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Whats Wrong With This "Earth"

Posted by anonymous at April 22, 2011
Tags: 2011 April  Juvenile problems  Religion

I'm 13, I'm confused about my life. More Importantly I'm confused about religion and other things like secret societies, and I have questions and no one can give a good answer. Let's Start with some of the basic fuck ups when religion comes around. Christian, I'm pretty sure there is something waiting for us after we die. who knows? no one right, thats why part of the world is fucked up, a lot of people say they've seen god, or they died but came back to life.. Bullshit. Second, and most fucked up I think is Satanism Why do you believe in that what is the point what the fuck did Satan do for anyone? then there is atheism, which all the smart scientist would believe in fact over fiction. and there are many other religions that don't make sense. now my other topic is Secret Societies like the Illuminati?
who are they what do they do, are there any other Societies? but so far I see this earth heading straight to hell. there is to much fucked up shit in our "World" thanks and please if you have any answers or suggestions then comment and let me know.


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By anonymous at 01,May,11 12:03

By at 01,May,11 13:01

I don't give a rat's ass about where Earth is headed to or what a Christian believes and a Muslim doesn't, or what the hell ever.

Everything is temporary. Literally, EVERYTHING. I used to question myself SO much why things matter in life.. I mean, there will come a time when it won't matter even remotely whether we existed or not. One day even our Universe will die.. (really really far from now, obviously, but so what? The point is: It's not everlasting and it will all vanish away as if nothing ever happened, right?)
Sigh, well.. I don't know. I questioned myself those questions a lot.. Are we just living a temporary illusion, which will leave it all worthless at one point of time?

Whatever!! I came to the conclusion that the way Universe operates is AMAZING.. Look how efficient nature is. See how amazingly and PERFECTLY nature made stuff like human bodies, plants, trees, insects and their systems to work like they do.. To us, it's magic. We have emotions. We have ability to communicate with them, even. We can't ever even get close to making something work exactly like how our body does. You can try figuring out how and what made the Universe to exist for years but you won't find any answer. We're freaking mere weak humans. Answers to questions like why Universe came into existence are beyond us, so I prefer leaving it all to that.

We may be living in a weird world, but that's fine. Can you do something about it? No. Why not just accept it and seek a happy life? Why not just live like a normal person, trying to achieve stuff in life to get happiness.. and all? It's much easier and probably how nature wants us to be working. I'm fine with that.
By anonymous at 24,Aug,11 02:15

the metaphysical answer to your question resides on the question many people in the world do you think they ask themselves the same question?
Why do we human pursuit the idea of a God and/or Deities?
Why is that quest for an answer to our existence is latent throughout our entire life?
Interestingly enough the most reliable prove of eternity within our current realm reside on the persistent and obstinate quest for IT by all its beings...
By anonymous at 25,Dec,11 04:03 Fold Up

Awesome post..but what is a normal person? And what is worth achieving? Nothing. The best we can hope for is an early & instant death.

By anonymous at 15,May,11 11:49

Athiesm is not a religion. Not believing in a God is not a religion of itself.. lack of religion is not religion. Thats like saying not believing in the tooth-fairy is a religion.

By at 24,May,11 18:46

Hey let me start with what you said about Christians. It makes no sense. If you have a chance to believe in a better tomorow. And something beyond this fuckd up world. I ask you Y Not????? Have hope for a better future and something after u die? do u want to grow old thinking that once you die that;s it and that ur life here is all u have. cuz the world IS one fucked up place, and if thats it we must all be fails and suck. Cuz this Earth is full of BULLSHIT. There must be something else besides this FUCK HOLE we live in

By anonymous at 21,Jun,11 20:59

Well, let me tell you...... there is noheaven or hell, no god or devil. Think about it, if there was a god, would he put up with all this bullshit that these crazy people are doing, would he put up with worthless nobodies that steals and hurts other people, think about it. If he is merciful as they say, would he cast you into hell? I think its another story made up by someone to keep us in fear or to have someone to pray too, like it would help.

By anonymous at 13,Jul,11 19:22

People People People Please!!!! I can't say open up your eyes but I can say open up your souls!!!

I am a sane person who constantly questions this life as well, but that doesn't mean I don't believe in God. I have actually seen too many evil non-human spirits and their wrong doings on earth just enough to convince me that God [Jesus] does exist. I have hit rock bottom many times before in my life (I'm only 28) but that doesn't mean I don't have hope. In the bible, God says we will have good times and bad times in our lives. He says we must endure suffering. I am in constant need of Joy and Hope while I live on earth. But I just know that there is a way better life when I die and live with my Heavenly Father. Just because you can't see God's whole picture doesn't mean He doesn't exist or that He doesn't have a good plan for your life.

