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Can't get much worse

Posted by Kary at July 27, 2010
Tags: Failure  Family  2010 July  Relationship

Well, I went on this website to see if other's people's bad luck would make me feel a little better, but I don't think they're worse than me.

My dad died when I was 6, my mom moved to the United States and I was left with my aunt for 4 years (best of my life), then I was forced to go with my mom, but when I got there, she never took care of me, and I was constantly molested by my uncle and her business partner.

As soon as I turned 16, she kicked me out of the house and I moved in with a friend, when I was 17, I met a guy who was 33 and showed me that life could be great. At 18 I got pregnant. He's from Mexico and we moved there, as soon as I went there he completely changed, he started drinking all the time, and beating me when he got home, not caring if our daughter saw everything. I recently left him, and moved back to my country, and now he's harassing me on the internet, he opened up several pages and blogs using my name, he's invited my friends and family and is sending them naked pictures of me that he took when we were together! and posting crazy stories about me that are not true!
He is not leaving me alone, and people are constantly calling me and asking me to please take those pictures off the internet, problem is I CAN'T!!!!!!!!!
Now, I have a 2 year old daughter who I have to tell the whole story to someday, before she finds out on the internet, everytime I start seeing someone I have to tell them before they google me and see for themselves, and I have to live with that the rest of my life.


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By anonymous at 01,Aug,10 20:53

my life sucks big time, i come from a strict family, very strict, we move in to the us when i was very little, at 18 i met this guy who was 36 and ofcourse stupid me fell in love knowing he was married and had kids my age...i was young and stupid and fell in love and he welcomed it. after 4 years we got intimate and we were kissing and his wife after us recored and started harrasing me and messed up my car, and send people after me, i had to look back when i walk.. i had to stay home and look out the window once the bell rings being afraid they were there to tell my parents coz ofcourse they will kill me, i had nightmares, i could go to work coz i see people waiting out for me, i was living in fear, they got divorced, my parents found out a little of the story they forced me to get married to a person i dont love, but im still in love with that guy and cant leave him coz im with him, im getting yeilled at everyday if i said i wanted a divorce, i get called all kinds of names, i got to the point i want to kill tired i dont see no point to mylife if i leave that guy i will die

By anonymous at 01,Aug,10 23:22

Thats what you get for marrying a wetback beaner that only deserves corn field work. By the way whats ur full name so I can google you.
By at 02,Aug,10 21:18

Ohh like your nationality is any better. Go Fuck yourself you dumb dick!
By anonymous at 03,Aug,10 14:37

white power!

By anonymous at 02,Aug,10 07:12

your name please?
By anonymous at 02,Aug,10 21:16

You stupid ass perve! she didnt put her story up for you to go and google her!
By anonymous at 03,Aug,10 14:40

WTF!! seriously
By anonymous at 03,Aug,10 17:17 Fold Up

ooohhhh!! my hero!!! i love you!

By anonymous at 02,Aug,10 15:18

Sounds like you've learned a valuable lesson: never, I Mean NEVER TRUST ANYONE! Because this is the type of shit that happens to people when they let your guard down. It's sad, but in this world, you can't even trust your own blood. I now it's easier said than done, especially when it's coming from a stranger but, keep your chin up! 10 years from now you probably won't even think about what your going through right now..because it'll be replaced with a new set of problems to deal with..try to be strong! you will be ok;)

By anonymous at 11,Aug,10 02:24

Wow that guy better stop googling you and putting stuff on the internet about you cant he get arrested or somethinf if he can I hope HE DOES!!!!

By anonymous at 13,Sep,10 01:41



By Petr at 13,Sep,12 19:08

This was interesting and ive fardorwed it on to all my friends on planet zikzar45. IF they like what you have written they may spare your lifebut if they dont, well you should prepare your will. Earthling.

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