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Posted by Byte at March 13, 2010
Tags: Loneliness  2010 March

43 years old. Moved 10 hours away from friends and family for husbands job. Four kids that hate me unless I am giving them something or driving them somewhere. Kids tell me all the time that I am a frickin stupid idiot and they hate me.

No friends here. Stay at home Mom, so most days I am alone and talk to no one all day long.

Relationship is ok, we fight sometimes.

Friends back home could give a rats ass about me. No one calls, not even my best friend of 31 years. Nice to be loved, or NOT.

There are times I feel like I could disappear and no one would care, naybe they would even be better off....

Sometimes I just want to walk away and never come back.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 15,Mar,10 12:21

I don't think so. And here is why.

You sound like a mom in menopause, right?

So chalk a lot up to LOSS OF HORMONES.
You know you husband and kids love you or you would have been gone already.

I do hope you have your estrogen supplements in order. Also, do something every day that gives you happiness. A walk, buy a treat, or listen to your favorite music while eating your favorite sweet.

Yes, things like this do help. BUT PLEASE DO NOT HARM YOURSELF OR OTHERS.

Love the Psych Doc
By Byte at 15,Mar,10 18:57

Thanks for your comment. Yes, I probably am pre menopausal. I know they love me, sometimes however I convince myself that this is not so.

I have been getting out more and it is making me feel better. I just keep thinking this too will pass.

I have no intention at all of harming anyone. There are times that I am depressed, but the thought has never entered my mind.

By anonymous at 16,Mar,10 06:38

from the way you talk, you seem like a good person. all i can tell you is, dont let the way your friends treat you define your worth. most probably where they are, they are going through their own problems. when u want something to be done to you, do it, to not one or two people, but make it your lifestyle. call your friends and find out how they are doing.
i am hoping your children are just going through adolescence or the 'trauma' of moving to a new place.when your kids do not value you, its very painful. i pray things will get better and you will find peace and joy.

By anonymous at 16,Mar,10 12:24

Two things stirke me from your response.

One is that you know they love you but convince yourself otherwise. Two is that you think this will pass.

There is a serious logical disconnect there. Do you see it.

You need a good GP (General Practitioner) to help with your hormone balance. I know, you don't like doctors, but your body is sending signals "Hey, something isn't right. I need some help." That is why you know they love you but you feel otherwise. PLEASE see a GP and get hormone therapy. All the talk of cancer is rubbish. Your body needs those hormones so in the synapse all the chemicals in the brain help them do their jobs.

This will pass but how you handle it is what is important. If you just handle it yourself then what if a small every day problem lurches up that you are not ready for?

Ahhh ... there is the rub. PLEASE seek professional help. It is free or relatively inexpensive.

Love the Psych Doc

By at 23,Jul,11 15:58

Stellar work there everyone. I'll keep on raeindg.

By anonymous at 30,Sep,11 02:23

And then if all the meds 4 menopause dont work maybe you should walk away for a while, redefine u & ur boundaries & maybe then ur ppl will appreciate u.

By at 27,Nov,11 19:51

Good point. I hadn't tohhugt about it quite that way. :)

By Makaela at 25,May,16 00:27

What a pleasure to find someone who idinfeties the issues so clearly

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