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Posted by anonymous at August 30, 2010
Tags: Attitude  2010 August  Juvenile problems

First thing first,im only 17 years old and i think my life is all fucked up,i wake up every morning to a peice of shit life thinking im a worthless peice of shit that has no meaning,As much as i try to stay postive something always comes around and fucks it up,i have no job,schools a fucken bitch,they only teach what there told and not what you want to learn,while im at home thinking about what i need to do to be successful in life the goverment is wiping there ass with millions of dollars.My dads forced to waking up every morning to go to work just so he can provide me and my family with food,everyone is being forced to work just to live! but people still dont give a fuck and listen to gay ass shit like lady gaga and lil wayne who are obviouly involed with some demon shit,right now as im typing this im starving my ass off and i cant do shit but drink milk or some fucken water.i feel like life shouldnt be this way,god gave us one life and one world and no one should be forcing you to work just to live.why not spread food and clothing to people that need it instead of giving it to rich spoiled bitch ass kids that might not even wear it and leave it in their big ass closet for 30 fucken years before getting rid of it,and istead of giving it to someone thats needs it there just throwing it away as if its nothing.theres alot more shit i need to say but for now ima say fuck the goverment and rich bastards then dont give fuck about anyone but them selfs.thanks and fuck you


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By anonymous at 11,Sep,10 15:25

if your starving, how do you have money for a computer and internet

By anonymous at 13,Sep,10 02:00

Hi there, I would like to sincerely suggest to you to REALLY go to a psychiatrist not psychologist(lengthy etc) and get on a good ANTI-depressant ASAP!

Nothing wrong with you, your brain isn't making serotonin and THIS is why you are sad and feel defeated etc all the time.

I WAS in your shoes years ago and I went to a psychiatrist and got on a anti-depressant that worked for me and I feel NORMAL AND NOT DEPRESSED!!!

You cant just try 1 or 2, NOT ALL MEDICATIONS work for certain people, man you need to TRY to find the RIGHT ONE FOR YOU! Stop feeling sorry for yourself and GO TO A DR
By anonymous at 14,Sep,10 21:18

What will that do? Make him happy that he lives in a shitty world.

By pro link building at 24,Sep,13 13:52

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