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Im Ugly

Posted by jeff at October 31, 2011
Tags: Appearance  2011 October

I am so ugly, I am covered in red oily zits. Im fat and im 34. No girl has ever looked at me. Im a virgin and never kissed a girl. I hate myself. But I know one day I will get a hooker and be ok. Even hookers tell me no.


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New Comment

By anonymous at 08,Dec,11 16:03

Do you have a chode too?

By anonymous at 08,Dec,11 18:32

You are the reason why God created Thai women.

By anonymous at 08,Dec,11 18:54

Weed and lots of it!
When that becomes boring, you are now ready to do drugs

-TrashCan Signe

By anonymous at 08,Dec,11 20:33

No,no,no, CRACK NOT WEED, weed will make you hungry and get you more fat,CRACK WILL make you loose weight..and PROACTIVE for your ZITS..follow these instructions and you WILL see a major change. Love, DR. WEEDCRACK

By anonymous at 09,Dec,11 12:29

it may not be of much worth to say sorry for your loss, that you have my condolences, all i can give is my opinion..

leave, go out and search for something new to do,a new purpose, if you cant be happy, help someone else, and you never know what might happen, hope is unkown.

suicide is never the answer, death will always come, pain will stop, theres no reason to make it earlier,
patience makes it better?

By anonymous at 09,Dec,11 14:42

Look I know how it feels to not be liked by someone that you do. Maybe what you need to do is look past your imperfections and see that you are an amazing person. Who gives a fuck if your fat, have pimples, etc. Dude I can tell you right now a personality is worth its weight in gold. You just need to find something that you are good at and work on it. Plus the love of your life will find you one day you just have to wait and see.

By anonymous at 09,Dec,11 16:25

its okay, eat more burgers ,u lazy piece of human shit HO

By anonymous at 09,Dec,11 21:07

: 0 ^how insulting, ^YOU SUCK! If im a piece of shit what are you? The ass hole anus..

By God at 10,Dec,11 02:14

I only help those who help themselves. Solutions lie before you in the modern work of science. If you refuse to take care of yourself it is your choice to lead that life style. If you want to change you must be both mentally and physically prepared.

By anonymous at 10,Dec,11 19:48

Yes you anus,you suck MIGHTY BALLS!!!

By anonymous at 11,Dec,11 02:28

By anonymous at 15,Apr,12 16:18


By anonymous at 16,Dec,11 09:56

I have sex like everyday with multiple Victoria's Secret Models and I DONT have to pay.... its pretty easy.

By anonymous at 16,Dec,11 14:48


By anonymous at 17,Dec,11 15:21


By anonymous at 18,Dec,11 00:35


By anonymous at 07,Jan,12 20:18

did you try imperial high way or figueroa st?

By anonymous at 13,Jan,12 18:09

Go see a dermatologist and get tretment for your skin ..
Life is a gift do not waste it ...

By at 22,Jan,12 22:45

i feel you man. sometimes life just sucks. but to get the girls liking you, use anti-acny pads and go to the gym or something to lose the fat that you mencened in your story. also don't be afraid to talk to a girl. there has to be one right for you some where in the world.

By Danny at 21,Feb,12 03:06

Sorry about your situation bro. I can only imagine how that feels, ironic considering I think I'm fairly unattractive at times. I recommend washing your face twice a day with warm water and avoid eating sugars. It's worked miracles on my acne, acne which used to be so bad I attempted suicide at age 23. I jumped 40 feet from a subway platform and landed on my jaw, smh. I'm alive and have never had more sex. Take my advice, than eat less. Good luck man. Life does suck in many ways, but I think there is a way out. If things get that bad, don't be afraid to commit suicide. Hope you dont = )

By anonymous at 03,May,12 01:29

you are pathetic
you will never find a girl if you don't change
make a change in your life like going to the gym
confidence is the number 1 thing that will draw girls to you
do something to boost your self confidence please
watch your diet and sleep pattern. It would help getting rid of your canes.

why do you ponder upon visiting a hooked?
if you want to experience sex just go and fucking do it
sex is easy to get
love is not

By anonymous at 20,Aug,12 21:41

I continue. Learn not to care about girls and women. I no longer care. Fuck girls and women fuck dating and fuck relationships. Girls and women are evil scum. Ignore them.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 01:34

and to all you trolls who harassed me I say FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

By Merve at 05,May,13 07:49

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