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Bullshit filled lies

Posted by 53ph!r07h at January 26, 2012
Tags:  2012 January

I tried being a good person and care for shit. All I get out of it is disappointment and hate. All through life I've been trying to get someone to give a shit but all I gt is bullshit about how I'm a smart person. I am called a fag, gay, creep, loser, shit, and other shit every day. For over 5 years I have just been bullshitted through everything. I haven't said but 2 words in the last 3 years and all I've said isfuck you to everyone I've been pt down by. I have no friends, nobody cares, and ive been trying to kill myself for the past 2 years. Fuckin bullshit


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New Comment

By anonymous at 13,Feb,12 03:01

Read what i wrote to the painkillers above

like animals? hate bullies? patriotic ? green ? want to help homlesses ?

if you watch youtube videos about the issues you care about - and cant find a goal - well usually i say to people kill yourself cause your an asshole - BUT you sound nice - you dont really hurt anyone-

I care about you - as stupid as you think this sounds

If your so smart you might be a monster if you go to the gym - you dont even have to - you can do push ups and pull ups and be a monster - people get nicer belive me

plus try to dress nice even if your ugly -its all about improvment its not about being good or ok its about getting better
By You dick at 16,Aug,12 00:13

What the fuck? What a weird and shitty comment. Really. Most of that was irrelavent and kind of douchy. You normally tell people to kill themselves? Fuck you guy

By anonymous at 24,Mar,12 08:17

You are so sad. I feel the same . I have attempted suicide mant times., ( obviousley want help) My life is f....D , what do I do !

By crorkz mattz at 15,Jan,15 22:00

6E1ne4 There's noticeably a bundle to learn about this. I assume you made certain nice factors in features also.

By anonymous at 09,Oct,15 06:26

wow lots of crazy things go on people shouldn't hatejust because someones different sorry that's happened to you it does suck its easier to be a loner than it is to put up with crap I cleaned up my words for you guys.. I so hope you have a better day today

By anonymous at 09,Oct,15 06:36

I am always trying to make things better but somehow seems to crash getting tired of trying to go against the grain just worried about my soul. if I give in.

By anonymous at 09,Oct,15 19:39

this is the most fun I have had online ever
you guys are awesome sauce

By anonymous at 09,Oct,15 19:41

do not all comment back at once

By anonymous at 09,Oct,15 19:45

today is the first day of the rest of your life hey ever seen ground hogs day its where the same thing keeps happening over and over again

By anonymous at 09,Oct,15 19:56

get it same stuff different day everyone has bad days some have super shitty days that they sometimes cant talk to anyone about in detail and well there are a few out there that think theres is the worst ever couse they didn't get a game or something materialistic those are the ones I usually would tell go do some volunteer work at a shelter for women and children and then complain . I do not want anyone to be upset this is an angry site and hope by the time you sign off you feel better

By anonymous at 11,Oct,15 00:12

man that's harsh/ido not know your age people do not realize that before we are born are sex is already female at first that's because we want to have something good right all eggs are female and that it takes the right temp of spermto change it over that's why some men look more like girls and girls like men/and lets not forget the factor that abusehappens .it happens a lot. hang in there. and you could just be attracted to the same sex nowand even that could turn itself around you just need to understand sometimes things are done and we become stronger people because of it and actually end up achieving more

By anonymous at 11,Oct,15 00:30

I had a friend once, I miss her went for avery long time without speaking and one day after ab out ten years called her outta the blue we talked like we had never lost touch those are the true friends those are to find just remember online friends are not as important as people that you actually meet just couse you push a friend button that's just a button so cherish the good things but the negative ignore and for the cutters out there it is just a form of accupunture so try and get insurance and go see the doctore to relieve your stored energy that your trying to relieve accupunture does the same thing as cutting and its a lot safer.

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