If you need some inspiration for your I constantly need, try listening to videos/podcasts or reading literature from this website:


And try talking with God [Jesus, this is how I Know Him]
By anonymous at 20,Nov,11 14:18

You call yourself sane when you preach this horse shit. Not one stread of evidence to support it..except one book thats been rewritten umpteen times into something to manipulate the masses into fear of an almighty. its holy alright its full of freakin holes.. talk about a bullshit story, holy shit..
By anonymous at 18,Mar,12 00:30 Fold Up

Non-Muslims interested to learn about Islam can now dial toll-free


By anonymous at 25,Sep,11 19:35

to the op fuck you! listen to your last poster.if not, fuck you ok.haha yea fuck you

By anonymous at 01,Nov,11 14:33

Listen kid, trust in Jesus. U have nothing to lose, well except ur soul. If there's nothing on the other side then u won't be punished for ur lack of faith, but if there is then you'll be ready. Better safe then sorry!! Read the book "heaven is real." 99% of the to hell heaven n back stories are bullshit. But not 100%. Don't be misled. If you REALLY want to know the truth, google the 15 promises of the rosary then pray the rosary. The first promise is that you'll receive "signal graces" these are signs from God that direct u. It's really cool when u start getting them. You'll be blown away.

By anonymous at 17,Nov,11 00:14

If I were you I would do some research on religion. But I would definitely include Evolution as a very serious option. I beleive all religions are false and were made by men who asked the same question you are but they didnt have science then so they made up religions to explain their existence. We now have made many discoveries that explain much more about life and our universe they didnt have before that basically makes all previous religions obsolete. Study Darwinism and the universe and youll probably figure out that we are simply here because of several strings of luck. There is no god and no meaning to our lives for any higher purposes and I seriously doubt there is an afterlife. I imagine that your experience after death will be much like your experience before you were born. Nothingness........
By anonymous at 06,Dec,11 01:10

We did not evolve, there is zero evidence of Macro Evolution.
By anonymous at 26,Dec,11 05:55 Fold Up

Fuck you dumb bitch
By anonymous at 14,Aug,12 17:42

Dude you people are idiots.

By anonymous at 20,Nov,11 14:03

By anonymous at 06,Dec,11 01:08

Theistic Science. Google it
By anonymous at 02,May,12 06:56 Fold Up

your right about that. we all been lied too even our parents or our parents before that. the quistion now is, who started the lie and had to be a long time ago way before we could speak. so who or what started this lie, that puts people in this trance. once someone becomes christian or any religon its almost impossible to get them to come back. do you think some thing controls them or there just too stupid to realize its a lie, a lie created by fear.

By at 26,Nov,11 08:34

No question this is the place to get this info, tnhaks y'all.

By at 06,Dec,11 01:07

Read Swedenborg for all answers to life. Once you do everything else is ignorant.

By anonymous at 26,Dec,11 05:50

Our world is fucked yes the Illuminati is a bunch of rich bankers who serve Satan. Wana. Hear about some real fucked up shit search up this new bill the us government pass national. Defense. Authorstion act

By at 05,Apr,12 01:18

Becoming First time, We're at all times researching on the net pertaining to articles and reviews that may profit myself. With thanks

By anonymous at 16,Apr,12 14:36

Welcome to the New World Order. You have taken the red pill which leads down into the rabbit are now out of the matrix my son and have opened your eyes to the reality going on around you. There are many secret societies that have infliltrated America and are in the works to transition America into a third world country by systemallically tanking the global economy and developing a tyrannical police state. It is a toal power grab by the elite. It is true you have questions about religion since that is the basis for all of what is happening around you at this present time. What is work here is a battle of the principalities of good and evil and what to ensue is described in the book of Daniel and Revelation. Secret societies and elite global bankers and global corporations are ushering in a new world of the One World Government and eugenics in order to reduce the earth's population and become the police of the world. Their plan is to divide and conquer.

By at 02,May,12 06:49


i know whats so messed up with this world. i know a lot of things i should'nt. im not telling you anything mostly because its too dangurous. you probaly wouldnt belive me ethier. i will tell you this - humans were not supposed to be here. they have no greater destiny. their job is to rot. the world would be better without them. dont worry' theres a chance your one of the smarter humans that actullay have a purpose. exspeaiclly since you think the way you do. if your not then youll end up dieing like the rest of them. i will tell you theres no god or a devil. there is someone more powerful. in a way that person is god and the devil. two faced you could say. there is a hell. its worse then you think. all humans go there unless there a pure face. (which theres a chance you could be). they go to a better place. not heaven. heaven is a fairy tale some scoun came up with. anyways, this place is buityful (looks nothing like what heaven would be described). this place has a name but im not going to say it. im not some crazy person. please take what i just told you seriously. ignore it if you want i should have known better then to waste my time.

By anonymous at 01,Sep,12 23:47

And my final comment to all you motherfuckers who harassed me is FUCK YOU ASSHOLES.

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