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I'm tired of my life

Posted by Julia at April 18, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Attitude

I'd be 25 soon and I just ponder on how the last three years had been a complete waste.

No one could follow my train of thoughts, I have a job that I don't like because of unexpected circumstances but I had to keep just for the sake of monthly income because I can't find the new one, and some issues in my family.

I'm tired of keep telling myself 'This is one more day passed, you made it.' and living my life just for the sake of living life. I'm tired not to feel jealous to some of my friends. I'm tired of putting up tough face most of the time.

I'm not suicidal or self-cutting type, but really, I feel tired. Just tired.


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By anonymous at 18,Apr,12 19:38

I would trade life with you right now! if you complain about your job and being about your friends WELL AT LEAST YOU GOT Friends to be jealous of... I HAVE NONE.. I lost all of them not by choice but circumstances. AND I am 5 years older than you and never had a stable job in my life and wish I can get a decent one so I can help support my family.
You have idea how lucky you are! if you walk a mile in my shoes and just having GOD alone as my hope and not knowing what the heck to do next, then you would appreciate your life and be grateful with whatever you do have now.
and the fact you are strong to keep your job, you should be very proud of yourself...
Be happy and content of the smallest things cause if you can't be happy and learn to appreciate with what you have now then you aren't deserving of the bigger things in life...
By anonymous at 14,Jan,13 06:03

Thanks, I believe in God but when I look at my life circumstances, I doubt. I will soldier on

By anonymous at 18,Apr,12 22:39

Well I'm 41 and and I hate this world with a passion. We all have different reasons for being pissed I myself just lost a good job that I had for 5 years because I violated a company policy and got confronted about it. The company was fishing and I, like a complete dumbass, admitted to violating a policy. I knew that others were cutting corners on their work like I was but I was the only one who was stupid enough to tell the truth. And to make matters worse I find out my wife is pregnant and then lose my job on the very next day and since I lost my job the way I did I can't collect unemployment to help me till I can get back on my feet. This situation has taught me once and for all to NEVER EVER EVER tell the truth or to be honest about anything. NEVER NEVER admit to doing anything wrong. I was raised to tell the truth but that has done nothing but cause me grief and heartache my whole life. The old saying the 'truth will set you free'. Bullshit. The truth will get you fired. Fuck telling the truth! LIE baby LIE. !!!! Never tell the truth !!! I will teach my child when they enter the workplace to never admit to wrongdoing and lie to save your ass if you screw up and do something wrong. If they are going to fire you anyway then don't give them anything to use against you do not cut your on throat like I did. I told my wife that if I get cancer that I will not get treatment. The sooner I leave this earth the better off I will be. I just don't give a fuck anymore.
By anonymous at 01,Feb,13 18:29

U r weak, an iresponsible. I will never will want to have a husband like u, I'll rather be by myself the rest of my life. if u had the balls to do something wrong, using as an excuse that other were doing it, have even bigger balls to deal with the consequences. Be a man not a pussy, stop crying like a bitch...
By anonymous at 08,Jun,15 12:26 Fold Up

ur a queer

By anonymous at 05,Jul,12 19:38

im 29 years old my mom that i love so much past away my father is more of a dick head now this man never taught me anything in my life i have health issues,i have a son that i dont even know thanks to his jealous mom who put me on child support the min he is born now im jobless and might even have a warrant for my arrest for child support im living with my gf and we are about to lose the apartment i was thinking of quitting smoking but for what im going to die regardless i have no health care I JUST WANT TO DIE ALREADY im 2 much of a coward to take my own life i still have faith in God but i dont know what to do...
By anonymous at 05,Jul,12 20:57

By anonymous at 01,Feb,13 18:46 Fold Up

At least u r a coward to take ur own life thanks God. anyway! I'm 41yrs old.I lost my moher when I was 11yrs old(I'm the oldest of 4 sibblings)live with my grandmother who was a total bitch! my father was an asshole! He's dead now, and I made peace with him(long story:)I suffer depression sometimes, but for the most part I'm happy:)I just want to tell u that ur not a boy who's parentent can control for bad or good, u need to move on and live ur onw life. stop being a victim of ur past, I was there and it doesn't take anywhere. Your parent trea u the way they did because they were treated even worse probably...regardless o d what ever, your life is yous to control throught God who will power u, if u let him. God bless u, ppl around u, and ur surrondings...
By anonymous at 01,Feb,13 18:50

