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At the bottom

Posted by anonymous at June 6, 2009
Tags: General  June 2009

I have no future. I am 28 going on 29 and I graduated college in last May in Broadcast Journalism. In case you didn't is not one of the best fields at the moment. I have only had ONE interview for my course of study since graduation and I turned it down b/c I was "guaranteed" a better job. Well, the other job didn't happen b/c of the economy but fortunately I had found a great job many months later. Everything was going really well until they had to lay-off employees and me being new meant I was gone. That was in January and still I haven't found anything; well that is anything that would support me. I have been in a downward spiral since.

I use to be a very positive person, mostly b/c my family is very supportive, but b/c of my situation I keep looking to myself to blame for everything turning out the way it has. I mean...look how pathetic my life is right now:

1. I am an unemployed 28 year old.
2. I moved back in w/ my parents.
3. I have not been in a relationship since college (not that I would want to deal with that at this moment).
4. I have a worthless degree.

I am not really enjoying life right now, especially when I look at the lives my family and friends are living. Mine is that of a small fraction of theirs. I constantly feel embarrassed about how things have turned out, even more so when I think about the opportunities I have had throughout the years. I have ruined everything and now the future looks bleak.

I am strongly considering joining the Naval Reserves, in fact I have a scheduled test Tuesday and physical Wednesday, in hopes that I can go back to school (again, unfortunately) for a more meaningful degree. I really don't want to join but I see no other way out?

I am a dreamer...and I believe that this way of thinking makes matters worse but I know no other way.


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By at 27,Jun,09 01:03


That whole naval reserves thing...Yeah, it didn't work out. Even though I scored well on my ASVAB, which my recruiter said would get me any job that I wanted, and graduated college, I could only qualify for boats mate. One of the lowest jobs that you can get in the Navy. All b/c of a 1st offense DWI I got in 2005, which by the way was expunged b/c I haven't had an issue w/ insubordination w/ the law. My only hope now is to get a call from a job that I was told to apply for by a manger. If I happen to get this job then I will be able to go back to school for a much better degree and improve my situation. "If" this happens then maybe there is hope.

By at 31,Aug,09 03:51

Good luck man
I really hope the best and have faith for you

By at 31,Aug,09 03:51

Good luck man
I really hope the best and have faith for you

By matzcrorkz at 05,Aug,14 23:44

zbwq7M Thanks for the blog post. Great.

By matzcrorkz at 06,Aug,14 01:27

u6p0W9 Very informative blog post. Great.

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