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wheres death when you need him?

Posted by anonymous at August 22, 2010
Tags: 2010 August  Juvenile problems

Im 15 and i believe a have some of the worst luck ever. Due to an acident in 6 grade my granma has more teeth than me, i have to wear these yellow denture things intill im like 18, i also beleve i have herpes, i have a perminant stye in my eye and another one coming, and im alwas sick an depressed. because of the herpes i cant due many of the things i looked foward to in life, i cant find a beautifull wife(no woman wants a man with an uncureable STD), have kids, or even go clubin an party. I use to wake up in the mornigs happy to see another school day filled with freinds and lovely females, but now i wish i never woke up. I had 3 loves in life, football, music, an girls. Well i fucked up the football thing myself with my horrindus grades, an well for music i doubt any record company wants to sign a young man with herpes, and girls no girl wants a 15 year old with herpes. I dont even know how i got it i havent been extremyly sexualy active i wack off more than i actualy have intercourse ive only had sex with 3 girls in my whole life one unpretectid but she was a virgin i was her first everything. I first thought i was being punished for that but i noticed every guy i know has had unpretectid sex atleast once an is std free my cuzin has fucked atleast 6 girls unprotectid and hes been checked and is healthyer than a fuckin vegatarian. I have prayed and asked god why plenty of times and im starting to believe ive been punished for watching porn and masturebating to much i hear voices in my head telling me to stop and i will be forgiven and cured im starting to think im skitzo franic, ive attemted suicide many time but nothing works i think im just goin to wait intill ican get ahand of a gun and end it.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 04,Sep,10 16:10

Learn to spell check before you post.

By at 04,Sep,10 17:12

man you are so ungraithful, im 20 and never had sex at all, never had a girlfriend or even kissed a girl, what would i do to have sex with 3 girl dude fu

By anonymous at 04,Sep,10 22:07

your 15 who knows if your life dwill be good. lots of people have herpes maybe you can find a hotty with like
lots of people have huge problems. suck it up and quit

By anonymous at 07,Sep,10 13:21

dude, your 15..Have you been checked by a doctor about your herpes? Do you have a rash on your penis that comes and goes?? Even if you really do have herpes it's not like you have to announce it to the world. "HEY EVERYONE! I HAVE HERPES!! AND I'M NOT WORTH ANYTHING"! There's no way that would ever affect your music career if that's what you want. How long ago did you have unprotected sex? if you do or did have a rash, it could be a allergic reaction from the yeast in your girlfriend's vagina. I can't believe your only 15 and want to haven't even begun life yet...see a doctor, wear protection from now on(you can still have protected sex even if you do have herpes) and quit worrying so haven't seen anything yet!

By anonymous at 29,Apr,11 22:54

honeyy.. i know its hard and people on here can be RUDE! but itll be okay. Definetly get checked out by the doctor. 15 is very young to start intercourse, but u have already and u cannot change it now. whats in the past is in the past. everything will be okay jus get it checked and taken care of and use protection from here on out!!:) good luckk!

By Eduarda at 30,Jun,12 13:41

HERPES is not thought about alot thru the yegunor crowd and they think that,its not gonna kill them so the hell w/catching it and go ahead do what they like ,but, yes changes are very high !!I don't think you want have sores all over your body cause even if you think it will only be in the genital area,nope eventually it can cover you all over!there are 3 types i think!!Becareful!!

By crorkz at 03,Aug,14 23:49

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