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untitled story

Posted by anonymous at May 27, 2012
Tags: Anxiety  2012 May

My life sucks because I spend 99% of my time in this tiny room sitting behind a computer, every day is the same routine, check out drudgereport, ebaumsworld,, fap, find some movie to watch @, log on to pokerstars and splash some fake play chips around for a few hours, play online games like sugar and pirates of the stupid seas, im a sensitive person so i dont like being sworn at which happens a lot when i talk to my brother, my mom thinks i need to go on SSRI's which is rediculous like shes a fucking docor or something, perscribing something she knows nothing about, so at least once a week she tells me to get on drugs. lately i go on long walkls but only at night because I cant function outside during the day with so many people out because the anxiety is overwhelming, so i walk alone at night and come back and have horrible sleep in a tiny bed and i have to listen to my brother shouting and cursing while im trying to sleep and i dont have good hygeine or cleanliness my life is at a roadblock abd I hate it all the time and i suffer all the time from emotional pain and if you knew me you would understand just how bad i've made things for myself by saying litterally whatever sordid depraved shit came to mind i'd just blurt it out so im a freakshow...


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By anonymous at 27,May,12 09:10

fap is where I lost it LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

By Mustapha at 27,May,12 17:52

You are a loser. A hundred years ago and earlier, you wouldn't exist because you would have starved to death by your lack of production to society. All you white Westerners complain about you little fucked up worlds, while the rest of the world lives hand-to-mouth. I have to herd goats outside Riyad in over 40 degree C temps and risk getting beat by my elder if I lose one. You fucking Americans make me sick!
By anonymous at 27,May,12 22:39

Lol u mad cuz your goats did not put out for you today? Stop whining about Americans they have created infinitely more advancements for the world than the people in your shitty country ever will!

By Therapist time at 27,May,12 18:34

Go to a therapist. You need someone to talk to professionally.

By anonymous at 27,May,12 23:16

You're a loser bitch, stop feeling sorry for yourself asshole.
By anonymous at 28,May,12 00:54

but by your own words im a loser a bitch and an asshole, good reasons to feel sorry for oneself?
By anonymous at 28,May,12 13:06

Lol logic FTW

By everybody fucks themselfeves at 27,May,12 23:20

Oh what a lousy idiot. You are a bad excuse of a person. Your story rather sucks too.
By anonymous at 28,May,12 00:54

thats what im saying...

By anonymous at 29,May,12 13:46

you just describe me .. =(
By anonymous at 03,Jun,12 21:32

yea the worst part is just the simplicity, behave poorly, be thought of poorly.

By ali at 30,Jun,12 08:30

wooooooow!!.. un altro gioco scemo sul wii!! ne serviva porirpo un altro vista l'estrema carenza.. magari saranno addirittura capaci di farci una edizione speciale con tanto di blob di pezza ( o qualunque cosa sia quella cosa che il ragazzino si porta dietro..)ma poi, perche fermarsi al pupazzetto? quando si pu benissimo inserirci anche un bel dvd con il make-up del gioco!!, 3 ore di video sulle tragiche esperienze adolescenziali degli sviluppatori, e su come abbiano fatto ad incontrarsi e a partorire un'idea cosi malsana!..dai dai, che se va tutto come non deve andare a natale ci fanno il film.

By anonymous at 17,Nov,12 15:21

you maturbate too much!!!

By Gundosult at 09,Sep,13 04:58

Aloha! zrp

By Gundosfxj at 09,Sep,13 21:00

Aloha! dwi

By Comment at 10,Nov,14 15:34

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