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I blame myself

Posted by Kerri at July 8, 2010
Tags: Attitude  Bad Luck  2010 July

I was driving with with my sister and one of my freinds in the and itwas raining heavy hail thunder ,ightning the whole nine yards. I was hard to see becuase how heavy the rain was falling and faster than I could get wipers to go. It was also night which addds an entire dergree of difficulty to drive in hravy rain. I lost control of the car I must hydroplained. the car lafte the rod and I went down an imbankment. I was able to walk away from the accident but I satied my freind was sertiously injuredd and my sister got the worsed of the accident she was in a coma. My sister passed away few days later. My freind recovered she does not blame me for the accident but it is my fualt. It plays over in my head. I should have stopped and gave the strom a chane to pass. If I did my Sister would be alive. I bame myself. I thiught if I could make it to my freind shouse we would stay the night there. I will never see y sister becuase ofwhat I did. My life will suck with out my sister. Her was Linda.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 16,Jul,10 22:33

yup, its your fault and u should blame yourself, u couldn't wait for the storm to pass, everyone is in a fuckin hurry, i bet u were speeding too, your friend will sue the shit out of your insurance co.
P.S. Your spelling sucks, did u make it through 8th grade? I know 8th graders who spell better than you, geez.
By Kerri at 16,Jul,10 23:37

My freind doesn't blame me she is helping get overht edeath of my sister. She is fine. sorry about the spelling it was soon after my sister died. I was devestated when she died. My boyfreind ron is is alos helpng me but it will take time to get over the death o my sister I was only going 45 the wha the speedometer stopped on. I was going 55 before it started rain then I slow to 45. My freind willnot sue me she says it was just an unfotunate accident and sh does not hold me responsible. My feinds name is Missy. Me and her were frinds in school and wil be freinds she does not blame me for the accident the Police say that I hydroplained. I was not drunk either. I killed my sister Linda

By anonymous at 17,Jul,10 00:17

The guy who talks about spelling pff do not be an hypocrite yours has mistakes as well.

By anonymous at 17,Jul,10 04:38

seriously dude . you killed your sister..

how do you live with yourself?
By Kerri at 17,Jul,10 18:11

I was an accident! I have done some desprate things but my freind has stopped me from eneding it all. It hurts so mmuch but I will get over it eventually. Mylife will e sad with my sister Linda. I am not a dude I am a dudette
By anonymous at 18,Jul,10 23:45

-.- jerk!
By Kerri at 19,Jul,10 00:11

Did ofend some one? if wha tdid I say yo offend? Please tell me
By anonymous at 19,Jul,10 05:45 Fold Up

so let me get this straight, kerri. your sister had a good looking boyfriend and she was goodlooking, unlike your ugly fat bloated ass so you killed her to feel better about yourself?

go kill yourself. everyone hates you, even your parents.
By Kerri at 19,Jul,10 14:28

My parent are dead they died a year ago. Yes Linda was god ooking and she was a stripper. Everyone at the club she worked request her for a lap dance. She di have boyfreind I do. I a ma devestated over her death. I buried her two weeks ago in South Carolinia next to our very wondful step motherwho was more of a mother than my mother who was abusive my were devorced I went live with my father and my never raised to me or Linda. Any comment ASSHOLE!
By anonymous at 20,Jul,10 14:11

A troll could not be more trolling right now.
By anonymous at 21,Jul,10 14:44 Fold Up

fuck this shit

kerry is a goddamn troll
By Kerri at 22,Jul,10 16:59

You misspeled my name at he end it is I not y

By anonymous at 19,Jul,10 15:22

dont blame yourself it was an accident!

if you did it on purpose then i suppose it would be your fault. just remember your sister in your heart and live on for her!
By Kerri at 19,Jul,10 19:11

It is hard but it was not on purpose. I twas rain hard with hail and lightning I should have puled iver a gave the strom chnce to pass My reocvered form her injuries but my sis ter wa in a coma and died a few days later. I have done some pesprate things and my freind and another has stopped me before I could do anything. She alos stopped me fro cutting my wrists. She worried a bout me she sent to therapist and It helps little but not enough to get out this depression am in. I am devistated over her death.

By anonymous at 20,Jul,10 14:12

I know wanna you did last hanouka ( u drove on a rabbi)
By Kerri at 22,Jul,10 17:01

Don'tsit and make condesending comments I sarting to get over it. I miss my siter for the rest of mylifenot havingher here is hard but I will get better over time. and my freind does not blame me. she is fully recovered.
By anonymous at 22,Jul,10 19:59

Good you killed her and now your starting to get over it (serial killer shower music)
By anonymous at 23,Jul,10 00:16

ya whos gonna be ur next victim
By Kerri at 23,Jul,10 00:39

Itcould have been alot worse. I could have also killed my freind and my sister then I would be more depressed than In ow. I wound up so tight you could bounce coins off me. I am thankful that i did kill my freind and cshe also my coworker. I helped once and I helped this time as well. Now she helping me by being there. I have gone back to work but it is hard when I am still thinking about my sister.
By anonymous at 24,Jul,10 14:15

is she helping you by fucking u
By Kerri at 24,Jul,10 15:40

She helping by comforting and it is not sexual. We have been freinds for a long time. Nothing could eer brake that Not even and you or your sexual comments.

By anonymous at 17,Jun,12 19:26

dont blame yourself stuff happens and everything happens for a reason and it didnt matter if u were speeding or not if its raining it does make it hard but when its time for people to die then God takes them away so dont keep blaming urself because its not ur fault

By Hagar at 27,Nov,12 19:05

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