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my life

Posted by anonymous at March 17, 2012
Tags: Appearance  2012 March

im so glad i came across this as i thought i was the only one who was suffering from being ugly and having no friends, i can so relate to everyone on here sharing there stories it makes my heart bleed,i to am ugly and im 36 and i have carried this with me since primary school yes i was teased and bullied on my looks i never had many friends even to this day i admit i dont have anyone except family,but i wasnt always like this in my 20s i seemed to have the world as my oyster i had friends i met through car clubs,i had some nice lookin girlfriends,i used to go out to clubs and parties i was pretty confident back then and it all changed after hittin the late 20s i lost friends they moved away or had families,relationships ended and ended quicker than before,my life turned upside down,i was a hermit couldnt go out in public to afraid to meet new pple dont get involved in anything pretty much stay home and live my world inside,i even dont like goin out to put the bin out each week,im that bad i even put limo tint on everycar i have so know one sees me,i avoid goin to the shops cause all i get is girls lookin and gigglin or makin some comments when they walk past ya,u ever get that feeling of being insecure and no confidence at all,i dont know what has happened but my life has just to tottally nothin now and no matter when pple say go out and meet pple as much as i like to i just cant do it,just the fact of what pple would say about me or even see me,i hate goin to large over crowded places,i dont go to restaurants or cafes dont like doin or being around any1 without worryin what pple are thinkin,my life is like a broken record over and over same thing stay home watch movies,play games, keep fit exercise at home,theres nothin wrong with my body as i keep fit and am a fit body type i just dont like my face the way its formed or made,i cant even look in the mirror at times when i try to think positive and go out someplace soon as i look in the mirror again i change my mind and cancel what i was goin to do,i cant even get a g/f anymore i avoid all the goodlookin ones as i know i get rejected or they just ignore me and yet i have dated them types.i have no idea why this is happening to me and why god made me so ugly did i punish him in a previous life? i have been to councillin and everyother aspect to help but nothin does i still feel the same way.i have thought of death even come close a few times while driving thinkin what if i had a head on with this car coming,or should i turn here and run off the bridge,even when i walk i sometimes feel i wanna run in front of vehicle,but somethin prevents me from doin it,i would just think life would be so much easier to end it all rather than living with this pain.


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By Truth at 19,Mar,12 13:08

Don't run out in front of any cars because if they hit you you would smear ugly all over their car when your moonpie face exploded from being hit on the road like an old dog who had moonpie face.

I remember there was this one girlo once who would probably be into you. She was so ugly that you might vomit if you had been drinking too much the night before and you had a bad sloe gin hangover. Anyway, her face looked like the stay puff marshmallow man except with zits. She had a nice name, crystal, but she didn't live up to the name. She was so ugly that her mom actually thought she'd taken a huge dump in the toilet instead of giving birth, and she'd have flush if crystal hadn't started crying.

I think you two uggers should get together and make some more turdface shitbirds.
By Cursed at 19,Mar,12 13:33

Tsk tsk, now Truth, you're not being very "truthful" here. You're just being mean. Why?
By anonymous at 02,Aug,12 04:37 Fold Up

the art of trolling.

By Cursed at 19,Mar,12 13:48

Hey bud, don't get yourself all worked up. You're not that bad- in the looks department. I saw you. You're devastatingly unique. And it's not what's on the outside- it's what's on the inside.
Not sure about what advice to give on Anthropophobia- Fear of people or society. That is something I have no experience with. What did your therapist say for you to do?
But quite frankly, I hate going to crowded places too. I hate going out period. I hate the way I look. The way I feel. So, like you, I stay undercover.
Grocery shopping is the worst because I am bound to run into someone I know, and then I'm cornered, forced into a conversation. Anyhow, don't do anything drastic-
You're not alone. So, so, many people have low self-esteem (ME) but it's certainly not a condition that should drive you off a bridge-
Cause maybe those girls are giggling at how HOT you are and HOW COOL your car is-
We are all here for yah!
By Truth at 19,Mar,12 14:13

They say beauty is only skin deep, which you did point out more or less...

but ugly is right down to the bone..

So, I didn't want him trying to off himself by running out in front of a car and then getting ugly all over that poor dude's car. Plus, he'd probably die, and no one wants that, except for maybe Indian Jo, who thinks all the moonpie faced white men killed off all the buffalo.

I hate Indian Jo

By anonymous at 19,Mar,12 18:02

i think you are just self conscious. girls whispering and giggling? they do that all the time! what makes you think it had anything to do with you? when you are shy and self conscious and scared of other people, you always think that everyone is staring at you and making fun of you and thinking bad thoughts about you. but you have to realize that the world does NOT revolve around you. everyone is caught up in their own problems and thinking about their own lives. nobody is staring at you and thinking of you a random stranger. they might pass you by and see you and only give you a sec or two and then back to their own lives and heads.

do not be like this. you are prolly not even ugly. think about it. you even said that you had nice looking girlfriends in the past. now, how did you manage that if you are as hideously ugly as you say you are? you may just suffer from low self esteem and body dysmorphia and social anxiety. you should get help for that. and really do not hide yourself any longer. enjoy your life. you are young and you will regret wasting your life by holing yourself up inside. spring has arrived and the weather is gorgeous. go outside. play some sports. try talking to strangers. join a group. get a job. volunteer. live life. best of luck.

By at 22,Mar,12 18:52

i became ugly during the summer of 7th grade when i was first turning 14. i am 20 now and im still ugly and a failure with women. i just dont know what the fuck happened. i was a beutiful swan that turned into an ugly duck. then when i was 16 i gained weight and now im a slightly chubby outcast who is addicted to burgers and soda. but even when i was at a healthy weight i was still ugly and girls didnt give me a second glance. i constantly fantasize about having a movie star super model girlfriend who wouldnt be able to keep her hands off of me. the only thing i do is play doom on my computer and drink mountain dew.

By anonymous at 24,Mar,12 19:41

I don't know you but can relate so much to your thoughts about yourself im trying to change my own opinion of me it's hard. I don't think you are ugly I think you are beautiful Iv never seen you, never spoke to you either life gets us down but we got to pick ourselves up and carry on only we can do it. Words can only do so much our actions always speak louder. I hope you stand up one day and see this just how amazing you actually are.

By anonymous at 16,Apr,12 22:18

Looks like you still havnt figured out that looks arnt everything.

You have so much potential.
Get out there, who cares how you look.
Its your life. You need to go out there, explore the world. There is so much to see.

Go for it.

By anonymous at 21,Aug,12 23:18

And I add another comment. Fuck girls and women. Most of them are evil scum.
By anonymous at 25,Aug,12 09:22


By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 01:19


By Renison at 05,May,13 19:32

If you really love him, a lot of this can come naltraluy but at times you may have to remind yourself of these things. They're just as important to him as it is for you to feel appreciated and have your feelings considered and respected. If you want to get him back, you'll have to analyze yourself and your relationship and take these into consideration. If your relationship is to work, this has to be a part of it. At the core, it's fairly simple and keeping a man happy in a relationship doesn't have to be difficult...most of us are pretty forgiving too, so getting a second chance doesn't have to prove difficult either.--------

By Liza at 20,May,16 02:13

At last! Someone with real exrsitpee gives us the answer. Thanks!

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