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I don't know what I'am waiting for to jump of the roof

Posted by jane at August 19, 2010
Tags: Alcohol  2010 August  Family  Juvenile problems

I am 16 years old and my life sucks! My father is an alcoholic and he cheats on my mother every time and she doesn't want to talk to me cause i told her the truth she says that I am liying to her . I don't feel loved or appreciated no matter what! I have never been happy in my life i have no true friends they are all hypocrits and the few boyfriends i had were only basterd who wanted me for sex!
i have a big sis who doesn't care about she barely speaks to me just for passing her salt!! I don't want to feel alone anymore last year i gathered enough money to see a spycologist but it didn't help I really feel bad and useless all the time I wanna do something great with my life I wanna do something useful but I am only a screwed teenager in her hormonal period!! what is life so whorthy to live for?? you tell me!!


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By anonymous at 18,May,11 11:03

Hurry up and fucking kill yourself, stop complaining and do something with your life
By anonymous at 27,Mar,12 06:06

go to hell, dont treat people like that

By anonymous at 12,Dec,11 03:57

Goodness me please ignore the other comment.

I feel for you, it is hard when your own family are not there for you. I can only advise you to not rely on anyone except for yourself. If you want to do something great with your life, believe it and make it happen - anyone can succeed if they put their mind to it. Work hard to get what you want, treat people well and have faith in yourself. Life is worth living - the alternative is not so good in my opinion. Chin up and good luck.

By anonymous at 27,Mar,12 06:05

talk to me!
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By anonymous at 09,Nov,12 18:23

To live a good life don't wait for anything from anyone just do it yourself. Study hard and be yourself even with out ur family.

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