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life sucks but at least i'm beautiful

Posted by enigma at March 3, 2010
Tags: 2010 March  Philosophical

so nothing in my life is going according to plan...for the most part i'm totally starting back at square one. i'm smart, but not a genius. i'm stressed about starting law school....i've always had a certain life style so i feel stress about making money and maintaining it. but whenever i get down i think to myself at least i have one thing going for me. i am really really pretty.

everyone has something their proud of. cling to that one thing and things will be ok. now if my life sucked and i was ugly, then i just don't know what i would do. but thankfully i'm not.


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By anonymous at 03,Mar,10 21:15

oh shut the hell up you conceited bitch. looks fade asshole is forever and you should be lawyer cuz you sound like one.

By anonymous at 03,Mar,10 21:21

Hmmmm. Are you a guy or a chick? If you are a guy, and think you are really, really pretty, then you are really, really ghey!!
If you are a cute babe (with big boobs), what is your email address?
But seriously, there are only two rules in life.
1. Don't sweat the small stuff.
2. It's all small stuff.
By anonymous at 03,Mar,10 21:37

Wow that was really fucking stupid. Shallow attracts shallow so you can go have some big dumb babies now.
By anonymous at 05,Mar,10 08:44

No really, who describes themselves as really, really pretty? The last person I met who talked like that was really, really conceited. I dated a few models, who could not pass by a mirror without checking to see if they were still beautiful. That gets tiring after a while.
By anonymous at 06,Mar,10 01:21 Fold Up

we only care face ,you son of bitch

By at 03,Mar,10 21:46

I don't really see what the problem is here. You didnt really give enough detail. but don't stress law school. this is a way for you to strengthen your education in this field for you to be ready to take on the career in law that you want. What is there to be nervous about?

You seem to be very confident in yourself, which is very, very good. however i wouldnt go around bragging about how pretty you are, that makes you look arrogant or self-flattering. So just keep it to yourself. but don't base your life on how you look, becuase one day you make wake up, take a drive, get in a car accident and your face is all scraped up. what will you do then?

Concentrate on more important things and if things arent going according to plan, then make some changes and fix those errors.

By at 04,Mar,10 04:32

Fuck you! My life sucks and I'm ugly! And I'm not rich or smart enough to go to law school or maintain "a certain lifestyle", which leaves me with plenty of time to bitch about people on the internet. The only thing I'm proud of is my somewhat foul mouth. Fuck you again!
And look on the bright side.. if law school doesn't work out for you you can always sell you're body on the street or find a sugar daddy and suck his dick every day and let him stick it in your bum and giggle at his fart jokes cause you're really really pretty.
By anonymous at 04,Mar,10 11:58

lol preach it sister.
By anonymous at 27,May,10 11:26 Fold Up


By anonymous at 04,Mar,10 10:00

if the only thing going for you is your looks, you have 2 choices if your career in law fails:
-marry a rich guy for money, and be a "high class whore", do it while you´re young
-sell your body for money, and be a "low class whore"
By anonymous at 13,Mar,10 06:23

o wow u bitchass girls only marry men for money . u sick whores

By anonymous at 04,Mar,10 13:32

Learn to appreciate what u have...
u are in law school.... nobody is genius... the point is to try your best to go well in the school and try not to lose your way...
Between us it doesnt matter if u re pretty or ugly in low school but it will certenly will help to meet new ppl or go well with the proffesors (in a good way)..
just learn to apreciate the things life gave u..
most of us cant afford even being in college...

By anonymous at 04,Mar,10 22:13

I need help. I wake up in the morning and all I can seem to think about is having anal sex with Steve Wilkos. On my lunch break at work I sneak off to the bathroom to jack off to his chocolate love hole, and every night I lay in bed all i can think about is tossing his salad. How Id love to just get one finger in that hershey highway! What to do?
By anonymous at 05,Mar,10 08:48

Go to a nearby swimming pool, dive down to the bottom of the deep end. While sitting on the bottom of the pool, sing the theme to the movie Titanic 34 times before coming up for air.

By anonymous at 05,Mar,10 13:33

I think that is great that you are going to law school and fulfilling your dreams. It is good to have high standards, dreams, and aspirations in life. You are lucky to be so pretty use it to draw people in and to feel confident but remember it is on the inside that counts.
By robbie at 05,Mar,10 18:41

finally something positive

By anonymous at 06,Mar,10 01:22

if you are a beauty,you should find a handsome to be your boyfriend

By anonymous at 06,Mar,10 03:00

The thing is- beautiful people never say they are beautiful.
Dont worry! Life will make its correctures.

By robbie at 06,Mar,10 21:53

I am sorry for how things are going and that it is bringing you down. I think I understand what you mean about finding yourself pretty. Everything else may be going downhill, but atleast you found something that gives you alittle hope. I hope that as time goes by you get more positive things in your life. But atleast for now you have something to hold on to. And no, I don't think that you are stuck up for believing you are pretty.

If you said everything in your life sucks and someone came up to you and said,"Well, atleast you are attractive.". That would be O.K., but since you found the thing that gives you alittle hope, that makes you shallow or concited. Bullcrap. Hang on to whatever makes you feel good, no matter what anyone else says.

By anonymous at 07,Mar,10 17:54

Her perception: Pretty girl that might become an attorney.
In 5 years: Overweight mother of 3 married to the unemployed captain of the football team. Living on food stamps and welfare. Living in her parents basement. Husband drinks and smokes pot. She cheats with the fat 45 y.o. married guy next door that tells her she's "purdy".
By anonymous at 21,Mar,10 22:37

Hahahaha!! lawrlz......ahh...>.>...i'm giggling at this hehe.

By at 24,Jun,10 10:48

you are a shallow conceited bitch who will die of an std because you'll use your looks to becomd a whore.

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