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Life is Shitt. PERIOD

Posted by Brian at September 1, 2010
Tags: Alcohol  2010 August  Health  Poverty

What can I say? I dont ever feel happiness. I used to be real happy. It was all cause i liked this girl but she hates me, broke my heart, doesnt care. I have no friends, Im an alcoholic, Im a 25 year old man who lives in a 1 bd apartment on a disabiltiy cheque cause i have some bullshit disease a shrink pulled out of theyre ass (TOO MUCH DOPE IN HIGH SCHOOL) I fight every day to be happy, been through more hell than I can explain and I get nowhere. People got all the answers and criticism for me, Im happiest when im alone cause i dont gotta hear anyones shit, and by happy i mean numb sitting here dreaming of shit thats all empty and crap. Im planning to go to school in January, Mainly cause i gotta do something other than sit on my ass, I aint excited and ill more than likely just end up with a debt and some degree that gets me nowhere! I never have sex, I get treated like shit no matter what I do, people are shallow, its all about how you look and talk that causes people to treat you the way they do, every job Ive worked since I was 16 has been shit, my family is always down on me, my greatest joy is eating crap from the supermarket, a deli sandwich or piece of chicken, I suffer, I suffer more and all I get for it is people tellin me to buck up and get over it, people who have good lives nd dont understand shit, I think the happiest Ive ever been was doing drugs at a young age, beer and dope in high school bout as good as its been so far, what else can I bitch about? Ive been in psych wards, Ive been depressed, I fight with my family, im poor, I aint a badass who rides a harley davidson so girls dont like me, Im just some stupid guy kicking around. Even if i meet some girl I fall in love with which is what usually makes people believers, completes theyre lives and makes them truly happy, it probably wont work out for some reason and ill just be miserable my whole life. lots of poeple are unhappy until they die, it is true. LIFE SUCKS.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 03,Sep,10 21:47

It's cool dude...if you perceive something one way, you'l believe it to be that way, just change your way of looking at things...try to make other people happy around you...everybody feels the way you do.

By anonymous at 12,Sep,10 05:13

I agree 100%! Some people have good lives and success at the things they need and their goals, or they are just plain lucky and blessed with talents, loving families, loving friends, and they DO NOT understand. I feel your pain, I empathize with your situation. Thanks for stating how I feel too...

By ricky at 12,Sep,10 15:06

wow dude you are awsome! i love you, thanks for saying that its exactly how i feel, that truly sucks just like mine instead of most of others storys here, just stupid ungraithful people coplaining about good lifes, or lifes that i would definetly trade mine for.

By anonymous at 16,Oct,10 23:08

I agree with your friends here. Most people are blessed beyond their damn imagination in this country. I have no idea why some idiots get the best cards while the biggest hearted people get screwed.
Come visit this site at I would love to get someone real like you to make some comments on the articles. I hope to hear from you.
PS. We can't compete with a Harley owner.
By anonymous at 19,Dec,10 00:39

and you don't have to compete with anyone. That is the whole point. You don't have to play any games; just be yourself. It sounds like you know your way around depression, drug and alcohol abuse, the incredible feelings of abandonment, loneliness and sadness. Talk to someone; someone different. See if anything sparks a passion for you. Anything. And if you find that spark, run with it. You could be a hope to a lot of people.

By anonymous at 08,Nov,10 17:46

Have any of you ever heard of RC (reevaluation Counseling)? I know it sounds like some weird cult thing but it actually really helped me in saving and fighting for my life. Unfortunately it isn't easy to get into because most join through word of mouth but it is a world wide community with a goal of teaching ppl from all walks of life how to gain the tools needed to regain control over their lives. My mother passed away 3 years ago now and i was so depressed i couldn't really see the point in living. A friend of mine introduced me to RC in NYC about 6 months after my mom's death and I am in a totally new and confident place now! Not that everything is peachy keen! we all have our up and down days of course. and Please don't think anyone is actually normal because if u ask me we are all crazy on some level. But it has helped me to learn how to rediscover my own strengths as well as to see the beauty in others and want more for myself and my life. I have been in the RC community for 2.5 years now and honestly don't know what i might have done without it. it's waaayyy cheaper then paying some silly psychologist every week just 10 to 15 per class and is incredibly empowering! If anyone is interested check out the RC website. It's lame, yes i know :) I am an artist and can say the site looks aweful. but it does provide some insight into what it's about. Next, if you can try to find out if there are any intro classes happening in your neighborhood or city.

best to u all!

ps. Below i have posted text from the RC site about what it is:

About Re-evaluation Counseling

Re-evaluation Counseling is a process whereby people of all ages and of all backgrounds can learn how to exchange effective help with each other in order to free themselves from the effects of past distress experiences.

Re-evaluation Counseling theory provides a model of what a human being can be like in the area of his/her interaction with other human beings and his/her environment. The theory assumes that everyone is born with tremendous intellectual potential, natural zest, and lovingness, but that these qualities have become blocked and obscured in adults as the result of accumulated distress experiences (fear, hurt, loss, pain, anger, embarrassment, etc.) which begin early in our lives.

Any young person would recover from such distress spontaneously by use of the natural process of emotional discharge (crying, trembling, raging, laughing, etc.). However, this natural process is usually interfered with by well-meaning people ("Don't cry," "Be a big boy," etc.) who erroneously equate the emotional discharge (the healing of the hurt) with the hurt itself.

When adequate emotional discharge can take place, the person is freed from the rigid pattern of behavior and feeling left by the hurt. The basic loving, cooperative, intelligent, and zestful nature is then free to operate. Such a person will tend to be more effective in looking out for his or her own interests and the interests of others, and will be more capable of acting successfully against injustice.

In recovering and using the natural discharge process, two people take turns counseling and being counseled. The one acting as the counselor listens, draws the other out and permits, encourages, and assists emotional discharge. The one acting as client talks and discharges and re-evaluates. With experience and increased confidence and trust in each other, the process works better and better.
By anonymous at 19,Nov,10 09:39


By anonymous at 19,Nov,10 09:35

I agree dude too much partying for me as well starting doing drugs at like 13 quit at 29 bye that time life had pretty much passed me bye gained a whole bunch of weight after i quit drugs gave my life to the lord/jesus got married at 32 to a bi polar woman who eventually took her life three years later left me with 2 small children 1 and 2 at the time both boys whom have inherited her bi polar disorder one is in a group home and the other is with me and on meds too. I'm poor live at home with mommy she's been dead and free for over 7yrs now and I'm left to deal with children I don't know how to help, I'm depressed, fat and no one has even looked at me in 7yrs I haven't even had a date, death greets me warm I just don't give a fuck anymore.. she was abusive to me verbally and sometimes physically glad she's gone but she's been free and I'm still here suffering, and yes to all fucking no it all's out there I've been to many shrink and pill poping doctor as well as churches there all a fucking joke. that shit don't help and nobody gives a fuck or wants to be my friend, I used to be happy go lucky the class clown, funny
now I've been reduced to this the only thing I have left to hope for is that when I die there's a heaven if not this life really sucked and I don't ever want to come back that would be my definition of hell......

By is cbd legal in washington dc at 28,Sep,20 13:32

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