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Hate my life

Posted by Polly at January 31, 2012
Tags: Family  2012 January  Money

My life sucks ass. We have no money, we are months behind on all of our bills, my ex-step father moved in to help us pay our bills and now he's causing so much stress and getting on my nerves. I hate my life. I hate that I constantly have to worry about if my husband is gonna blow up on my step dad or if my step dad is going to screw us over. Which he already has. Im tired of cooking and cleaning. I do the dishes and then 5 minutes later someone brings 10 more dishes. I hate that I Have no back bone. I wish I could just scream out everything that I feel
Like FUCK EVERYONE. I Wish everyone would just leave and it was me And my daughter. BUT wait im so freaking lazy I wouldn't be able to financially support us. And add that im overweight Im such a failure. Sometimes I wish that something would would happen like I'd get sick just so I could go stay in the hospital and Not worry about shit. I need to grow some balls.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 14,Feb,12 21:55

I hear ya!

By anonymous at 15,Feb,12 13:13

It sounds like you're making this up to be worse than it is.

You need to fix your diet, eat only _whole grains_ (whole wheat is not necessarily whole grain.. check the label carefully), vegetables, lean meats, nuts, fish, cheese, and nonfat milk. That is a standard healthy diet according to the FDA. I would wager you're eating tons of processed crap. Basically, if it comes in a box, and it's not a box of brown rice or something, DON'T EAT IT.

Do that for a few months and you'll see the weight melt off.

Instead of eating, use your free time to learn a new skill that can decrease your dependence on your family. These days you can go to college over the internet, FFS. You can apply for federal student aid and probably go for free.

Stop being a whining bitch and biting the hand that feeds you and get off your fat ass and do something with your life.
By anonymous at 15,Feb,12 20:58

^^ go fuck your self... im so sick of these selfritchous pricks all over the internet telling ppl exactly what to do... if she says shes over weight and she has more than half a brain then i guarantee her commonsense lead her to: 'a proper diet will help you loose weight'. Insted of judgmentally dolling out advice while perched on ur high ass pedestal perhaps you should swing that judgmental pendulum the other way and delve into some deep introspection into yourself. may i suggest you start with the painfully obvious: your compulsory need to go onto self deprecating websites that clearly exist to let people vent and doll out judgmentally tainted advice. my severely depressed ass found this site/post by googling 'i hate my life'. how the fuck did you, you brimming example of healthy living, get here? so i repeat: go fuck your self.
By anonymous at 26,Jun,12 10:57 Fold Up

Healthy food is also more expensive. If they're broke or going to food banks then they can't afford the luxury of what you suggest. Besides the weight issue is the least of this person's problems

By anonymous at 16,Feb,12 10:41

at the replier who said go fuck yourself, you're my hero.
Look i can see that he meant to dole out osme tough love but thats not what some poeple need to hear.

Dear Polly,
Im sorry to hear about your current situation.Let me say that you can change your outlook and life. it sounds like you need a break? did you ever consider like having a day of rest and just staying asleep all day? tell the men that they can fend for dinner themselves. who says thsst you have to clean the dishes? bc your a woman? No. Everyone needs to contribute. Teach your daughter and husband to clean their own dishes too. Tell them, "im not a maid." its not being lazy. Don't feel bad about not finding a job, just start or keep looking. Bills don't magically vanish but you can do soemthing about it. Dont ever let anyone tell you your lazy. I know you can change your life, I know you can get things back on track. A good idea is to go online and research how to organize to pay back your debt. Try or And one more thing, being overweight does not mean youre a failure. Take a look around you, NOT everyone is stick thin. That doesn'y mean you can't flaunt your curves. Many woman do. Look at Adele, who is beautiful and full figured. Learn to love you, and change your body to be how you want it gradually. It starts with small steps, take walks or jogs to get out of the house and away for a moment. You seriosuly need to take breaks for yourself and do more for you. Your ex step father means well, try to remember that. But also tell him nicely how he someitmes isn't as helpful as he thinks. Good luck, I know you can do it Polly! Just try to say NO more often (as strange as that sounds)

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