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Fuck it all

Posted by anonymous at May 25, 2010
Tags: Attitude  Loneliness  2010 May

Ive spent my whole life alone, im 26 and there are people everywhere around me but im completly alone, and always will be. Cant get a girlfriend becuase i rarley even interact with women day to day. When i do get the chance to even exchange glances with a women my i tell myself it isnt worth the effort. Not because fear rejection its because i know it wont work. I go about my daily life and talk with strangers causually every day almost, but never really give a fuck and people see that and then it goes. I am the loneliest i have every been and it really my anger surge. I dont want to hurt anyone or myself, i just want to understand why the fuck it has to be this way. Ill tell you this though i have accomplished much on my own. it doesnt really give the pride sense of accoplishment that anyone would expect from a triumph. I really just wish i could look at myself and others and just know there pain and they mine.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 25,May,10 10:22

You are wrong. When you are 45 or something and tried 20-30 women then you can think "it's not gonna work". At your age you just have to try. Not all relationships are meant to last. In fact most of them don't. But if you do not try you will never find your woman.
By anonymous at 26,May,10 11:22

45 is too young to give up. Maybe 75.

By anonymous at 26,May,10 11:24

Why are you angry? Why won't it work? I guess you experienced some bad shit but 26 is still pretty young. I kinda like being alone. Really, we're all alone anyway.

By anonymous at 26,May,10 19:18

even if you dont believe in this shit, ... but just to change your daily routine..

start believing or thinking that there is someone out there for you.. your soulmate.. and start searching for her...

it will at least make your life interesting for a little while...

By anonymous at 30,May,10 18:48

Rule #1: Nobody will ever like you until you like yourself.
Rule #2: See rule #1, above.
Let me explain, look at all the people around you and decide who you would like to spend time with. Admit that you would rather spend time with cheerful, self-confident people rather that sad looking people.
Spend more time doing things that make you cheerful. Read joke books. Watch comedies.

By at 13,Jun,11 04:35

Posts like this brighten up my day. Thanks for tkiang the time.

By Jeanette at 20,May,16 06:10

Ghoti Hook and Slick Shoes menneotid in the same post, I am loving your blog more and more Karl. Good Stuff! Those are a couple of my favorite bands from a few years back. My guitars wish they could have some of those riffs come out of them now and again.

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