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My life sucks and i don't see a Light

Posted by anonymous at April 11, 2012
Tags: 2012 April  Job  Money  Society

I am 38yo, went to Ultrasound school when i was 34 graduated 35 couldn't find a job, everyone told me you have to get the Registration Licence -so i sat 1 year and Study --soo much $$$ on Rent/Living and good news finally i got my Licence not 1 but 2 different for Heart and General. Now TWO and 1/2 years passed i am still Looking for this Job, FL , NY or LA doesn't matter i just seem can not find that Job (that is available) Most people now require 3 years experience where will i get that Experience if i can't get that first job?
waisting 4-5 years of my life with $50,000 debts No Job, Living with Relatives ( My mother passed away long time ago) > here i am feel like in this Person who stack in this small Fishtank and world is just Living -Laughing-Going forward but all i do is swim in this Round Glass and there is No way out?...How much more should i Continue look for this Job? what and where should i go next? i am not 22 , or 32 yo to say -ok let me see what else i can to and study or change profession.
U have to know a Doctor or Cardiologist in order to get the job now days, its impossible to get on there doorsteps. and funny thing when i was in School Everyone bet that i will get the Job first , because i don't have a Family -> i have OK looks, i am Charismatic etc... But turn out to be i am NOTHING but this OLD bag , or maybe this Fragile Butterfly ...
I really couldn't believe or imagine how Cruel people are, No one wants to give you a Chance, No one cares -> but i just don't understand How people make it? what about Them -those people -who re hiring, there was Time when They were looking for a job, Someone HELP them right??? Someone give them a hand that they started..
No matter how much , how hard i try i just Can't find that Job.....I think Pretty soon i am going to be Homeless. And scary thing is No one can help me.


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By anonymous at 11,Apr,12 22:00

You need to define "No matter how much , how hard i try". Review what you did, and benchmark with others.

I noticed sometimes those who said "can't find a job", is because they are on the wrong track. They think that they "tried very hard", in fact, they are on the wrong path that's the reason why they got no result.

You got to find the RIGHT PATH to work on.

By anonymous at 12,Apr,12 08:30

I did the very same thing and I couldnt find a job. so I had to move on and I have a job I really enjoy,the pay is not as good as the job I should have gotten. but it has worked out. I'm happy with what I do now and I'm glad I didnt find that job I got a degree for. I know it's hard to move on after all that money and time you spent getting that degree, but that will lead you to where you really need to be. Good luck
By anonymous at 12,Apr,12 12:37

I was thinking about that, but "changing profession-new profession that i dont' have ain't that easy"...Other then working at McDonalds.
Sometimes i just Wish -I can just Disappear , just Disappear from this Ugly world.

By anonymous at 12,Apr,12 21:59

That's tough. I know the pain of having high student loan debt. And, I know the pain of not being able to find gainful employment from my degree. Consider your options. Pray about it. Do what you can. And let go of the outcome. One day at a time --don't worry about tomorrow's problems today. This too shall pass.

By anonymous at 11,May,12 06:19

geez you are really scaring me. i wanted to go to school but now im not sure if its worth it. maybe i should just be a cashier for the rest of my life.

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