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LIFE SUCKS : 2010 October

Stories submitted by real people.

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    [Tell Your Story]  "The pit" (fresh stories)

    Just have to let this all out.

    Posted by Peach at October 27, 2010
    Tags: Attitude   2010 October

    Hi, I'm Peach.
    I have no one to talk to, so I thought I'll let it out everything here.
    Please forgive for poor english, it's not my native language.

    I'm as student. In my life I've encountered various financial problems, but this one is probably the worst one. In fact, I'll be in the streets next month If I won't find a job. I have no friend capable of lending me the money and I just can't ask my mother, who has been working so hard for me.

    I'm completely terrified. I have no idea how ashamed it would be to be kicked out of accommodation. But that's not the last of my problems.

    I guess I have a constant fight with myself. Even though I passed 20s already, I still have those thoughts of suicide that mostly 16 year olds have. I know It's silly and stupid, but it's just crawling back to me every time I'm alone. Among my friends I'm a cheerful person, always trying to help others, listen them out. I would do whatever it takes to help a friend. It's not that I'm pretending when I'm with them, but inside I feel like an empty vase that's gonna break to pieces as soon as parts with friends. Everytime I'm alone I become very depressed and stressed about everything. I don't have friends, who could accept me as I am.

    I don't have a boyfriend. Which is bugging me, because I'm not ugly or smth. I think it's because usually I'm too straightforward and a strong person-meaning I never ask anyone's help and always try to keep strong. But recentl...

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    life sucks when your smart and dont give a fuck

    Posted by josh at October 27, 2010
    Tags: Money   2010 October

    I'm 22 and living is hard to do
    i want to finish school but getting money for train fare is hard to do.

    i want to work, but finding a job that will fit around my classes is hard to do.

    i taking honors classes, but keeping my GPA above a 3.2 is becoming hard to do.

    my wife is having a baby.

    i used most of my student loans to pay rent.
    my mom and dad are way to broke to help me out.

    i kinda want to just run far far far away, if i had a place to run to that is.

    i feel like i will never be smart enough to do what makes me happy.

    this sucks, I'm tired of working so hard.
    i just want to sleep. all day every day.
    I'm hoping i win the lotto or catch a law suet or some shit.

    money seems to be at the root of my problems...

    i wish everything was free... i wish life was free.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    Good bye world

    Posted by anonymous at October 27, 2010
    Tags: Juvenile problems   2010 October

    When i was a little boy i always hated my life it start when i was 11 years old
    i could never get any friend or girl friend i never had a friend i mean no friend
    im 18 years old now going on 19 and still have no job no girl friend no money i only have one cousin that i look up to.i have no talent im not good at anything in life i sucks at everything i cant do anything right to save my sitting right here in my room alone it's the same thing every day .i just wish god kill me already.

    Comments: 7   Votes:


    Unable to fit in

    Posted by K. at October 27, 2010
    Tags: Loneliness   2010 October

    My name is K. and I'm a land-surveyor. I'v never been able to fit with people. The things they do just seems completely alien to me and I'v never been able to adjust myself to it. I don't even look like I belong here; my shape seems completely out of place with everything else. So, needless to say I'v been alone my entire life (parents never liked me, no friends, no relationships, I'm in my mid 30's and have never once had a special lady friend, ect...). I'm a complete misfit to this world. I just don't get it. I'v tried acting like I fit in but everyone seems to know that it's just an act. I'v tried religion but that only made me accept my inability to fit in. I'm just cursed to being a complete outsider. Now I spend my life surveying - observing what others do, but never being able to perticapate in it.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    Life always Sucks.....

    Posted by bob at October 27, 2010
    Tags: General   2010 October

    I just completed 31 years of my fucking boaring useless life this month....and just few weeks ago I came to know that I'm a patient of ADHD .... this fucking ADHD made me a loser for whole life,O God what i do now no stable professional career no savings no GF not married yet No social contacts No abilities ....Want to kill myself but supporting my family (morally not financially)................

    Fuck fuck fuck......

    Comments: 2   Votes:


    my life sucks

    Posted by sucky life at October 26, 2010
    Tags:   2010 October

    ya my life sucks.
    I have two friends who use me to pay for their weed.
    MY dad dosent live with me and my mom dosent udnerstand
    i've never had a boyfriend.
    I get made fun of

    Comments: 4   Votes:


    My tragic tale of woe

    Posted by Gwenyth at October 26, 2010
    Tags: Bad Luck   Money   2010 October   Relationship   Unemployment

    When I was in college I got involved with the typical abusive, sexist frat boy type. Then end came after he lit my hair on fire.

