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Posted by anonymous at March 9, 2010
Tags: General  2010 March

Wife said I should have gotten a better job-even though she and most of the people she knows have lost theirs....

No sex since 2003...

Balding, gaining weight, empty wallet, not well endowed....

Almost 50 and nothing to show for it.

But hey-still got a cold one in the fridge!


New Comment

By anonymous at 10,Mar,10 18:10

No sex since 2003? Probably because you can't see past your gut to see that little thing. Drink more Beer, obviously it's fixing your problems.
By anonymous at 10,Mar,10 18:38

Funny. To set things straight-I don't drink. The weight gain is due to leg injuries that prevent me from working out as I had in the past. Thanks for the useless and juvenile comment.
By anonymous at 11,Mar,10 16:52 Fold Up

wow what a freaken idiot.

By anonymous at 10,Mar,10 22:04

Well it is good that you are working at all during this recession, and I think many can relate to your frustration about your body. The no sex thing is kinda confusing since you are married I suppose either it is not physically possible or she is holding out but perhaps you two can work it out.

By anonymous at 16,Mar,10 11:45

Take a moment and regroup your thoughts.

No sex with your wife in 7 YEARS! There is a serious problem. Either physical or psychological.

Try this ask her, "Why haven't been intimate?" Listen and do not reply immediately.

Understand many women have been sexually absued either by rape or by family members. Get to the bottom of the problem with communication.

Marriage is an intimate relationship. Emotionally and physically. Communication is the key. If you are religious go to your clergy. If not go to a community therapist.

Either way there is help for you and your spouse. Best of luck.

The Psych Doc

By anonymous at 20,Mar,10 01:38

Wow!!. May I suggest that your wife continue to seek employment to help you out. Secondly, the sex, well, I will never encourage you to cheat, but you may want to ask you wife why she is no longer interested in sex with you.
She may lie to you or tell you the truth which you may not want to hear. Now about your physical appearance. You and only you can fix this. Balding can be sexy. Get off your
"butt", put the remote down, replace the beer with water.
Age 50 is not old, I was my late thirties and I date someone who was 50, but he was 50 and FIT. Suggest to your wife that the two of you take a walk and try to improve your lives. Maybe your sex life will improve with "your wife" not someone else's wife. Good luck, this can be fixed but it will take both you and your wife to work on it.

By Air?Jordan?3 at 19,Aug,14 03:00

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