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What's the point?

Posted by anonymous at June 7, 2012
Tags: 2012 June  Meaninglessness  Philosophical

I got perfect grades in school, was on the dean's list every term, and graduated with high honors. Several of my professors wrote me unsolicited letters telling me what a brain I was and how much they had enjoyed having me in their classes.

I went to work in my field immediately and spent twenty years proving that I was damned good at it. I had talents that most others in that line of work don't have. I also worked hard, was reliable, honest, clean, and pure.

As a reward, I have been overlooked, insulted, ignored, passed over, and generally shit upon by every employer and co worker I have ever had. At the same time, I have watched as ass-kissers, phonies, posers, slackers, and all types of idiots and a-holes have been praised, petted, promoted, and well-paid.

All of my studies, diligence, dedication, experience, and overall competence have been for naught. I am nowhere, and am going nowhere. I had my shot and now it's all over except waiting out the rest of my pointless existence.


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By jaclyn at 11,Jun,12 23:12

Your story reminds me of myself. I was successful academically. I topped the entire class in my university as an overseas student.

Now I am struggling to start my career. I got several interviews but just donít know the way to present myself properly. My ex used to help me to cope with the pressure. Eventually he was sick of me being whining and negative, then he left me.

Family and friends are telling me that I should not give up now. But I cannot stop feeling lonely and depressed.

Maybe it is not worth it to be academically intelligent sometimes.
By anonymous at 30,Nov,12 12:54

Your wrong, its as much use to you as a 6'3 farmer whose 350lbs. Muscle. Its just the nation we live in has a new era developing from our previos generation, being that its no longer what you know, but who you know. They saw that friends could easily be manipulated into getting whatever they want, and all we had to do in return is show up ti their christmas party and laugh at that horrible joke they tell every year.

By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 02:41

I think you are over-blowing your capacities. It doesn't take a lot to get on the dean's list. I used to study the last day of the exam and still got on the dean's list every semester, so don't try to sell me on your superior intelligence.

I find it hard to believe that you shined for 20 years but you were overlooked, let alone insulted. I have never been insulted and I don't even put that much effort in my job. I am not writing this from my office computer, so you are trying to take the victim position while protecting your ego. Get a reality check. Probably you aren't that smart, maybe you aren't socially savy, look deep. There is an area where you have lacked and that is what has gotten you to where you are. Please be realistic.
By anonymous at 30,Nov,12 12:58

And way to go on playing the asshole card by flatout calling the blogger a liar. No support, no cheers, just flatout prejudice. So sad..

By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 17:10

Several of your professors wrote you unsolicited letters telling you what a brain you were and how much they enjoyed having you in their classes?

That sounds a little odd to me that they would go out of their way to do that. It suggests to me that perhaps you may come across as a little bit of a conceited show-off of something of that nature. Maybe you come across as a conceited show-off or something or that nature to people. I'm certainly not saying that you are in fact conceited or show-off intentionally, but that might make a difference when you're in a environment where negative perceptions of you make a difference. Oftentimes, if people don't want you to succeed you won't because of the way things are set up. There are no tests or anything to determine competence and who gets what, you know what I mean?
By anonymous at 30,Nov,12 13:00

Its called confidence idiot.. im sure he wouldnt go around rubbing it in peoples faces on how much better he is then the rest of the crew. No body does that, and even you know that

By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 22:36

I know how u feel..i feel the same always excelling at everything i do..and everytime i rise to the top in a job...i get threatened to get fired or let go..even in menial stupid sales confuses me..someone who is a great good worker, hard worker, genuine, honest..but they keep a** kissers, losers, maniacs, weirdos... they promote those people too and get rid of good people. I'm starting to understand that being on the top just doesn't work out for does for others...esp males but not for kind good's sad and messed up....its how this despicable society is-- society is full of twisted backwards crap...

By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 23:07

Get the fuck over yourself. Stop playing the victim and do something with your so-called intelligence. If you were smart enough to get on the Dean's list you sure as hell can have enough ambition to make your life better. Quit bitching about the ass-kissers and phonies - the world is full of them, get used to it.
By anonymous at 30,Nov,12 13:04

No one wants to be a sheeple like you, so instead of bending over and letting them fuck me in the ass like they obviously do you during bathroom break, how about we intellectuals find away to beat the system. Find a way to expose these crooks for who they are, and in return reep the benefits in a huge discrimination lawsuit

By anonymous at 12,Jun,12 23:43

Agreed you chose a certain lifestyle and if you are as smart as you think you are, you should find a way to make it work out for yourself.

By anonymous at 19,Jun,12 15:11

Success in the work world is rarely driven by skill competence, unless of course you're in a scientific field. Usually success relates to your level of people skills or what they've coined as "emotional" intelligence. The ability to "manage up" as well as "manage down" often is the main determinant of whether someone will rise to the top in the workplace. Two suggestions: Take a hard look at your choice of career, perhaps you should switch to a more skill based profession where success is measurable by results and not interpersonal relations. And, get a career counselor. Interpersonal skills cannot be taught, but an greater awareness of how other people perceive you and how you fit into the whole of the office dynamic may be helpful to you.
By anonymous at 20,Jun,12 07:29

true. good advice.

By anonymous at 04,Jul,12 22:52

serves you right, you are a fucking moron.
By anonymous at 04,Jul,12 23:46

To the comment above you're a fucking asshole.
By anonymous at 05,Jul,12 03:14

fuck you cunt. ur a piece of shit.

People like him are one-dimensional idiots, thinking that they just have to be smart, like machines.
By anonymous at 30,Nov,12 13:07

Machines are not smart. Machines follow orders perfectly. If anything, the suck ups are more machine then he is

By anonymous at 02,Aug,12 03:04

Actually, you remind me of my friend's mother. She's a pharmacist and has this co-worker that doesn't answer the phone, doesn't do as told, and pretends to be REALLY busy by shuffling the same pieces of paper for 20 minutes. Once the lady had to work 2 hours overtime, got lazy and watched YouTube videos for 1 hour and left. She even walks in with tons of jewelry on and since you can't wear that, she spends 10 minutes taking them off. Then she paints her nails! She has so many complaints, but doesn't get fired and she gets more money.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 08:41

and my final comment to all you who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By anonymous at 13,Oct,12 00:17

You get looked over and no promotion or raise due to the fact that the pricks are scared of you. The parasites look out for themselves. You make them look bad. Just know that every time they pass you up, it's due to their incompetence and feelings of inadequacy.

By Zabrina at 15,May,17 01:42

adventures north, who did you meet that knows me??? now i'm all curious. :) and you adopted around the time i did??? i'm trying to figure out who "teeny" is...i might need a hint! jenna thanks for the info! i'll have to check that place out. i guess i took for granted the fact that we lived in a town comprised mostly of Mexican imrmgiants!!! but denver has a sizable population as well so they've gotta have the food SOMEwhere!!!

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