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untitled story

Posted by kim at August 16, 2010
Tags: 2010 August  Meaninglessness

I'm 27yrs old and am a stay @ home mom. I've been feeling so depressed lately. My life is such a routine. I dnt care about anything anymore. Things I used 2 like doing dnt even interest me anymore. I've always loved riding horses. Now they are just in the pasture and I hvnt rode n over a year. If it weren't for the fact that I have 2 get up and take care of my kids, I would never get out of bed. My baby is about 2 turn a year old and while I'm planning his party its like I'm on auto pilot, like I can't get happy about anything. Like my brain just wnt let me. I love my kids and my husband. They deserve so much better. Its like the happiness has just drained right out of me. I never get out anymore or do anything. I have no friends. I constantly feel like there's no reason 2 live and then I see my kids faces and I know there is. SSo y do I feel like this all the time? I just want to feel happiness again. Just neede 2 rant a little bit. Thanks for listening.


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By anonymous at 27,Aug,10 14:00

You have the classic symptoms of clinical depression! (Apart from suicidal tendences, but maybe you arn't telling us that). Go get help from a doctor and therapist!

By anonymous at 27,Aug,10 23:08

no dont ull just waste money with doctors, get a job, need purpose and motivation.

By anonymous at 28,Aug,10 15:02

Try talk therapy, it's NOT a waste of money with the right professional & it can have a profound, eye-opening effect. For whatever reason, you're not feeling fulfilled, and that needs to be addressed. Don't waste any more time - life is already too short! Hope you get your "spark" back soon! Good luck to ya!

By anonymous at 30,Aug,10 22:40

Thx for sharing ... the responsibilities you are carrying are huge. No wonder you feel exhausted. Yet, I understand your concern. I totally have lost my sense of happiness and motivation as well (my problem is I never had a passion for anything).
Doctors can be helpful, but more important is YOU. You have to make the fist step to get your happiness back, or no one can help you. I suggest, you make sure you get yourself on the back of the horse again, no matter how hard you have to push yourself. Do it for even a short time and do it this week. That would be a great first step!!! Wish you and your family the best :)

By anonymous at 01,Sep,10 22:22

therapy might work for some but not for others. I am 30 and in the same exact boat as you. I tried therapy for 6 months and it did nothing for me. Yes they listen but the problems are still there. I was diagnosed clinically depressed and I hate having to take meds. It makes me a zombie. I also have no friends and sometimes I think that if I didn't have my kids...well...anyways feel free to talk anytime because let me tell you it feels nice to know I am not alone in this...

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