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losing someone to suicide is the worst thing-don't f'ing do it

Posted by cygnusmom at May 31, 2012
Tags: 2012 May  Tragic Events

Losing someone to suicide is the most horrible, complicated kind of loss I have been through. When a loved one dies in an accident or by cancer--you aren't left agonizing over what you had missed, how you could have saved them, why didn't they care about you enough to stick around. If you kill yourself, I can tell you, you will leave the most terrible form of grief for those around you to live with, a grief that they will likely never get over, but possibly may learn to live with. I urge you--no matter how dark of a place you are in-please, seek out treatment-serious treatment-meaning if you are serious about suicide, call 911 right now. I don't believe that people kill themselves out of selfishness, but I do think that most are very sensitive human beings that would not want to leave so much sorrow in their wake if they knew the impact that killing themselves has on those left behind. People I would never imagine, were so hurt, so saddened, so depressed, when my son took his life. I have to be on medication and work strenuously every day to stay out of an abysmal sorrow that will take me away from the ones I love that are still here and need me as a result.


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By anonymous at 31,May,12 15:59

This almost had me in tears. I'm deeply sorry for your lost. I've been depressed for some times now, and I'm on meds. It's just, I'm in such of a financial situation right now and it's not making thing even better. I admit, half is my fault because I kept on taking out payday loans and didn't even have enough money to pay them back. If I don't pay them, they will go in my bank account and take money I doesn't have in there out, which will leave me for the cost of returned checks and a overdrafts. Anyway, every since than I was on the edge of suicide, completely thinking about it but I have 2 children to live for and I think about that every time I get that feeling. Thanks for your story, you really are brave and strong.

By broken at 31,May,12 21:37

Suicide 1 - Friendship 0
By anonymous at 01,Jun,12 04:42

it's useless to argue with a retard, they will not understand you. fuck off loser find other website to troll.
By anonymous at 01,Jun,12 07:34

By anonymous at 01,Jun,12 23:23

Totally agree...

By anonymous at 01,Jun,12 23:26

Broken, you are an asshole. You're the most heartless bastard your mom could ever have. Why won't you go jump off a building and on the way down slit your throat.

By anonymous at 02,Jun,12 15:59

this brought me to tears. I am so, so sorry. As someone who suffers from depression personally, I want you to know that I am positive your sons death was unrelated to you, and I know he must have loved you very much. It' s just, sometimes that isn't enough

By Hey man,,, at 02,Jun,12 18:57

Go on the smoke therapy program. One joint a day, until you do not care about anything.

By anonymous at 07,Aug,12 05:09

Don't drink and do anti-depressants. If you do seek medical help. You are not chemically balanced and blame it on the drugs. Don' give up your anti-depressants. you must be weened off it for it to work. Artificial happiness disappears when you stop taking your drugs. I lose a mother in law that way. One that I have never met.

By living dead at 17,Sep,12 00:54

i dont mean to be mean. i hate that social obligation stuff. "you are not allowed out because i will be sad". So everyone has to stay here in this stupid pointless computer game of a world. Having children is selfish. Is there any non-selfish reason for having children? No there is not. Everyone has children by accident or by some horrible primitive addictive instinct or when they feel life has no meaning - which it doesnt. So now you distract yourself from reality by working (pretending to not exist, ignoring existance). Im sure your son did the same, wanting to be dead. We are in a stupid game. Im trapped in that very effective social obligation net myself. I hate this world its so robotic, mindless and deluded.
By anonymous at 28,Dec,13 10:37

It's to bad people won't acknowledge the fucking obvious.

By suba me at 15,Apr,19 14:20

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