    Started dating a great guy, but then... after we'd met I watched a man get hit by a car going 50mph and held his hand while he died before the paramedics showed up. My apartment was broken into and ransacked. In the same year, 3 days before Christmas my wallet was stolen (the police found it months later in the home of a identity theif during a random parole search). So now I have to repeatedly and periodically check my credit report.

    My 51 year-old father was diagnosed with emphysema and had heart failure, and when I went home to help care for him he passed out while we were talking, and I thought he'd died right in front of me. It took me years to shake that horrible feeling.

    Lost my job and was unemployed for 8 months, used up all the money I'd saved up to by my first car on bills and food. At 23 I decided to go back to school and finish my undergrad, living off the pittance I received in financial aid since work was still non-existent. On top of dealing with all that, the fiancee and I being long distance for a year, and desipite being together for 6 years and being recently engaged, I said I wanted to take a break on wedding stuff (I was feeling pressured to get it planned and just felt it was poor timing with all I'd been through). He felt that I was "breaking up with him" and things spun out of control, frequent...

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    Comments: 10   Votes:


    My Life.

    Posted by Mr. X at October 26, 2010
    Tags: Family   2010 October   Religion

    Hello , I have read most of the stories on this site and I will be honest it is people like you that make me strive for my dream and that is to change this world.
    ¨Well this is my story, Ever since I was born I Was the curse on my family, being the first male child and I was hated by my relatives and still am. My father hated me as a child and I still do not have any contact. All my life was about migration from one country to another escaping war . Now i am in a civilised country, but my life is not going well. I entered this intenational school and ever since day one my life has been hell. i have been oppressed for being me, for not being rich or what they call a true genius. Many of my teachers have seen me as hopeless and many people have looked down on me. I am still oldest child in the family and I have lots of responsiblities. I must now also take care of EVERYTHING as my grandma is leaving. The only true friend I have is not even here, she is in another country. I have had love once and it ended up with heart break. I am a so called good kid, I am religious but even my religion Islam is oppressed by this world, we are seen as terrorists. I dont have friends cause I am different, I dont party I dont drink i find it stupid. I work hard each fucking day,I RARELY SLEEP. I AM AMBITIOUS BUT ITS MY CURSE, I TRAIN ALL DAY AND STUDY ALL NIGHT. My parents tell me THAT I NEVER HAVE TIME FOR THEM, BUT I NEVER HAVE TIME FOR ME EITHER. THEY ALWAYS EXPECT GREAT THINGS BUT HOW CAN I BRING THEM GREAT THINGS IF I DONT WORK. EVER SINCE I WAS A CHILD I HAVE ALWAYS DREAM OF MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, EVEN IF AM AN ARAB MUSLIM. I JUST GET REAL TIRED, I GET SO TIRED THAT I CANT EVEN SLEEP AT NIGHT, I HAVE NO ONE TO TALK TO. I JUST NEED A BREAK. I know my story is not like most but I did like to share it. Thank you for your time.

    Comments: 8   Votes:


    Life just sucks

    Posted by Hobo Joe at October 26, 2010
    Tags: 2010 October   Poverty

    Lost my house about 2 months ago. Been living on the streets since. Cold and raining. Luckily I still have my library card so I can at least stay in here for a few hours a day. Parents are dead. Never had a family of my own. This is it. When I leave the library tonight I will kill myself. No since in acting like it'll get better one day. Life absolutely sucks.

    Comments: 19   Votes:



    Posted by WDC at October 26, 2010
    Tags: Addictions   Attitude   Loneliness   2010 October   Relationship

    My life's not the worst here...but it still sucks.

    I am alone...that's probably my #1 problem. I have always been alone. I'm 40. I have a supportive family, but I have been on my own since 16. Now at 40...that's 24 years of living alone.

    I cannot get a girlfriend to save my life (let-a-lone a wife) and I have no kids (sort of takes the former to have the latter).

    I get blown off by women virtually every week (sometimes 2/3 times a week). I keep swinging the bat...but I'm much better at striking out than I am at hitting home runs.

    I do have friends...but they seem to have more of a it's sort of hard to keep up because I don't want to interfere too much with others who have other priorities.

    Sometimes I have suicidal thoughts....or angry thoughts. Sometimes I imagine yelling at women that I've had a date or two with in the past. Once I was imagining this while driving and I hit another car. It was my fault, I was in a different world. Fortunately, no one was hurt and I just had to make an insurance claim.

