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No One Likes Ugly Girls

Posted by Gale at April 18, 2011
Tags: Appearance  2011 April  Attitude

I am really fat and really ugly. i am weird, and everyone makes fun of me. i hate being judged solely on my appearance. it has made me into a miserable person. i hate other fat people too because i do not understand how they can even live with themselves. i think all fat people should die. there is no place in the world for fat people. even the ones with "great personalities" because obviously their personality has only gained them pounds. and nothing else. fat people can't do anything except just sit around and be fat and ugly. i hate being fat and ugly. i am just a miserable fugly piece of shit. and so is every other fat person in the whole fucking world. i just want more food. i don't need it. i need to diet. i need to stop eating chocolate and fat and sugar. i need to do this and that and this and that BUT I AM NOT DOING IT! that is why my life sucks. because i need help, but professional help costs money. i do not have money. i spent it all at dunkin donuts. i wear a size 12. i need to be a size 6. i'm not even striving for size zero. that's stupid. i just want to be healthy. not skinny and gross because skinny is gross just like fat is gross. and i hate HATE guys who only like skinny girls or fat girls. because it's like "Oh, i only date girls that fit my fetish standards" it's all about sex. well i think sex has taken over the universe. it has taken over everyone's minds. everything is all about sex and skinny girls with big boobs and fuck this fucking life because it fucking sucks. can't wait to read comments about "oh go shove a twinkie up your ass and shut up and get an exercise elipticle like it's the easiest fucking thing in the world" fuck off fat ass cunt. i dont need suggestions. i just need to take my brain out of my head and kill it


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