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My life sucks, but . . .

Posted by Flies at August 30, 2010
Tags: 2010 August  Family  Health

My life sucks, but after reading many of the impressive tales of woe on here, I realized that I'd be hard pressed to include anything that would live up to those lofty standards. However, I thought a little more about it, and realized that my elder sister's scenario might not be a horrible candidate for inclusion in this litany of pain and misery. So here goes.

My eldest sister, whom I love dearly, went out with a guy for many, many years - possibly something like 10 years - and then eventually they got married. They then had three children together. After quite a few years of marriage, things ended up as I, somehow, always had a feeling that they would eventually end up. They got divorced.

As unfortunate as that is, it's really the WAY that the divorce occurred that was even worse: He walked out on her and the three children they had after telling her that he was going to marry another woman.

My sister, needless to say, was pretty broken up for quite a while. This was a few years ago, and she's managed to move on with her life since then. Granted, she's a LOT more bitter and jaded now, but ultimately (and I told her this) I personally was glad the marriage ended, because I was able to see from as far back as when they were only dating, that he was not the right person for her in the least.

What's worse about this entire ordeal is that only a few weeks ago, the eldest son, only 18 years old - who took the divorce hardest of all and has been very emotionally destroyed because of it - had his right knee begin to painfully swell up on him. They went to the doctor to get it checked out . . . and he was told that he has cancer.

Although he is due to begin treatment soon, it is, of course, cancer. He can either fully recover, get his leg amputated because of it, or simply die. I have a feeling he may come out of it okay . . . but the string of circumstances that have happened to my sister (and her son) I felt were worthy of including in this "My Life Sucks" litany.

Thank you.


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By anonymous at 09,Sep,10 13:13

that does suck. but it's nice to hear someone tell a story on here that isn't about them!

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