    I also am a chronic masterbater. Funny, I didn't think 40 year old men were suppose to be able to have an erection 5-10 times a day. Maybe it's a gift or maybe it's a mental disorder. Obviously I've become addicted to Internet porn, that almost goes without saying given my situation.

    If you are going to comment, please don't write something stupid like god/jesus/etc. I am 99.999999999999999999% sure that there is no god, but I am 100% sure that any of the religions practiced are complete bs and made for people more pathetic than me.

    Comments: 26   Votes:



    Posted by anonymous at October 25, 2010
    Tags: Juvenile problems   2010 October

    Im 17 years old and have never had a real job every time ive been close to having a job theyve said i lack enthusiasm. i have i 15 year old girlfriend who i think i might be in love with, and i fear she'll leave me because i dont have a job. All my friends seem too have suddenly matured and can just get jobs simply. i feel tht if i were able to get a job things would change. Now reading this you may think, "its simple get a job and your problems will be over" only thats not the whole story. i have a voice in my head, a self critic if you will. It talks of my failures, of how im a failure and how i will always be one. this voice has only came about in the past few months when i started smoking cannabis,i also feel like everyone is talking about me behind my back about how im insane, and that some childhood friends hate me for no apparent reason. i get this when i drink and i get memorys that are'nt real but the voice keeps telling me they are. i stopped smoking and the voice became less frequent but it still creeps up now and again. it sapps my confidence and makes me lethargic. i hate the state im in but i cannot find the drive to get out of it. Im resonably intellegent and plan to persue further education in writing but i cannot get myself out of this rut. anybody else have these sort of problems?

    p.s dont tell me im skitsophrenic. i know im not because i know the voice is not real, its just my subcouncious and a strong sense of anxiety and my insecurity. at least i hope it is....

    Comments: 8   Votes:



    Posted by nobody at October 25, 2010
    Tags: General   2010 October

    I don't feel loved. I don't have a faith. I don't have money. I don't have time for myself. I don't like my life. Life sucks

    Comments: 7   Votes:



    Posted by Ed at October 25, 2010
    Tags:   2010 October

    Just a request: Would all of you high schoolers who have no idea what life is like and have trivial problems, such as your parents not letting you watch MTV or your little boyfriend/girlfriend breaking up with you, just read some of these postings before posting on your own? Your stories are an annoyance. I'm sick of your self pity and your pathetic cries for help over silly things.

    Lay off the dope and the alcohol. That should be a good start for you. Also, once you realize the world doesn't revolve around you your attitude will brighten up, especially when you're not getting every damn thing you want.

    One other request: Pay attention in English class. They teach you grammar and how to spell. You can use that here.

    Comments: 16   Votes:


    friends and guys, fuck my life!!!

    Posted by Abby at October 24, 2010
    Tags: Juvenile problems   2010 October   Relationship

    I am 15 years old, had one boyfriend, and kissed a guy for a "truth or dare." I'm on anti-depressants, and add drugs. I'm a sophomore at an all girls school. I hate my life. Recently I have had a few guys that I really like. The first, over the summer I met at a friend's birthday party. I liked him. I and my friend went on a double date type of thing with him and another guy. I asked him out and he said he "wasn't looking for a relationship" then his friend later tells me that he has no interest in me at all. I was annoyed and sad but I got over it. Then about a month ago I went to a friend's house for a Bonn fire party and I met a guy that I really like and after that I have tried to get my friend to get his number from her friend, but she says she will but never does. Now for the latest. This was just this last Friday. I have tried to hang out with my friends for the past month, but either something comes up or there is some sort of drama. They invite me to go to the movies after school, so I go home change, then go to her house and hang out for a while. Then we go to the movies and meet up with some guys. Two of which happened to be one of my other friends (who is not there) ex boyfriend as of Thursday. He also has a twin who has a crush on my friend who is there so now my other friends are trying to hook them up. And since he just broke up with one of my friend, every one is saying to leave him alone, even though I like him, and has for a while, because you don't go o...

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    I swear my life sucks

    Posted by anonymous at October 24, 2010
    Tags: Juvenile problems   2010 October   Relationship

    I'm 15 . I made out with my bestfriends bf . Told one girl tht I thought I could trust . My bestfriends found out and now she's my ex bestfriend she talks shit about me to EVERYONE and she's not even mad at her boyfriend . She invited him to her birthday party and I dnt understand because he's the one who came on to me . Now everyone at my school thinks I'm a whore and that I had sex with him . And to make it all worse now he's trying to date my new bestfriend . Fml . Fml .

