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Purpose? Or Waste Of Time?

Posted by anonymous at August 22, 2010
Tags: 2010 August  Philosophical

So, Life Is Beautiful For A Lot Of People!, Ugly For Anothers!
To Me Is A Waste Of Time!

First You Born, Later You Know What Is Good And What Is Bad... Later You Become A Person Full Of Sin.
Your Family, Friends Never Understand You... They Think You Are Crazy Or Another Jerk In This World.
You Want To Make Friends, And Seems Like You Can't Find Them, You Still Searching For Them And Nothing Happens!
Boyfriend/Girlfriend Is More Hard Right Now!
A World Full Of Homosexuals, Lesbians Or Bisexuals.. You Can't Be This, Because Is A Sin
More Reasons To Live Like A Jerk!

And God Is In The Other Side, You Have To Do Everything Right!
If You Do Somethng Bad, You Will Pay For That
You Live Your Life In A Hospital, Or In Sadness

You Can't Create Your Dreams, Because The World Don't Leave You Think
You Live With Fear About Everything
Seems Like You Pay For Your Good Actions
I Am In School, School Is Everything For This World
If You Don't Study, Or You Don't Go To The School... You Are A Loser!
The Destiny Is Weird, You Don't Know Nothing About Who You Are!

The War Between The Good Things Vs Bad Things Are Creating A Confusing World

So, Right Now The Life For Me Doesn't Have Purpose, Maybe In The Future
I Can't Decide Who Are My Eternal Friends
I Can't Decide Who Will Be My Partner For A Relationship
Because God Choose Who Will Be That Persons, Not You

I Know, It Sounds Weird, But I Believe In God, But I Don't Understand Him

So What Is The Purpose Of Life?
Live Bad, And Later Talk About Testimonies Of Your Life To Others To Make Them React And Let Them Know That We Can Make Good Actions?



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New Comment

By anonymous at 05,Sep,10 19:59

wow im sorry but this is everything wrong with religion, why would your god want you to live a life of unhappiness? seriously i dont get why you would believe or even want to beleive in something like that...."i cant choose my partner because thats gods job" think for yourself
By anonymous at 05,Sep,10 22:33

Because I Believe In That!
I'm Christian, And I Know How This Works

Think This
You Like A Girl/Boy But You Always Do Everything To Like Her/Him
But Nothing Happens!

So, The People Call "Destiny" To What Is God Job
By anonymous at 06,Sep,10 04:14

God doesn't want you to be passive. God just gives you opportunities (that is destiny), but it's up to you to take advantage of them. If you stay home, chances are that the one girl you would have wanted, will never find you. There is no destiny, there are many destinies, that's why at the end you are judged, otherwise if it's all in God's hands, and you decide nothing, what would you be judged on?
God gave you life, it's a treasure, you are young, healthy, and have lots of opportunities ahead, why are you wasting them?
Shame on you!
By anonymous at 06,Sep,10 18:24

Well,That's True!

But Man, Sometimes I'm Afraid To Go Out
I Can't See People Eyes, When I'm Talking With Them
And I Don't Trust In Anyone
I Need To Front Ny Problems

By anonymous at 09,Sep,10 14:23

you religious people are crazy, open your eyes, see there is no god, and free yourself!
By anonymous at 28,Jun,11 20:58

The fool says in their heart there is no god.

The complexity of the universe mandates intelligent design. Intelligent design mandates a creator.

Moreover, to assert that there never has been, is not currently, and never will be a god requires that one is omnicient and omnipresent--the very attributes of God!

Atheism is a logical absurdity.

Again, "The fool says in their heart there is no god." Paraphrase from the Bible.

New Comment