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Life just sucks!!!

Posted by anonymous at February 20, 2010
Tags: 2010 February  Prank

I live in LA, in a nice neighborhood and I can tell you that life SUCKS!! Last summer our parents took us to a resort on Maui. That just sucks. Everybody knows that Maui is SO 1990's and all the cool people get to go to Kona! Two weeks in a tropical hell-hole! When I graduated from high school last June, my parents gave me a "Rosso Corsa" (red) Ferrari just like most of the kids in the neighborhood. They KNEW that I only wanted a "Blue Pozzi" Ferrari!!! I am so angry! When we went to Kleinwalsertal, Austria for snowboarding, I had to use my old Burton snowboard, that old relic is TWO YEARS OLD!!!. Using such outdated equipment is so humiliating. Life sucks, my parents just suck, they are so un-cool, they do not know anything! Anybody have a suggestion as to what I can do? I wish I could divorce my parents. I just want to die sometimes!!! Life is hell!! Last night we had to eat Australian lobster with out Filet Mignon instead of superior Maine lobster. Why do I have to suffer with eating trash seafood?


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New Comment

By anonymous at 21,Feb,10 00:04

YOUR A FUCK STICK. you have the gall to come onto this site and cry about getting a ferrari thats the wrong colour? man i hope u get raped and while you are being raped i hope someone cuts your dick off you faggot little bitch. people come on here with real problems. if you think that these are real problems you are goin through, i honestly dont know how many times i can say you should die. i hope you suffer badly in life.
By anonymous at 12,Feb,11 13:43

you realize the link to this portion of the site is called prank right?
By anonymous at 17,Feb,12 22:10 Fold Up

i agree with you.
By anonymous at 27,Jun,12 23:05 Fold Up

Uh, you don't realize this guy is trolling? Did you catch the title of this section? It's called PRANK

By anonymous at 18,Aug,10 23:41

By anonymous at 24,Nov,11 22:07

wht the fuck does troll mean

By anonymous at 15,Jan,11 15:48

TROLOLOLOLO, after i read I wanted a blue ferrari

By anonymous at 15,Jan,11 15:48


By anonymous at 04,Feb,11 13:17

What a bitch I drive a 13 year old jeep I can't afford to fix screw you and you and your little red foreign sports car
By anonymous at 04,Feb,11 13:18

Ps nice joke lol

By anonymous at 25,Mar,11 21:09


By at 13,Jun,11 03:36

Great thinking! That really barkes the mold!

By Rebecca at 19,Sep,11 07:25

YAWN...........get over it dude
these things you said....they are my daily routine
life for some of us is hell
and you are complaining about how life sucks
because of a car..or crap sea food?
for some of us that's heaven
get over it....
By anonymous at 22,Mar,13 00:04


By anonymous at 24,Sep,11 00:00

two words for you: spoiled brat. Oh my god you disgust me. You are a filthy pig some people are dying out there cause of rape and abuse and you complain about a Ferrari! Oh. My. God. You are a fat lazy pig. I just can't believe you.

By anonymous at 10,Oct,11 20:49

Its a prank guys dont take it seriously. Anyway its very good satire on the rich. You should all be happy someone took the time out of there day to post a satire on spoiled people.

By at 18,Jan,12 06:40

Hey I also live in Nor-Cal let's get together and play some cribbage.

By at 17,Feb,12 22:20

you know what i don't understand? why their is people like you in this world that have such small problems like this. you lucky you even go to Maui, and have a Ferrari. some kids don't even have food to eat or clothes on their back. people like you should be shot in the head because it has no purpose, because their is no brain inside of it. and if you think that problems like these on this site or a joke you can kiss it, honey because we actually have issues. the only thing you gotta worry about is wiping your rectum when your done shitting. enough said. ;D

By anonymous at 06,Mar,12 02:40

Hahaha people! Take it easy! It's a prank! In other words it's a joke....... Why are some people here are so stupid?! Thinking that he is even real and serious. Lmao!
By anonymous at 22,Mar,13 00:08

u know,some ppl r offended cuz som of us wer raped by our bff and abused everyday by our parents and r suicidal

By anonymous at 19,Mar,12 02:22


By anonymous at 19,Mar,12 13:36

You gotta be shittin' foo.

By anonymous at 23,Mar,12 23:03


By anonymous at 12,May,12 22:46


By anonymous at 04,Jun,12 11:52

fuck you
why such a big TAG? every stupid fuckin' idiot like me sees this tag and clicks on it and it gets bigger and bigger.
fuck us. we make us fucked up everyday. i hate my life so much.

By StarryMary at 10,Jun,12 19:19

Wow, you are a MASTER at this trolling. After writing my horrible life story, I had a very good laugh at this.
* Le Applause*

By anonymous at 07,Sep,12 13:14

Okay Mister, youre super spoiled i would eat cow to have your life. Jesus loves you.

By forgotitall at 18,Sep,12 10:44

a really sad story, life threatening one. DAMN! i nearly got YOURSELF killed. lol

By anonymous at 13,Oct,12 17:28

Your right, you should end your life now...

*Lol @ people who didn't notice the Prank section :P"

By kcz at 22,Mar,13 00:01

you are a son of a bitch.not funny.try reading my story see if its funny now

By anonymous at 27,May,13 19:01

sounds like to me like your a spoiled rotten little prick whom should get their ass kicked. look your lucky to have parents you little shit. you seriously should shit smeared all over your face and let ants eat it off. your an ass hole.

By Rich kid u poor nigga stfu at 23,Dec,15 18:25

lol poor fucks haters gonna hate i have EVERYTHING you dont go shove welfare up your ass.Our country is shit becuase of hilly billy southerners who are too fat to get a job so these gay pride welfare.

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