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Sweet Release of Death

Posted by RCY at May 10, 2012
Tags: Anger  Attitude  2012 May  Relationship

I hate my fucking life, been married for 5 years, 2nd time with the same woman, we were married in 1999 divorced 2001 then remarried 2007.. I have anger issues which she does seem to understand that her kids SUCK.. They don't give a fuck about me, her or the house.. They treat my and the wife like fucking slaves. So last week I lost it just lost it and then we seem to put eventhing back together I apologized again for my outburst but it doesn't matter. I told her how i felt like an outsider - nothing.. Now the 2 little fucks are graduating college and we're having a party for them and I don't want to be here.. This weekend I am meeting with some friends to watch hockey, drink beer and eat burgers just before the party on Saturday night.. I plan on riding my HOG to meet the boys, can't promise I will come back at all. If the opportunity presents itself I am going to look for a way out of this measible rotton life. Yeh I know ge thelp, so fucking what. Even if I get help I am on double secret probation and cant even get the least bit ticked off or it's fucking divorce.. I am so fucking tired of all this stress and not feeling like I matter to this woman.. No matter what I do how well I overcome this obstacle I still end up a looser.. WORD to all of you DON'T FUCKING GET MARRIED.. It's not worth.. I am sure this bitch of mine has already talked to a lawyer. So if I self terminate like I plan she get's nothing - slit the wrist, take some pills, blow my head off - she gets 0.. Perhaps that's the way out.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 11,May,12 07:52

If you are going to top yourself at least make your you get your dick wet with a couple of high class hookers who do oral without condoms... No man should die without having felt 2 mouths on his junk

By Cursed at 11,May,12 12:27

Dear RCY-
Well just when the brats are leaving and flying the nest, NOW you kick it and run??? It doesn't make sense? They are going to be gone (those kids) are they yours? If they are- the reason they are monsters is because they are a product of their parents. If they are not yours, then you don't have to take the brunt of my disdain. I don't know why people have children when they don't want them. There's plenty of people out there that would love to have kids- but can't. What the fuck is the problem with adoption? It's like people have children, they don't want em, and then they bitch when they keep em. Why did you have em in the first place???? Whatever- Go ride your motorcycle, get laid by some slut in the nasty bar bathroom, and get a divorce. I AM SO GLAD YOU'RE NOT MY HUSBAND! Do yourself a favor too- get a vesectomy! Men suck.
By anonymous at 29,May,12 01:28

I asked the same question cursed. I didnt get it either. Why leave now? It doesnt make sense.

By anonymous at 11,May,12 14:31

Hey RCY. I have 3 kids who adore me but mt wife is a selfish cunt. I pull in a nice living and provide a comfortable home for all of them to live in and she gets to stay home with the kids which she always asked for....and she STILL complains!! Just goes to show you women are NEVER satisfied. I agree....FUCK MARRIAGE. If I ask for relationship with my kids plus my finances will be is fucking good.

By at 11,May,12 16:08

Good day crybaby man, Might I suggest that you ingest 20 oz of lighter fluid and lite a fag. You, my dear bloke need to bugger off and find a nice leper island to live on. You truly, truly, suck bollucks. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
By anonymous at 11,May,12 17:32

Fuck the queen and fuck you
By Cursed at 11,May,12 20:06 Fold Up

You are awesome.
By Cursed at 11,May,12 20:08

Intending that at Mercy-
By at 11,May,12 21:24

Thank you love, i believe that you could be with the queen and get along lovely! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN
By Strange Kid to Mercy at 03,Apr,13 20:55 Fold Up

Curse back off from my beloved! MERCY IS MINE! RAWR! Unless of course you let me fuck you aa Mercy watches then I am good! But you still cannot touch Mercy! Nope! Never! Mercy mine! >:]
By Strange Kid to Mercy at 03,Apr,13 20:49 Fold Up

I found you once again! Mercy my offers still stands you know! Just let me cut you up nice and slow and let me lick your blood from your wounds~
By Strange Kid to Mercy at 03,Apr,13 20:51

Hot damn Mercy! I would love to stick a metal pipe up your ass and let you drink your own piss or maybe mine? ;) Whichever you prefer sweet cheeks! XD

By anonymous at 11,May,12 20:33

Get stoned and get a hot hooker.
By at 11,May,12 21:24


By anonymous at 12,May,12 01:20

Hey faggot, hmm shitty life eh, bitch wife, un grateful kids. Boo fucking hoo no one gives a fuck. If you were trynna find some magical solution to your problems on the internet, it's not fucking here. Deal with it pussy, or take the mans way out, KILL YOURSELF. Oh, and if you're gonna kill yourself you might wanna hurt your wife a bit to. Just torture her a bit, nothing much. Cut a couple of her nails out, tear her labia, rip her eyes out, ruin the rest of her fucking life and torture her(You don't want to just kill her without inflicting the same suffering and pain she did to u right?) before pulling the trigger on yourself.

Good luck, and remember, don't listen to these pussies, make the right fucking choice.
By Cursed at 12,May,12 10:08

Wow- ur right!

By anonymous at 12,May,12 11:50

aight dude all you gotta do is one night while shes asleep just pack your shit bust a nut on her face and walk out leave the front door open and go to cabo or mexico get away for awhile get drunk smoke some weed just relax then once your over that crazy bullshit family bounce back to the good ol u s of a and meet a new chick and start over brother life can be great but not if u stick around with crazy peeps ya feel me homie

By anonymous at 29,May,12 01:25

If the kids are graduating college then why are you going to leave now if they are going to be gone? I mean you wait for them to move out THEN you decide to leave? I dont get it. Why didnt you leave years ago? But now they finally will be out of the house for real is when you decide to leave? UM DONT GET IT!

By Ed the Pecker at 26,Jun,12 00:47

K,one simple lesson her.i made this up myself, a relationship that has gone sore will sta sour.yes from the beginning the is a newfound wonderful sex play, alnall the kindness goes away,,,,to a normal relationship,if you get into this situation ( this is a analogy) buy some milk put it in the fridge and after the due date open it up and smell it. Yuck sour now remarryng from a divorce is like saying, hey,,,,I.m gonna put that milk back in the fridge for a couple more weeks and see if it gets any better,doesn't work great experiment. You dirty filthy impotent who can only get it up masterbating to get the nasty done good luck you need to start all over again,

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 18:14

And my final comment to all you assholes who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By Thenilson at 05,May,13 05:04

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