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Depression kills

Posted by Francegirl at February 26, 2012
Tags: 2012 February  Money

I cant believe how much i want to die i am getting help but this is scary i cant take anything anymore
I got so frustrated i tried choking myself but i know i dont want to die
I just want this pain to stop to have something go my way for once
Not to hate my life so much i cant take it, nothing no stressnot at all
It all pits me over the edge wtf is wrong with me why cant i be happy
Why cant i be normal. I know the doctor says i dont have enough of
The chemical in my body to deal with stress that i ised it all up
I sooo tired of it all..... Everything you name it our house is a piece of crap
All we could afford cause of out debt my job is insanly stupid, i should
Be lucky right to have a house and a job welll try to live in this shit hole falling apart
Cant fix crap no money house and a job that sucks the life right out off u
That everyone is leaving and everyone that hasnt left is looking or waiting to retire
I have no friend or family near by my husband doesnt get it
I hate feeling like this all the time i cant take it!!!!!! I think i need more
Help but then i would lose my crappy job and have no money to
Pay for this shitty life. I cant have anything nice it brskes with each move we
Have moved to six different states during this ression d/t my husbands job losses, i fiannly said no
More to working in nursing homes omg sooo done with that but guess what this place is
Although i dont work in the nursing home i feel the extreamly low moral
The piss poor management i dont know what leason god has for me in all this but
I am FAILING!!!!


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