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cancer, chemotherapy, chainsaw, infertile, dumped, ex is now pregnant

Posted by anonymous at June 20, 2012
Tags: 2012 June

check out my miserable last 18 months,

diagnosed with cancer, had 2 months of chemo, went seriously ill, got re tested they got it wrong and it was a different type of cancer, basically had 2 months of chemo for nothing, then had to have 6 months of the correct chemo, finished in september, got scanned and told the cancer is still there, then in november i was using a chainsaw and hit myself in the foot, put me out of action for a month but thankfully healed ok. then went for fertility tests and got told im totally infertile because of the chemo, then my girlfriend of 12 years leaves me and tells me 3 days ago she is 10 weeks pregnant by some guy she met 2 months ago. the only thing left for me to look forward to in my life is the next stage of cancer treatment which is stem cell transplants which involves a month in hospital. cant wait, at least i get free food.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 08,Aug,12 23:23

Your ex is a complete cunt
By anonymous at 19,Aug,12 11:10

To be fair to her, I doubt she had originally intended to become latched upon a infertile, cancer patient. She stuck it out for a while, but she realized that she wasn't getting what she wanted out of the arrangement. It looks bad because there are human elements involved, however there is a prominent business side to relationship in which both parties are ultimately seeking to have their demands met.

By BostonBruinsFan at 09,Aug,12 12:00

I'm not trying to start a gender war here, but it's a trend I've noticed in many relationships. A lot of women demand that their feelings, their issues and their overall happiness be the focal point of a PARTNERSHIP. If the roles are reversed and the man needs a shoulder to lean on, they act as if they've been tasked with a chore.
I'm all for gender equality, but it doesn't begin by hoisting one gender atop a pedestal while the other bows in servitude.

If we want equality, we've gotta eliminate double standards on both ends. That being said, I love women. They're our mothers, our sisters, our daughters and the best things in our lives. Women by nature are nurturing, loving, caring, gentle, and all that good shit. I just think love and relationships' meanings have been corrupted by lame Hollywood films and stupid fucking love songs. People have no idea what "love" is and how a relationship should be.

I apologize about going off on an irrelevant tangent, but I can't think of anything to say that wouldn't be completely useless. I wish I could say or do something to offer help. As bleak as the future may seem, say strong, man. I really hope things look up for you.
By Humans suck! at 09,Aug,12 18:37

Love doesn't really exist. It's just some made up word human beings made to mask the real reason why people get together, get married, have children.
By anonymous at 19,Aug,12 11:01

I think it's possible that love may or may not exist, but, if it does, it is far more self-centered and self-serving than it is usually portrayed to be. It's not beautiful nor magical; it's just selfishness and possessiveness.
By anonymous at 11,Aug,12 04:10 Fold Up

You are right about women and relationships. I've made the mistake of focusing on MY happiness and what's good for me and thrown a temper tantrum when things didn't go my way. In women's defense, when we are in love, we are extremely insecure. We wonder if you really love us and will make you pass tests to see if you'll stick around. We want men to talk about their feelings and not be distant. Only when I *accepted* that as a woman I cannot expect my partner to behave the same way I do, have I changed for the better. We mean well, trust me, we are just from different planets. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.
By BostonBruinsFan at 13,Aug,12 04:03

I didn't mean to make a blanket statement earlier. Terrible girlfriends and wives are equaled by terrible boyfriends and husbands. I know that men and women think differently and I've come to respect the way the female psyche works. It's just that sometimes you pour out your heart to someone who doesn't give a shit about you. I think the real trouble is finding someone worth spending the rest of your life with, and then actually making that commitment stick till the end.

There's no greater hurt than loving someone from the depths of your soul, only for them to treat and think of you as dirt. This happens to men and women. Trust me, though, if you find a real woman who loves you as much as you love her, there's nothing more rewarding than sticking by her side and giving her every ounce of love within you. A lot of us are just tired of giving and giving to people we thought loved us as much as we loved them.
By anonymous at 16,Aug,12 09:25

I get what you are saying and you make some very good points but come on now, making the obligatory statement that there is an equal group of bad husbands and boyfriends is a cop out. There are certainly bad guys in the world too but on the whole it is more normal for the girl in a relationship to expect the guy to give more to the relationship and its is normal for the guy to just be expected to accept it. This is because girls know that (if they aren't super ugly) that they can get another guy to replace him with very little effort.

By anonymous at 10,Aug,12 03:19

Wow that fucking SUCKS

By jaims at 10,Aug,12 10:24

wow thats definitely like.. man i can't even describe that one

By anonymous at 11,Aug,12 04:12

*hugs* Please be safe. Stay positive. Stay strong. You are an amazing person with so much courage. I could never go through what you're going through. I would have given up already. You are superhuman.

By anonymous at 12,Aug,12 00:36

Have you ever thought about pray to God for help, to jesus christ i know it sound dumb but it sounds like your running out of options my friend. Ill pray for you also.
By jesus at 13,Aug,12 08:00

Fuck me!

Why don't you just lay off with the praying, that shit gets annoying and it's not like I can actually do shit about it.

Screw this, I'm off to the mall to score some crack a big assed ghetto booty momma.
By anonymous at 10,Nov,12 22:13

The above comment is really rude, if you dont mind, please restrain yourself from saying things like that

By anonymous at 12,Aug,12 10:19

Now this is a truly shitty story that belongs on this site. I feel sorry. It sucks to have cancer, find out you can't ever have children, and then your woman is having some other fucker's kid.

By anonymous at 12,Aug,12 12:45


By anonymous at 13,Aug,12 18:56

Does having chemo hurt you physically in any way? Not trying to joke on anyone with cancer, but my life sucks at the moment, and would love a way out of life.....preferably cancer.

By anonymous at 15,Aug,12 13:45

I need something shoved in my vagina

By anonymous at 16,Aug,12 11:42

I use a pepper mill shoved in my vagina to get off
By anonymous at 20,Aug,12 20:57

Daddy raped me and left my baby vagina looking like a bull dog eating mayonaise

By anonymous at 22,Aug,12 10:56

what does infertile mean?

By JC at 22,Aug,12 15:03

Women are drugs invented to lure men to the deepest, darkest pit of eternal suckitude. No matter how good they may seem to be, their main goal is to land the best "provider", meaning cash or good sex. Biologically different, they were always meant to be parasitical. When the host gets too weak, they will find another healthy host to latch onto.

As for you, I genuinely feel empathy what what you are going through.

By anonymous at 29,Aug,12 04:18

What a fucking bitch whore bag, she needs to be taught a lesson. There is black magic vodoo. the black arts. cast a spell on that bitch..

By Im the type of Shit... at 31,Aug,12 11:32

Damn, your whole world just fucked up. Cancer and all lol. Do yourself a favor and just end it all, I mean you going to very soon anyway :)

By Adalia Rose at 31,Aug,12 11:44

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By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 23:25

Perhaps you can borrow cock sucker's grocery bag
By anonymous at 09,Oct,12 23:35

To the above. Perhaps you can go flush yourself down the commode you stupid assfuck.

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