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Screwed myself in a Divorce

Posted by anonymous at March 29, 2010
Tags: 2010 March  Relationship

Love your wife, but never love something so much you can't let it go. That is the lesson I learned.
I was married for 18 Years. I loved my wife to an obsession. But I could not see that she was lazy. "Love is Blind". and in my case (myself)...Stupid.
I always thought of taking care of her was like taking care of a child.

Advice: Guys if you are in a relationship like that, get out of it. If you are in a relationship where the wife lets you make all the decisions, look for another girl. It is better to have a strong woman, who you can make decisions with, as a partner; than a beautiful peice of meat that sits around doing nothing, and just letting you go through life's difficult paths alone. It's like having another kid around the house.

After she turned 40, one day she said,"I can not love you has a husband anymore, only as a friend. I do not want to be married to you any more." I was in shock. She did not want a marriage counselor. So I told her to get a lawyer and lets get it over.
To tell you how lazy she is, she didn't get a lawyer. So Stupid-Me, I got the lawyer.
My Lawyer said sell the house. But Stupid-Me - "the Obsessed one" thought the wife could not survive on her own, and she had my two kids. Plus, if I give her everything I she might come back. (Don't ask me why I did that) As Child Support I pay the mortgage, and the equity loan I took out years ago.
The Bitch Remarried a year after the divorce, and she married a BUM. Now that bastard lives in my house with the Lazy Bitch, and with my kids. I am paying a fucking mortgage for another year and a half, until my daughter graduates from highschool. When the child support ends, she just has to wait until the house forcloses and Bitch and the Bum can buy the house from the bank. I fucked myself.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 29,Mar,10 22:57

You forgot that you will have to pay for your daughter to go to college too. You really are screwed aren't you!

By anonymous at 31,Mar,10 15:20

Your wife remarried and you let her and her new husband move in with you? Are you retarded? Sell what equity you have left in the home, and move into an apartment with your kids. Subjecting your kids to this nonsense of mom living in the house with another man is insane. You seem to realize too late in life when the situation is out of control.

By anonymous at 01,Apr,10 21:23

bend over you got fucked

By anonymous at 01,Apr,10 21:37

Everybody asks me why am I single, am I gay of something? Your post answers my question. Why buy when you can rent. The only women I have ever dated were hookers. If a hooker is good, you see her again. If you do not like her, do not date her again. You do not need to pay alimony and child support to a hooker. A few hookers admitted to me that they treat their customers far better than they treat their boyfriends. Divorce lawyers made marriage a losing proposition for men.

By anonymous at 02,Apr,10 20:25

ahh this just screams life sucks and i am sorry for you .. nice guys finish last!!

By t at 16,Aug,10 22:45

All aboard the suck queue to nowhere!

LIFE IS A GORILLA...mwhaa haa ha ha. Freedom is in the mind only!

By anonymous at 09,Jan,12 10:29

Don't let the house go into forclosure as that will screw up YOUR credit rating and you will have f**ked yourself AGAIN. Sell it out from under them when the daughter leaves for college or gets a job instead.

By anonymous at 17,Jan,12 14:44

Thats why I moved out upon separation and let the cars repos and the house foreclose! File for Bankruptcy! It clears the slate and sticks the ex with any co-loans...You are relieved of the debt and the ex is stuck holding the debt bag! Bitches- - ->Bend them over they all look like sisters! Bitches- - ->Hump em and dump them fellas and use a condom! (Don't want anymore kiddies running around!

By crorkz mattz at 15,Jan,15 23:04

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