above you all day and every day. There is help. If you are truly being abused go to the school counselor and tell. Tell your mom. You may feel abused because your heart is broken and all you want is your dad. Please be kind to your mother and remember she is also suffering. She lost the love of her life who gave her you, the second love of her life. She loves you like you will never know and you need to know that, and also realize she deserves to be happy too. If this guy loves her and treats her good then maybe if you try a little to love back the abuse will end. I hope you read this and fully understand and it makes your life better.
By anonymous at 09,Mar,11 21:22

I Like This Comment. Whoever Wrote This Is Smart. You Should Listen To Him/Her.

By anonymous at 03,Mar,11 02:21

holy shit your life does fucking suck. what a bitch as mother fucker your step dad is. don't stab yourself, stab his ass. or get the fuck out of that shit man. i would run away as far as i could. if your smart you'll survive. if not than fuckin shit your fucked. i would stay the fuck away from all the motha fuckas that get in your way. stupid pieces of mother fucking shit.

By at 09,Mar,11 21:20

I'll Pray For You.

By anonymous at 06,Apr,11 19:40

you know what as soon as a guy puts his own life aside and raises another womans kids thats when your life sucks because kids today have no fuckin idea about fuck all,they turn on you for tryin to help or guid and they stick that your not my dad shit in your face all the time but some of us carry on loving those kids and in my sit. i got shit on accused of shit you name it they run away to what they say is a better life but yet why do they have to constantley disrup the rest of the family and tell them how bad there life is when all of a sudden the rest of us are happy. You kids have to grow up and be kids and leave all the shit your doin for the real bad people that most of us step parents are not....I will tell you kids now,none of us step parents would ever stay with your mom or dad if we did not love you as well...

goin through it.
By anonymous at 15,Jun,11 23:10

Bull shit! stop lying to yourself!

By anonymous at 11,Apr,11 02:05

Life truly does suck, but in a different way for each person. All this comes and goes, and the only way to deal with it is to keep you head up and say fuck you to anyone that gets in your way and move on. Like someone else said, you will hear from "enlightened" people, mostly easterners, that the only way to deal with this shitty life is to not be attached and to stay focused on the now. The past and the future aren't worth a fuck.

By Jessie at 16,Apr,11 01:08

That's the best aswner of all time! JMHO

By anonymous at 22,Jun,11 12:04

Im right there with all of dad died of cancer last year.i try everyday to say...fuck it.fuck everybody.i cnt sleep or do about any regular thing makes no sense why ppl like us are just rlly.

By anonymous at 08,Jul,11 22:58

Life is what you make it. If your getting abused let someone know about it. Or remove yourself from the situation. We sometimes wonder why? we are put into certain abusive situations? The answer is, we need to help each other. I'm sure your father is looking out for you from above. Don't give up... Life changes on a dime. You have choices. Just make sure you make the right choice.

By Lily at 26,Nov,11 13:05

The genius store called, they're rnuning out of you.

By anonymous at 27,Jan,12 07:31

Yes life fucken sucks but what the fucken heck, maybe that's what keeping us fucken alive because we don't fucken have cancer, EVRYONE IS DYING BUT US... WTF !

By anonymous at 20,Feb,12 23:42

It does suck. You got a bad deck of cards but you will need to make the best of the situation. I would try to avoid your step Dad..see if the hitting is triggered around certain circumstances and stop them, and if they are not, then he may just have issues - Just make an effort to have a healthy relationship with your mom. Focus your energy on other things - a hobby or school - try playing an instrument, learning to sing, learning a new sport, reading, writing, anything that helps get the negativity from you mind. I know your dad died from cancer when you were young but try to look at the bright side - At least you had a loving dad for 9 years (I didn't even grow up with a dad)so you were fortunate to know and have love in your life early on. Remember what that feels like and when you get older, you will one day be able to have your own family and be a good dad too. Learn from your step dad the things not to do. Another thing - when I was young I used to get picked-on in school because I was really sweet, studious, and skinny. I quickly learned that they could see that I was fearful and were picking on me for that reason. When I stopped being afraid and stood up for myself the harrassment stopped. I am not saying to go out and fight but if you can at the very least don't be afraid. No one can really hurt you unless if you let them. And you are not alone - there are many people who like you had to overcome difficulties at a young age. They grow up to become masters who then help and teach others. You may be too young to understand why all these difficulties are happening to you, but they will give you a lot of inner strength. So the darkness can be a blessing if you choose to make the best of the cards you are given. You are not alone. Many people go through difficulties and remember the greatest love of all is learning to love yourself regardless of what others say or do! I hope you can understand this - but understand that we must all "learn to let go" Everyone will have to experience death and some form abuse at some point in their life. You are just experiencing it at an early age. The good thing is that when you get older no one will be able to mess with you because you will know how to handle them.

