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untitled story

Posted by erika at March 14, 2010
Tags: 2010 March  Meaninglessness

hi i'm erika i'm seventeen and i don't know what to do with my life. i've never had a boyfriend, or even kissed a boy, but the worst thing is that if i were ugly i would have just accepted it, but i'm not...i'm not beautiful because i'd have to lose six pounds to get to my ideal weight but objectibely i'm not ugly. and that makes my feels like i'm wrong, like there's something really wrong in me, and even for others things. i've got friends who loves me but i'm getting sick of them, got a perfect life and family and i hate it...i'm a bitch...the true thing is that is not my life that sucks but is me! i mean a lot of people would pay to have my life, but i'm bored, extremely bored... i know that my story is not so terrible except for the first part, and that most people who will read this will hate me, but that was just for venting


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By robbie at 15,Mar,10 04:14

If it bugs you, then who cares what anyone else thinks.

By anonymous at 15,Mar,10 10:14

If ur bored then change things some different stuff...go somewhere new...if u call urself a bitch then thats probably u don't have a boyfriend cuz u act like a bitch

By anonymous at 15,Mar,10 12:02

Listen to advice I usually charge up to $100 per hour for to rich and depressed Japanese princesses.

You need some real life experience. Go to a cancer ward and look at the little children suffering. Go to a homeless shelter and see the real suffering.

In other words, get off your a$$ and do something with your life.

Do you realize right now in Haiti and Chile people are dying due to no fault of their own? Oh, you do. Good. Now find something in life to make a differnce in other peoples' lives. Jonas Salk cured Polio for example.

You have so much to be thankful for. Now share that with others.

Love, the Psych. Doc.

By anonymous at 15,Mar,10 12:43

At age 17, do not worry about the guys and never being kissed because at that age, boys/guys know nothing. They are brain dead and girls your age are much more mature. You have a long life ahead of you and plenty of time for guys and there will come a day when you say I wish I would have waited longer before I started with "guys." Never judge yourself or your life centered around "guys." And it takes time in life to figure out what you want to do as far as a career. You have to live some before you know what it is you really like to do but you will find it. And then after that, they say everyone changes careers at least 3 times in their life time. So hang in there because it does get better.
By anonymous at 15,Mar,10 18:22

so true!
By anonymous at 15,Mar,10 23:19 Fold Up

thats y u fucked a boy wen u were15

By anonymous at 15,Mar,10 21:01

Take some time off sometimes. Every year, I go wilderness backpacking for two weeks at a time. I am all alone for two weeks, no electric or electronic devices (except for a flashlight). It gives you perspective. With time off for solitude, you get a chance to find out who you really are and what YOU really want out of life.

By robbie at 16,Mar,10 23:11

I know that relationships should not be everything when we are young, but doesn't any one else remember being in highschool and finding other people attractive and wanting to do atleast alittle bit of physical stuff. And it is always nice to have someone to hug and kiss. I think some people can live without it easier than others, but the average human needs meaniful contact with someone they care about. And it is always easier for someone to say don't worry about it when they have already had it. I have kissed girls before and it bugs me now that I haven't kissed a girl in two and half years. But if I had never kissed a girl, I would want to know how it felt even more. I think . I'm sorry Erika and I hope you find what you are looking for.

By anonymous at 17,Mar,10 18:07

You don't want to be kissed by someone you don't like. If just want that, then just spread your legs and you'll have tons of kisses and more and that will be worth nothing. And others will call you a bitch, not you. Thats wrong.
Dont rush to that. Time or age is not important.
You fill find someone who will make you happy.
But people tend to break hearts. Don't forget that.

By best link build at 15,Oct,13 20:31

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