The reply above is mine. Sorry for missed spelling;)
At least u r a coward to take ur own life thanks God. anyway! I'm 41yrs old.I lost my mother when I was 11yrs old(I'm the oldest of 4 sibblings)live with my grandmother who was a total bitch! my father was an asshole! He's dead now, and I made peace with him(long story:)I suffer depression sometimes, but for the most part I'm happy:)I just want to tell u that ur not a boy who's parentent can control for bad or good, u need to move on and live ur own life. stop being a victim of ur past, I was there and it doesn't take anywhere. Your parent treat u the way they did because they were treated even worse probably...regardless of what ever, your life is yours to control throught God who will power u, if u let him. God bless u, ppl around u, and ur surrondings...
By anonymous at 20,May,14 02:26 Fold Up

I'm sorry about that

By anonymous at 20,Sep,12 09:47

my parent thinks am a good for nothing.maybe i am.
By anonymous at 09,Oct,12 12:29

You're not good for nothing. You're posting on this site. This means you care.

Think about the things you liked/loved as a young kid- art? music? inventing things? bugs/science? helping others? sports?, these are signs of your true self. If you put your energy into what you love and maybe even spend some time away from the computer (which isn't necessarily easy, but it is rewarding!) you can find your way.
Hope this helps.

By anonymous at 14,Nov,12 16:48

I'm glad to be reading this & not feeling like the only one anymore-I mean, I knew I wasn't the only one but sometimes that's how it can feel. I'm 29 years old and I'm raising 2 wonderful children on my own-THANKFUL but yet each year is getting harder & harder.. I;m working on my 2 nd divorce and I really don't have very many people that I call "my friend"-it's hurting more & more. My mother & sister dont' want anythign to do with me & my daddy died.
I don't get ANY help finacially & I'm always broke. I got my check today 1,065-between my car payment, kids after school & health ins. I have 240 left for gas & food & I don't get paid again until the 1st of next month!! Ya, I'm sick & tired of being sick & Tired..

By monofloor at 08,Dec,12 15:05

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By anonymous at 27,Dec,12 18:19

Yep it sucks

By Jasmine at 29,Dec,12 17:14

I hate Allah forgiven me such a bad life
By anonymous at 24,Jan,13 06:43

if you Believe in Allah you should know that what ever you going through is a test to test you faith, to show how strong your faith is in the one who created you. Allah said that after every struggle there is hope. You should not give up, stay strong and make you faith stronger so one day god make your life better .

By anonymous at 02,Jan,13 20:50

im about to turn 15 and im so tired of my life. I have never been on a date, guys see me as a friend, and my parents have no faith in me and dictate my life. Anything I want to do is shot down and i never get any support. I have had to quit so many things because my parents wouldn't support me. I can't get a job because my mom doesnt want to drive me there, and school is just school. I dont want to kill myself but DAMN! something has got to change or im going to lose it. Ive broken down at least three times since school started and i just dont give a damn about pretending anymore. My parents just cant accept that.

By KILLUMANATI at 30,Jan,13 04:40

this life sucks whats there to be gratefull for we are NOTTHING BUT FUCKING SLAVES i was created to struggle and to feel pain.You think is fare that i had to be born to a mother that sniffed cocaine and smoked cigarettes till she died of lung cancer DID I ASK FOR THIS! DID I!!! .....I HATE MY FUCKING LIFE!.....

By anonymous at 30,Jan,13 11:39

I feel the same , my life is so screwed up .
Ive had a screwed up miserable life for almost all my life .

I just keep living on though taking one day at a time waiting for death .

F*ck this life .

By anonymous at 30,Jan,13 11:47

what about all those bad people in the world why dont so called allah give them a really bad life instead of making innocent people suffer just to "test" them .
Not everyone is strong , we are humans not robots !

religion is bullshit .

lifes a bitch !

