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Posted by Bubbles at March 13, 2010
Tags: Friendship  Loneliness  2010 March

With friends like these who needs enemies?
My friends:
Lie to me,
Steal from me,
Break into my house and rob me,
Rip me off,
Talk about me behind my back,
Hack my computer,
Wreck my house,
Trash my car,
Use me,
Shoot at my house with a pellet gun,
Abuse my dog,
F*ck my girlfriends,
My girlfriends f*ck my friends,
steal videos/videogames,
Rent videos on my account and never return them,
Ditch me with no ride home,
did I mention the Lying and Stealing?

So now I only have friends who are bad people,
but I still need and want to have friends.
Otherwise I am lonely.

I love my Dog, my Best Friend.


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