    Comments: 5   Votes:


    life sucks

    Posted by R at October 24, 2010
    Tags: Loneliness   2010 October

    I often feels like there's no people even when being in crowds. I only have a few friend. I don't know what happened to me, it's hard for me to adapt with each other since my parents divorced. I'm very queit, maybe people thing that I'm so boring girl and can't do anything. fuck my life!

    Comments: 2   Votes:


    AWP - Alone With Pain

    Posted by anonymous at October 23, 2010
    Tags: Attitude   2010 October

    i writing this over the phone, and this language isnt my native but who gives fuck about that. there is a lot in my life that going wrong and i just cant share it all. its just to damn much. the worst part that im ok with that. lol. and yeah i think im crazy. that is now just who i am. im not ugly or gay or asshole anything like that but i never had sex. i just watch life go bye. cant find a job but i know to do almost anything, for example i kick ass on computer, but i give for free my own pc - dont now why cus im crazy i gues. and i cant sleep. not ever. fuck. why is that. and yeah, the worst thing i dont know who i am any more its like im free to watch life but not living it. and then i think how free i am and have nothing to lose but i have. thats sucks and that i have is my own life based on lies and more. i dont want hurt no one that i know so i lie. only about me. they think my life is ok but is not. im not on drugs but i hate pain to. who doesnt. and i think i gonna die soon but i not gonna kill my self. and if that happend fuck it. i just feel sory that i couldnt be the boyfriend for the girlfriend that i could be. but things could be worst - i could be imortal and all of this just stay the same. trust me i try and i kept on trying to find life but its just... you know its just fucked up.

    Comments: 6   Votes:


    No Talent, Ethnic Minority, Fat + Ugly and Worst of all Gold Digger

    Posted by The Grey Area at October 23, 2010
    Tags: 2010 October   Racial

    I just need to get all this bullshit out, Please comment I need responses.

    I am a Somalian, my mum worked so hard to give me and my 2 sisters everything, she is a great woman, she used to carry us in one of those bikes with a basket when we were babies, she didn't have a car, people used to throw abuse at her, I love my mum so much I would die for her, but she doesn't think that :( They are not only words.

    my family is all I needed. My mum recently got together with a rich white man. We moved to a nice big house, nice cars.

    At my high school people always take the piss because my mum married him, she says she loves him, but its weird, I always think she did it only for the money, so we could have a better standard of living, so that me and my siblings could be happy, I feel so guilty.

    I don't get out much, my "close" friends (lol) barely talk to me, I stay at home 90% of the time, only going out for groceries or some form of clothes shopping, the only reason I have any friends is because of school, if there was no school I would never meet any1 or gain any skills.

    Now my cousins from somalia, there mum died, they have lived in somalia all there lives, (no technology etc etc) so now they have to come live with us, fresh Somalians, they will be fascinated with all the technology etc and people will mock them, I can't say this to any1 because they will think I am a selfish bastard, but it is the ugly truth. They will nev...

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    Comments: 14   Votes:


    untitled story

    Posted by anonymous at October 22, 2010
    Static LinkTags:   2010 October

    I'm not comparing myself to anyone else. I just feel an overwhelming need to vent. I have been trying to see the bright side for a while now, but the past few weeks has kicked me down so that i can barely see the beauty around me.

    Let me start with the beauty, though. I am not currently homeless, it is absolutely beautiful this time of year and I have some great cats, a silly son and I'm not completely dim-witted.

    I just dropped out of nursing school. I really felt like this was one of my few chances to make a good life for my son and myself, but the instructor had it out for me since the first week. She was gonna fail me in clinicals and then to pass the semester would have been so much extra work... and I was barely spending any time with my son since classes began, so then I would also have to ignore him when we were together to try and cowtow to this instructor that just didn't like anything I did.

    So, that for sure has me down, because I make high standards for myself and I just envision such a terrible life for my little guy if I can't elevate our lot in life.

    The second part is that I have been fighting the local child developmental services for a year now to get my son proper special help. They finally gave him speech therapy, but the therapist was so unbelievably horrible that I requested someone new, but everyone else in the area is unavailable and I either have to go back to the terrible therapist or.. I dunno... move...

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    Comments: 4   Votes:


    im screwed

    Posted by firehigh at October 22, 2010
    Tags: 2010 October   Poverty

    im 16 an living on the streets... cold an hungery everynight... i hate those rich fucks who just sit there an waste a whole bunch of shit... my 4 year old brother was killed an because my mom couldnt handle it she commited suicide... in 24 hours ill probably be dead...

    Comments: 7   Votes:


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