By anonymous at 04,Feb,13 05:42

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By anonymous at 04,Feb,13 05:43

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By anonymous at 31,Mar,13 18:11

I'm 43 years old 2 years ago I lost my job due to recession after 11 years .
Since then I held 2 jobs that I hate especially the one I am doing now , I am doing all I can to find another job that I like but all the doors are shut to my face IS IT MY AGE???
I think I have no love in me anymore I only witnessed I my earthly stay that this world is not worth living in, we the humans are the only one who pays to live on earth. there is no such think as justice is all about

By anonymous at 31,Mar,13 18:14


By anonymous at 03,Apr,13 19:06


By anonymous at 03,Apr,13 19:12

so sick of life. i can't even type shit.

By anonymous at 04,Apr,13 03:05

This is seriously unfortunate that so many are hurting, in silence or aloud.It has always been clear that life is not fair, however it is often said that it will turn around. It seems that many no longer feel that way. Although trite, you can only see better days if you allow them to occur. I was tempted to quote disney (but that doesn't seem wright) but hold out for whatever keeps you holding out (family, children, friends, religion?) maybe something great could happen for you or maybe you are just dissapointed with life, even if another is fully satisfied by you.

By anonymous at 05,Apr,13 00:47

I am 42, never married,no hope,no good job,no love,no money,no
kid,I have pain in my back and feet,so many thing that I dint like in my life,looks so tired an unhappy Why I am alive? maybe I did any thing wrong in my life, really I dont like to face tomorrow.
By anonymous at 10,Jul,13 12:37

I know how you feel I'm 38 alone parents dead no children no partner I choose to move out of supported housing on my own and nearly four years later I can't get back into that place. Each day is just clock watching and waiting to go to bed. No really reliable friends it is hot weather and I am just stuck indoors on my own. Been contemplating suicide.

By anonymous at 14,Sep,13 17:01

Life stinks if not for my loved ones I would leave this world in a flash! I am just so tired.

By anonymous at 29,Apr,14 01:29

I can't judge anyone. I'm 55, with a wife who currently can't stand me. Can't blame her much. I seem to have a knack for finding trouble or trouble finding me. Not jail type stuff, just mind-numbing obliviousness to how many mistakes I make on an almost daily basis. And, the stuff that's happened to me through no direct fault of my own. Losing small things and big things without realizing just how it happened. I'm fairly healthy but I currently have three broken teeth due to massive fillings that are as old as my daughter that just decided to start crumbling away. Don't have money to fix them, either. Important stuff goes missing around me. I have no clue. If I could vanish without a trace, I would do it, but it would take too long for my wife to collect on insurance so, that's out. whuf Don't see how some of you can face the light of day. Oh well. all that said and nothing changes. Typical.

By anonymous at 09,Jul,14 03:41

Im 25 ive been through numerous jobs trying to get full tome spot, but no company wants to hire full time so they dont have to fork over health, dental, life insurance and 401k. I dont have the mentality for school. I have blood clotting problems and cellulitis in both legs. Im stuck living with my parents. Im not depressed or suicidal but i would love to leave my life behind and join the cosmos. I have 2 friends that i know of. Im anti social by choice. Quite honestly i dont find life thrilling since everyday someone is announced dead on the news or have gone missing. Too much war and too much greedy politicians. But when the day comes the world is fucked by an asteroid I will welcome it with open arms. Or zombie apocalypse then ill get my boom stick and a baseball bat. -BGG

By anonymous at 13,Feb,15 12:47

Life is hard. Everyone is inperfect. What wont break you will make you. Be responcable for your choices. And most try to but sometimes s?!@ happens. We only live once so do your best. Do what u can and dont worry about what u cant. Cry laugh and love and strive to do your best in everything you do!

By anonymous at 30,Jun,15 20:07

I'm not sure what to do anymore. Previous cutter. I work every day of the week and I'm tired. I love my daughters but feel so unappreciated all the time. I'm kinda just over it

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