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i need advice on a friendship

Posted by ndforlife92 at August 10, 2010
Tags: 2010 August  Friendship

okay so

i made two really good friends this year in my high school and i got comfortable enough to call them my best friends, which is a big step for me. one of them (ill call them joe) told me all this stuff to me about 5 or 6 months after meeting him, stuff like i was annoying and craving attention and he made me change my image of myself b/c i became insecure. he also went for the girl i really really liked . weve gotten into plenty of fights but were "ok" now. joe usually talks to me every night but all he has to say is sarcadtic or rude.

the other one (ill call him bob) has also been my friend, but hes too into himself, and doesn tcare about anyone else just in general. we were absolutly fantastic until about the start of the summer when he stopped talking to me or limited the amount of conversation (we used to talk until 2am even on school nights every day).

i feel like im being so dramatic, but i want to end both of these friendships so badly. but if i do i know ill be sad/depressed and miserbale without them, and im tired of working it out over and over because they do it again over and over. can someone please give me advice please??


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New Comment

By anonymous at 23,Aug,10 04:19

Friends come and go. Best friends are the ones who stay around for many years. Best friends will help you when you really need them.
Relax, take it easy, make new friends.
If friends are causing drama in your life, the problem is you, not them.

By anonymous at 23,Aug,10 16:03

just tell this 'joe' that you dont want to hear his rude and sarcastic talk, just like he said what he thought about you. Tell the truth. Say tht you want to be friends but you dont want to put up with their shit. Speak from the heart

By anonymous at 24,Aug,10 10:43

Leave their company!!

Mingle with other people. :)

By anonymous at 24,Aug,10 23:44

I recently had a friend, one of my few friends up here, completely freak out on me after my breakup and blame the whole thing on me (btw, she cheated on me).

I told him I didn't like the way he treated people and not to contact me any more. He freaked out and called me a drama queen and I told him no drama, no discussion, no fighting about this or that, I just don't want to be your friend anymore and that's the last thing I'm going to say to you.

Leave these people, do not even wast ONE extra word explaining yourself to them, trying to convince them they're wrong, nothing. Just leave and let them know that you are better than that. It pissed him off pretty bad, I could tell. He sent me one more message, again talking shit to me. I had fun deleting it and never considering a response.

By anonymous at 08,Sep,10 08:20

hey common .. they r nt the end of the world .. there are much better ppl around .. fuck thm . find new frnds . nd make lots of frnds not 2 or 3 ..

By anonymous at 10,Nov,10 15:21

I know exactly what you're feeling- i had friends (could be called best friends) that use 2 stay up late & talk with me (even on school nights 2) but a year later & we only say a polite hello- Life just SUCKS that way- but at least you're not alone
p.s. I can't remember when last i got any phone call from a friend to just talk!
By anonymous at 26,Mar,11 17:09

Me too! I have absolutely NO friends or g/f's. NO girls, dating, prom, never been laid, NOTHING! People have spread vicious rumors about me ruining any chance at my ever making a friend. And I've never done anything bad to anyone! BTW, I'm 21

By anonymous at 11,Jan,11 21:23

People change a lot over the 4 years of high school and after, my best friends in high school are basically different people now, and so am i. you'll find other friends in college, you just have to have confidence and speak your mind, it may be painful at first but people will respect you for it.

By anonymous at 08,Feb,11 22:38

I agree. Unfortunately, friends come and go...just like the quotation...ppl come into your life for a reason...or a season. The important thing is not to be afraid of being alone. It will not last, as long as you stay positive.

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