By anonymous at 20,Feb,12 23:46

oh, and you are in many ways in a better position. You dad is in the spiritual world so he may be able to protect you better from there believe it or not. He can't be in person to protect you from you step dad but he can in spirit. Just because he died, it doesn't mean he can't love you anymore. So make him proud and do something good with your life. His life lives on through you...he passed the touched to you when he gave life to you...

By anonymous at 07,Mar,12 18:09

my life is at a point of no return...I am miserable everyday and every night. I do NoT trust my girlfriend she has done things to me in the past that she will never admit to and she finds any and every piece of dirt she can on me to make herself feel better. Whenever we argue she runs to her parents house and talks shit about me to everyone, goes on facebook and does the same thing. Then wonders why i dont ever want to go by her family's only god knows what they think of me from being told only part of the story all the time...She wouldnt admit to her wrong or fault if Hell was the immediate punishment. Its always about her alllll the gotdamn time, about how no one likes her, or how her family disowned her or any other bullshit she can think of. All the while im just thinking..well at least you have someone to go vent to i have absolutely no one to go talk to whenever we argue i have no family here in this state and she knows it. Only God knows all the foul shit shes said about me to others and lies shes told to cover her own ass and make me out to be a monster...Only God knows...I have a 5month old child with her and i swear it was the worst mistake i have ever made in my life..I love my son but i dread the day i ever met his mother..I have been here with her going on 3 years now..Only getting worse by the days...I feel like shes playing mind games with me all the time..shes as persistant and persistant gets with picking fights and nagging until i just flat out loose my temper because i cant take it anymore...shes had me locked up more than once for bullshit, i never harmed her once in 2 yrs that i was here, i admit that on one occassion i did loose it all together and ended up pullingout some of her hair and slightly choking her, i admit i was dead wrong and there is nooo excuse for that type of thing..Lord knows i should have just left this chick long ago....Hell i should have left her the 1st day i met her when she caught an attitude when i said i was gonna go get a 6pack of beer and i'd be right i came to visit her for a weekend just to hang out and i didnt think anything would be wrong would having a few brews...She stormed out on her balcony and ignored me when i tried to ask her what was wrong..You would have thought we were a married couple or something the way she got pissed...I should have took off right at that moment but i stayed...Like dumbass and i have been here ever since going through miseries i didnt even know was known to man...I stayed because i wanted to get to know her, i wanted to love her..i wanted a new start in life with her...But let me tell you, when they say that no matter what kind of person you are some things just wont work...They mean that shit!! Just recently we got into an argument about something stupid and uncalled for, i brought up the day we 1st met and about the attitude with the beer..She told me she got mad because she had never heard of anyone buying beer and drinking it in their house....I couldnt believe she could actually think up such a horrilbe pittiful excuse for her craziness....As you all might be wondering am i still with her...the awnser is yes, i am literally stuck in a state with no job income nothing to fall back on literally being verbally abused everyday n night..she knows i have no where to go thats why she does what she does...Please keep me in your prayers if possible and dont Judge me because thats Gods job...I know i should have left long ago but theres no turning back and i have to man up and get the hell away from her...Just hope i can make it long enough...
By anonymous at 24,Mar,12 01:18

Break up with her you dope!!

By Iris at 04,Mar,13 09:07

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