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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at August 23, 2010
Tags: 2010 August  Loneliness  Meaninglessness

I hate my life as a single person. 55 years old female. one month ago i had a wonderful physical encounter, but no more. that is it. i waited 55 years, and i hardly ever had a good physical experience. and now i got it but it is already over. i am long term unemployed with a useless higher ed degree and have nothing to look forward to. i hate life and want it to be over soon.


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By anonymous at 04,Sep,10 15:27

Hey. I just read your point of view towards how you precieve life. I don't know you but I will give you sincere advice that will help you out of your dark hole, and guide you out of your confusion and towards the path of right.

Watch ''The Arrivals'' on youtube. Watch number one and two, three, four ... up to 52. Each part is approximately ten minutes. Watch it all and it will show you the truth of this life and whats really behind the closed curtains. It's an eye opener.

And a personal advice: dont focus on not having someone in your life. But focus on yourself, souround yourself with 'POSITIVITY'. Work on yourself by increasing yourself spiritually. Work on yourself by increasing yourself mentally (dont read about men or relationships, focus on reading about things that will motivate you). Work on yourself physically (take care of your health, take long walks, work out, clean the house). Clean yourself from the inside and out.

You can do so much good, and IT IS NOT impossible but POSSIBLE. Take that first step towards success by building yourself and not corrupting yourself.

If you got no job, then look for one - if they refuse go look for one - if they refuse go look for one. Be your own leader and NOT a loser.

Watch this video:

Read the Articles on this website (you can dowload it for free and read it when you have time:

Take care and wishing you a righteous path full of light.

By anonymous at 04,Sep,10 17:15

i'll have sex with u im 20, hit me up
By anonymous at 04,Sep,10 17:48

What?????? Such a young man having sex with an old lady? Don't get me wrong i love MILF's but she is older than them :)

By anonymous at 05,Sep,10 09:36

so i like them 50 and older... whats the problem?
By anonymous at 05,Sep,10 18:46

You're so cool dude

By at 16,Apr,11 02:24

Pw333F YMMD with that awensr! TX

By anonymous at 25,Aug,11 15:22


By anonymous at 30,Sep,11 01:47

I'm an attractive female w a higher ed degree also & know what being unemployed & lack of good sex & intimacy is like. Sounds like u need motivation. Here's what I did..... I decided that i was worth more even though i was currently being mentally & physically abused (coersive rape bout every day)by myhusband of 9 years. I told myself that I would take do whatever i had to do to make the money to hier a male escort to hold me & pamper me for a night. I did! & it was the most liberating thing i ever did & i will never regret it. It gave me the self confidence to dream & go forward w my life. No joke. Now when i get all lonely & depressed i hire an escort & shake off the blues until i do find the man i can have a long term intimate rel w.

By good backlinks at 04,Feb,15 11:17

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