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permanent regret

Posted by anonymous at March 25, 2012
Tags: 2012 March  Mistakes

i am a 28 year old man and like most of my tattooed peers i am having the late 20's epiphany that my tattoos are fucking lame and 18 year olds should not be allowed to get tattoos. what are they? well i have three....2 on my shoulder and one on my lower fucking stomach. 2 on my shoulder are some japanese kanji words and honestly they could mean anything...i literally picked two words of the kanji poster at the tattoo shop and now i hope the translations right. to be honest though internet community, they don't bother me that much...i look at the bright side and laugh about those....first who doesn't have lame tattoos anymore and those could be covered up by some badass design.(btw internet people i love well done tattoos on people and respect people that get them and i would never hate on anyone's tattoos unless they are racist)so its whatever on those....but now the stomach was i thinking you ask? first off NEVER GET ANYTHING ON YOUR get fat and the beer drinking catches up quick after 24...also dont kid yourself that you'll always keep in shape you won't and your belly is the first thing to build fat...well anyway in my lame 18 year old kids mind i was thinking "its gonna be so different and sexual and girls would think its badass and shit." right. now i look in the mirror and see a tramp stamp on my groin. the funny thing is is that it wasn't until a year ago that i realized what i had actually done to myself. its weird thinking back over my 20's and i guess deep deep deep down inside i knew i hated it but for some reason i never let it bother me too much...ive had girlfriends and dated over the years...i did normal everyday things i guess but then a few years ago i started slowing down...slowly shedding the "rocker, always at some concert or out drinking lifestyle"...friends and family starting to get married and blah blah blah everyones getting older. its been almost a year since i really became utterly self conscious of my tramp stamp on my groin...i never take my shirt of anywhere im scared to meet new girls cause i cant stand the thought of them seeing it and laughing as they leave. its gotten so bad that when people talk about tattoos i do everything in my power to change the subject or get out of the room cause i don't want mine brought up. laser removal is fucking expensive and it might be years before i can save up for it...and even then it takes at least a years worth of treatments for it to slowly fade away. im scared that i'll be alone for years cause i got a complex built up over this lame tattoo. im starting to notice that i have a serious wall up when i meet new people cause i don't want to make a new friend or try to date just to eventually have the tattoo exposed and be humiliated....btw the tattoo is literally some tribal bullshit on my see modified versions on girls lower backs everywhere. im a naturally outgoing easygoing life of the party guy....i hate this tattoo and what its doing to me psychologically. i don't see a solution yet and i can't convince myself thats its cool and laugh it off its that bad. summers suck now. i cant swimming, go camping, go to the beach or anything if there is a possibility i have to take my shirt off...tattoos are permanent and its a heavy realization when you really really think about it. if anything else use my story as warning please please please think about what your getting on your will regret it later if your getting a tattoo just to get one


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New Comment

By anonymous at 25,Mar,12 07:22

just laugh it off. who cares?

i'm a girl and i don't like tattoos. however if i like a guy, i'm not going to "laugh and leave" just because of it.

then again, i'm not really the party type...

By Cursed at 25,Mar,12 15:00

Hey buddy-
I can totally relate to that damn tatoo. I have gained fifty pounds- right in that "belly" area. A friend of mine took his camera and filmed me naked, bending over, and I just about died. I couldn't believe how ABSOLUTELY AWFUL I look! I look like a beached whale. I'm white and pastey, with what appears to be triplets inside! It's all fat. No babies to excuse the way I look. How did it happen? How could I get this way??? I hate my body right now. Like you, it is severely affecting everything I do. I hate going in public with shorts on. I have actually had people ask me if I am pregnant!!!
I know I need to exercise- and you need to get that tatoo removed. It sucks. I feel for you. But with your tatoo- you could cover it up. My fat- there's no covering it. It's bulging, and there. Blatently there.
At least you can keep your tatoo hidden. Fat, WOW- not so much...
Thanks for your post. I can truely appreciate how it must affect your psyche! But, like you, I can't afford to have it removed. So, not that I've offered any advice, but I feel your pain my friend. Hang in there-
Save up money. Each week, set aside a dollar amount, just for that tatoo removal!
But think- what's worse, a tatoo? or being fat with an STD? Hmmmmm

By anonymous at 28,May,13 23:21

so u find the shit u did @ 18 stupid @ 28? Welcome to the club!

By matzcrorkz at 05,Aug,14 13:16

os9wYR Really enjoyed this article. Much obliged.

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